Beverley Yip Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The purpose of the Beverley Yip Scholarship is to provide scholarships to qualified students in San Diego who are in need of financial aid to assist them in pursuing post-secondary education and/or training toward a degree or career in social work, behavioral health, or related fields in health and human services. There are two scholarships available for the current academic year. One $2,500 Scholarship for students pursuing an undergraduate degree and one $2,500 Scholarship for students pursuing a post-graduate degree.

Each applicant must: submit a completed Application and meet the following qualifications to be eligible for consideration for a Beverley Yip Scholarship; have completed at least a secondary (high school) education for undergraduate scholarship or completed undergraduate education for post-graduate scholarship; be a current resident of San Diego County; be pursuing a degree or career in social work, behavioral health, addiction treatment and recovery, or related fields on health and human services; demonstrate financial need; and have demonstrated academic and leadership ability and/or community involvement. Scholarship Search