A Voice for Animals Contest


May 31, 2020

Awards Available: 20

  • Scholarship Description
  • The Humane Education Network in partnership with the Animal Welfare Institute offers an Annual A Voice for Animals High School Contest. Participants must currently be attending middle or high school, or be home-schooled and under 19 years of age on the date, the contest opens for entries. The competition has sections for 14-15-year-old students and sections for 16-18-year-old students. Scholarship requirements vary. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
  • Contact
  • Scholarship Committee
  • P.O. Box 2023
  • Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • contest@hennet.org
  • 650-851-8735

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Isabella B  on 3/26/2020 11:45:34 AM

If I won this scholarship it would mean the world and more to me because I love putting others before myself and doing something genuine for the community out of altruism.

Isabella B  on 3/26/2020 11:42:56 AM

If I won this scholarship it would mean the world and more to me because I love putting others before myself and doing something genuine for the community out of altruism.

Mubarra Ali  on 3/22/2020 3:35:08 PM

We live in a world where animal abuse exists and I cannot tolerate that. Animals have a voice too and they deserve the be treated with respect and care just as humans are. I applied for this scholarship because I believe that all animals deserve to be treated with importance just as a newborn baby in a human family would be. I was reading the comments below and I couldn't stop smiling. All of us together, standing up together to protest for animal rights will bring a huge change for the future.

Karmen S  on 3/22/2020 3:19:37 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I love animals and would love to be in a career that involves animals. Animals have always had a soft spot in my heart since I was a baby, I remember saying I wanted to be a veterinarian since I could talk. If I win this scholarship money that's one step closer to my goal of become a vet.

Madison H  on 3/6/2020 7:43:48 AM

I applied for this scholarship because not only do I love animals, but their importance is just as important as any living creature on earth. The standards of animal welfare have dropped tremendously. Every year more then 22,000 animals are put up for adoption each year, which is horrible. I hope there to be a good future for our furry friends, so I hope to see a dramatic incline in the population of our animal welfare.

Mary P.  on 3/6/2020 1:59:53 AM

I'm applying for this scholarship because animals are very important to the environment and to humans. As I seen in society today, many get treated poorly and suffer due to animal cruelty. This is the many reasons, that I decided to become vegan. Helping animals has always been a huge passion in my life. However, animals don't have a voice that can be heard. Therefore, I would like to be the voice that should be heard from this animals.

Neveah R.  on 2/21/2020 6:34:54 AM

I applied for this scholarship because I truly have a strong passion for animals and the protection of animals needs great improvement. In the times we live in now, animals get ill treatment and animals my mother saw as a child I no longer see as much if at all. "Cruelty free" on the bottle of products shouldn't even be an issue we shouldn't be testing on animals at all if we don't know the effects period. Though these loving creatures don't have a voice, I will stand up and speak for them and that is a promise.

Aiyannis F.  on 2/19/2020 7:33:57 AM

This is a phenomenal scholarship opportunity. Animal abuse and criticize is a major problem, especially in today's generation. Animals bring happiness and compassion into people's hearts. For myself to have the passion for animals, I would love more than anything to do for God's creations. I would love to take this opportunity to spread animal awareness in the community and put an end to animal cruelty.

Jake C  on 2/15/2020 12:36:28 PM

This scholarship makes me happy because animals make me happy. Animals today are being mistreated and deserve better than what they are given. Animals bring to peoples lives and the hurt that animals face each day makes me very upset. I want to help spread the awareness of animal abuse.

Chloe C.  on 2/11/2020 10:22:17 PM

This is a great and easy scholarship opportunity and is something that many of us are passionate about.

Saiesh P  on 2/6/2020 7:29:36 AM

This is quite an interesting scholarship opportunity, given that only a minority of programs emphasize on a topic which concerns the welfare of animals. Good to see a diverse range of opportunities for me to hone my writing skills

Tyius J  on 2/5/2020 10:14:17 AM

i applied for this because i don't like the future that we currently have and that future is without animals. The fact that my kids wont be able to see the animals that i saw as a child hurts my heart and I want a better future for animals in general.

Syneca J  on 1/28/2020 12:27:57 AM

Since animals cannot physically be heard, they deserve to have the people who truly care about their well being, speak up and fight for their protection.

Rafid S.  on 1/6/2020 9:06:26 AM

Ever since I was young, all I wanted was to learn about animals and to this day I still study them. During my studies, I have seen countless records and videos of animals being abused, killed, murdered for no reason. This is something that needs to be addressed and told by the people. The animals may not have a voice but we can give them one by telling the people what wrong is coming upon them and help protect the animals.

Oscar T  on 10/2/2019 11:33:52 AM

Is community service required

Haywood Z  on 4/17/2019 10:53:13 AM

I applied for this scholarship because its something to do that I love, I love animals and I care for them so I was looking for scholarships that meets my interest and I had finally found one! I hope I receive such an award one day.

Harleen S  on 2/27/2019 12:35:57 PM

I applied for this scholarship because of my love for animals. Though they don't have a voice doesn't mean something can't be done to help animals. I am an against animal cruelty and believe that somehow we can help make the world a better place and help animals in any way or form.

cole c  on 2/17/2019 12:45:05 PM

we need to do something about this

Ally H  on 1/25/2019 12:09:15 PM

When you say a voice for animals, could you elaborate? Is this like a PETA deal or where I can't eat meat, or is this like a anti animal abuse thing?

bailey r  on 9/21/2018 10:02:56 AM

how do i apply

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