Whitney French Design Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Everyone has a unique story, and we want to create space for you to tell it. There’s no “one size fits all” qualification list. Our scholarship is tailored to your academic goals; however, we expect our recipient to be a woman pursuing a future in digital user experience and design. We know there is always opportunity to improve gender diversity in the field of design, and we would like to provide you with a chance to jumpstart your career!

The scholarship will be applied to your university or bootcamp tuition. To qualify, you should be a woman currently enrolled in a part-time or full-time program in Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Massachusetts, or British Columbia. Must be a Junior or Senior registered in a design program at a college or university as of September of the year the scholarship is awarded or be registered in a design bootcamp or accelerated learning programs like General Assembly, Ironhack, Flatiron, etc. as of September.

Whitney French was a Senior Product Designer at WillowTree and an inspiration to everyone she touched. She was extraordinarily passionate about giving more women the opportunity to make an impact in digital design and supporting their education and development. After Whitney’s passing in 2017, WillowTree created an annual $5,000 scholarship in her honor that supports women in the digital user experience and design field.

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