Quinnipiac University Freshmen Academic Scholarships

Deadline Varies
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The Quinnipiac University First-Year Student Academics Scholarships are considered by the admissions office based on a student's overall academic achievements, and are thusly renewed each year at the same amount, provided the student continues to be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate at Quinnipiac and meets the renewal criteria as stated in the letter of acceptance. Recipients are notified of their merit award in their letter of acceptance. No additional application is required for academic scholarships.

Generally, students who are awarded academic scholarships rank in the top 40% of their class in high school and/or have an 1100 or higher reading/writing plus math scores on the SAT or a 22 or higher composite ACT score. If you are required or choose to provide us with your SAT and/or ACT scores (these can be self-reported on the application or reported officially) we will select the highest score. Academic scholarships are only offered to incoming students.

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