Tom Tolen Educational Scholarships

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Scholarship Description

To be eligible for the Tom Tolen Educational Scholarships, applicants must: be enrolled in an approved curricula including architecture, architectural engineering, electrical engineering, interior design, landscape design, theater, or broadcasting; be studying in select Northern California counties; and either be a full time junior or senior pursuing lighting studies or a graduate student who has a specific lighting project as part of a degree program, or a full or part-time freshman, sophomore or returning student pursuing lighting studies with lighting as part of a degree or certificate program.

Tom Tolen devoted his life to the lighting profession and to the Illuminating Engineering Society. Tom was a lighting designer, a constant leader in lighting courses; active in all fields of lighting. Foremost, however, was his interest and participation in education and how lighting can influence energy conservation efforts. For two and a half decades, until his untimely death, Tom helped shape the careers and work of many who practice lighting. These scholarships are intended to expand and continue his dedication to the field. Scholarship Search