Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest


September 19, 2020

Awards Available: 59

  • Scholarship Description
  • Essay contest on Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged. There are 59 prizes, and first prize is $25,000! To enter, submit an 800 to 1,600-word essay on one of three specific topics about the novel, which can be viewed on the scholarship provider's website. The contest is open to grade 12 students and college undergraduate and graduate students worldwide. It is free to enter and no application is required. For more information and details, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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  • Scholarship Committee
  • PO Box 57044
  • Irvine, CA 92619-7044
  • tel: 949-222-6550
  • fax: 949-222-6558

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Chase E  on 2/19/2020 3:48:14 PM

Yes. The world is a sad place when the young people of America have NO understanding of capitalism, and the freedom that they throw away with both hands! Love this scholarship, and so does my son who will be on this immediately! Thanks!

Tyler G  on 6/19/2019 6:00:47 PM

Ayn Rand died in public housing on food stamps and didn't know how to read Max Stirner- the end.

Triet V  on 6/17/2019 3:38:07 PM

Every winning essay last year praised Ayn Rand (that "unlike the typical defender of capitalism, Rand... argues that the true tragedy lies in intervention" - Patrick Mayles) and her hatred of "altruism" (Lucas Pringle). I have a naggy feeling that stepping out of Ayn Rand's unregulated, recession-causing vision of capitalism will not be appreciated. Nevertheless, I'll waste my time reading this book and wrote an essay fill with adulation to get my bag.

David O  on 6/7/2019 12:14:32 PM

This book, prior to being exposed to SCP-6327-J, had previously been a post-it note, on which was written "I hate poor people."

Spencer B  on 5/30/2019 8:08:29 PM

It's disappointing to see how people my age (young) don't seem to understand the tremendous opportunities they have available to them, if only they could just see them with their own eyes and actually take them.

Derek R  on 5/29/2019 1:21:27 AM

Didn't necessarily liked the novel but I'm glad that the scholarship asks for an essay not agreeing with the ideals of Atlas Shrugged but just an understanding.

Euen M  on 5/28/2019 1:04:44 PM


larry k  on 5/23/2019 5:52:56 PM

if you hate the book why did you even bother coming to this site? If you think socialism works you need to look at East Germany prior 1989 (socialism is like diet communism}, Venezuela, North Korea, China. If you love being told how to live move or get arrested prison is very similar, you can set around all day doing nothing and I can pay for it.

Derrick V  on 5/23/2019 10:09:39 AM

I have the strong feeling that if I spend the whole essay dunking on capitalism that I won't get any money.

Stephen E  on 5/10/2019 12:53:04 PM

Leanne W, in the FAQ on the Ayn Rand website, "You can enter if in a lower grade, but not if you are in a higher grade. "

Leanne W  on 5/10/2019 9:08:24 AM

so I cant take this if im in 11th grade?

Matej N  on 8/4/2018 3:45:41 PM

Why would you want to write an essay about a bootlicker like Ayn Rand?

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