Bechtel Corporation Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

Bechtel, a global leader in engineering, construction, and project management, believes in investing in the future. The Bechtel Global Scholars Awards Scholarship Program is a testament to this commitment, offering children of Bechtel employees worldwide the opportunity to pursue higher education. Let's explore the details:

Eligibility Criteria:

For Children of Bechtel Employees Worldwide

1. Definition: Children include natural or legally adopted children, stepchildren, children of registered domestic partnerships, or legal wards of actively employed Bechtel employees.

2. U.S. Applicants (August/September-May/June Academic Year):

• Current high school seniors. • Plan to enroll full-time in undergraduate study at an accredited two-year or four-year college, university, vocational, or technical school.

3. Non-U.S. Applicants (Southern Hemisphere Academic Year):

• Completed higher or upper secondary between September and December. • Plan to enroll full-time in undergraduate study at an accredited college, university, vocational, or technical school.

Application Process:

1. Deadline: Applications must be submitted on time.

2. Selection Criteria:

• Past academic performance and future potential. • Leadership and participation in school activities. • Community volunteer activities. • Work experience. • Educational and career goals. • Unusual personal or family circumstances. • Online appraisal. • Financial Need: Not considered.

Scholarship Details:

1. Award Amount: $5,000 per recipient.

2. Usage: Scholarships to be used within the next academic year.

3. Deferral: Authorized deferrals considered on a case-by-case basis.

4. Distribution: Awards made in proportion to eligible applications from each region.

5. Major Allocation:

• 70% for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) majors. • 30% for other majors.

6. Renewability: Awards are not renewable.

Why Bechtel Global Scholars Awards Scholarship?

• Investment in Future Leaders: Bechtel nurtures the potential of tomorrow's leaders through education. • Global Opportunities: Open to children of Bechtel employees worldwide, fostering inclusivity. • Supporting Diverse Majors: Encourages both STEM and non-STEM majors. • Financial Assistance: $5,000 scholarship to support educational expenses.

Apply, Excel, and Shape Your Future with Bechtel Global Scholars Awards Scholarship Program!

Seize this opportunity to further your education, irrespective of your chosen major. Bechtel is committed to empowering the next generation, and this scholarship is your gateway to a brighter future. Apply, excel, and let your educational journey be a testament to the values of Bechtel. Scholarship Search