Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Wildlife Leadership Awards

March 28, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

At the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), we are deeply committed to ensuring the future of elk, preserving wildlife habitats, and upholding our rich hunting heritage. An integral part of our mission involves supporting the education and development of wildlife professionals rooted in the North American Model of Wildlife Management.

About the Wildlife Leadership Awards (WLA) Scholarship:

Established Mission: The RMEF Wildlife Leadership Awards scholarship program, initiated in 1991, embodies our dedication to "recognize, encourage, and promote leadership among future wildlife management professionals."

Target Recipients: These prestigious awards are presented to undergraduate wildlife students who demonstrate exceptional promise, commitment, and leadership qualities in the field of wildlife management.

Scholarship Details:

• Financial Support: Each recipient is awarded a significant $5,000 scholarship. • Membership: Alongside the scholarship, recipients receive a one-year membership to RMEF, providing them with valuable connections and resources within the conservation community.

Eligibility Criteria:

• Field of Study: Applicants should be pursuing studies in wildlife management or related disciplines at the undergraduate level. • Leadership Qualities: We seek individuals who exhibit leadership potential, a passion for wildlife conservation, and a commitment to the principles of the North American Model of Wildlife Management.

The RMEF Wildlife Leadership Awards scholarship program is our investment in nurturing the next generation of wildlife stewards. Join us in our mission to preserve the legacy of elk, protect wildlife habitats, and promote responsible, science-based wildlife management practices. Applicants must be undergraduates who are at least incoming juniors. Apply for the WLA scholarship and become a leader in shaping the future of wildlife conservation. Scholarship Search