Parker Foundation Scholarship

Deadline Varies
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

Certifications and education programs provide opportunities and credibility for rural government employees, underprivileged citizens, and veterans seeking to start a career in the information technology (IT), medical, first responder, and emergency management fields. Being certified and educated by a reputable institution allows anyone to stand out from the crowd and be more likely to succeed in their positions and obtain a better quality of life.

Eligible Recipients: Underprivileged citizens, United States military veterans, or rural government employees enrolled in an accredited university, junior college, trade school, IT, medical, first responder and emergency management program, or an accredited IT, medical, first responder, or emergency management certification course. Rural government employees may apply directly, or the governmental agency can apply collectively.

Scholarship Prompt: Each student is required to submit a scholarship application, a write a short essay of no less than 300 words on a topic concerning IT, medical, first responder and emergency management, and any other supporting documents. Application and essays are required for your application to be considered.

Supporting Scholarship Documentation: A copy of your DD Form 214 (veterans scholarship); copy of your state drivers license or ID (All); copy of your income tax statements showing the recipient or the recipient’s parents (if younger than 21) name and earning of less than U.S. poverty guidelines of $26,500 (underprivileged scholarship). Proof of municipal, county, state, or other governmental agency employment(rural government scholarship). All Supporting documents are required with your application to be considered. There is no deadline; applications are reviewed, and scholarships are awarded throughout the year. Scholarship Search