Extensiv Supply Chain Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

The Extensiv Supply Chain Scholarship is intended to give aspiring logistics and supply chain professionals financial support during their educational journey. It is also meant to inspire new ideas for the supply chain and warehousing industry. Read the requirements below to see if you qualify to earn a $2500 scholarship for the Spring Semester.

Application Details

• Applicants must be enrolled at an accredited university or college within the United States or Canada.

• Proof of Enrollment: For applicants who do not apply using a .edu email address, choose one from the available options to send in with your application: transcript, copy of student ID, or other enrollment proof of your choosing.

• Contact Information: Full name & email must be included in scholarship submission.

• Essay Requirements: A maximum 1,000-word essay on what you believe the next big advancement is in supply chain management. Please cite any research sources used.

• Other Materials: Work-appropriate image of self to display on the extensiv.com website.

• Submission Deadline: The Spring scholarship submission period is open. On December 1st, we will close the submission period and announce a winner for the Spring Scholarship after the new year in January. We will then reopen the scholarship application to submissions for the Fall 2024 semester scholarship.

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