WIRE Jenny Ballard Opportunity Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The WIRE Jenny Ballard Opportunity Scholarship is awarded to a woman who may not have been able to attend college when she graduated from high school, but now wants to further her education. Applicants for this scholarship must: demonstrate financial need; have graduated from high school or earned their GED at least 10 years ago; obtain acceptance into an accredited college or university; and be a member/customer of a South Carolina electric cooperative. Applicants who have already obtained a four-year bachelor's degree are not eligible for this scholarship. Applicants who have earned a two year degree or some college credits, or are just beginning, are qualified for this scholarship.

To ensure that an electric cooperative board member/trustee, officer, or employee is not in a position to derive a direct or indirect private benefit if a particular applicant is selected, all applicants will be required to disclose any familial or business relationship in their application. No applicant will be selected as a recipient if that applicant is a family member of any cooperative officer, director, or employee. For this purpose, family members include spouses, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and the spouses of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

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