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Hatfield Foundation Scholarship

March 15, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The Hatfield Foundation, established in 2021, is dedicated to supporting first-generation college students in their academic pursuits. Recognizing the challenges faced by these students, the foundation goes beyond offering financial assistance, providing a comprehensive program that includes scholarships, mentoring, and educational resources.

Scholarship Details: Selected applicants of the Hatfield Foundation receive:

• A generous $5,000 scholarship to alleviate the financial burden of college expenses. • Ongoing support and mentoring to guide students through the challenges of their academic journey. • Access to educational resources that further enrich their learning experience.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates interested in applying for the Hatfield Foundation scholarship must meet the following criteria:

• On track to complete high school in the current academic year. • Planning to attend an accredited 4-year university in the upcoming fall semester. • Neither parent holds a bachelor's degree or higher, emphasizing the foundation's focus on supporting first-generation college students. • Maintain a commendable GPA of 2.5 or higher throughout high school. • Participation in at least one college readiness program during high school, highlighting the candidate's commitment to academic readiness. • Completion of the SAT or ACT, showcasing their dedication to standardized testing. • Demonstrate a genuine need for financial aid, ensuring that the scholarship reaches those who require it the most.

The Hatfield Foundation's holistic approach to scholarship support reflects its commitment to nurturing the educational journey of first-generation college students. By addressing both financial and educational needs, the foundation aims to contribute significantly to the success of these individuals as they embark on their higher education endeavors. Scholarship Search