The Collegiate Inventors Competition

Deadline Varies
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Scholarship Description

The Collegiate Inventors Competition, a prestigious program of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Invent Now, is a nationwide platform that recognizes and celebrates the ingenuity, discoveries, and research achievements of college and university students, as well as their dedicated faculty advisers. While many participants hail from fields like science, engineering, mathematics, and technology, innovation knows no bounds, and creative inventions can spring from any area of study.

Key Details:

• To be eligible, applicants must have been enrolled as full-time students for at least part of the 12-month period preceding their entry into the competition. • Teams must comprise at least one member meeting the full-time student requirement, with all other team members enrolled at least part-time at some point during the 12-month period prior to entry.

Diverse Innovation:

The Collegiate Inventors Competition warmly welcomes inventions from all fields and domains. What truly matters is that each invention is an original concept conceived and developed by the student/adviser team. Furthermore, it should not have been (1) introduced to the public as a commercial product or process, or (2) patented or publicly disclosed more than a year prior to submission. These inventions, represented as reduced-to-practice ideas or working models, must reflect the collective efforts of students, either as part of a class project or through independent exploration. Additionally, it's vital that the invention is capable of replication.

The Collegiate Inventors Competition celebrates the spirit of innovation and discovery among students from various academic backgrounds. Join us in honoring and showcasing your inventive ideas on this esteemed platform. Your groundbreaking invention could be the next big thing! Scholarship Search