NYIPLEF Diversity Scholarships

April 5, 2025
Awards Available: 2

Scholarship Description

NYIPLEF’s Diversity Scholarship and the Hon. Giles S. Rich Diversity Scholarship provide funds to diverse law students currently enrolled in a J.D. or LL.M. at an accredited law school in the New York area (including Connecticut and New Jersey), in good academic standing, and demonstrating intent to engage in the full-time practice of intellectual property law. The scholarship is intended to be used by the law student for tuition and expenses related to attending law school. Scholarship awards are made at the full and sole discretion of NYIPLEF.

By submitting an application, a Scholarship Applicant certifies that they meet the following application requirements and are submitting the following supporting documents: Diverse status* and having the intention to pursue a full-time career in intellectual property law; Currently attending an accredited law school in the New York area, and in good academic standing; No family relationship to an officer or director of NYIPLEF; Submission of a professional resume including academic highlights, work experience and extracurricular activities; Undergraduate, graduate (if applicable) and law school official transcripts reflecting academic accomplishment. One letter of recommendation; A short (300 word maximum) essay by the applicant summarizing their interest in intellectual property law and answering the following question: How would receiving this scholarship impact your ability to complete law school and pursue a career in intellectual property law? Essay should identify the applicant’s name, telephone number and e-mail; A commitment to use scholarship funds solely for tuition and expenses related to attending law school.

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