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CrowdStrike NextGen Scholarship Program

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Scholarship Description

The CrowdStrike NextGen Scholarship Program is dedicated to fostering the future leaders of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI). With a commitment to enhancing industry security and supporting vital causes, CrowdStrike offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in cybersecurity and AI. These scholarships provide financial assistance to empower the next generation of talent and leadership.

Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000
  • Focus Areas: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Open to undergraduate and graduate students
  • Applicants will be assessed based on academic record, relevant coursework, experience, and passion for cybersecurity and AI

Application Process

  1. Submit your application and await the notification of the decision via email.
  2. Scholarship funds, amounting to $10,000, will be sent to the recipient's enrolled University or educational institution within 60 days of the scholarship award.
  3. Applicant finalists may have the opportunity to explore internship opportunities with CrowdStrike.

Embrace the chance to advance your studies in cybersecurity and AI with the CrowdStrike NextGen Scholarship. We believe in nurturing the future of these critical fields and are excited to support dedicated students like you. Scholarship Search