Niche College Scholarship

Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Science Competition

January 31, 2024
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

The Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision science competition for K–12 students engages the next generation in real world problem solving with a strong emphasis on STEM. ExploraVision challenges students to envision and communicate new technology 20 years in the future through collaborative brainstorming and research of current science and technology. Beyond engaging your students in problem solving, team-based learning, critical thinking, and communication skills, ExploraVision aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Students work in groups of two, three or four, and are guided by a team coach and an optional mentor. Each team selects a technology, or an aspect of a technology, which is present in the home, school, or community, or any other technology relevant to their lives. They will explore what the technology does, how it works, and how, when, and why it was invented. The students must then project into the future what that technology could be like 10 or more years in the future and determine what scientific breakthroughs need to occur to make it a reality. Entrants must be full time student, currently enrolled in and attending a public, private, or home school in the United States. They must be younger than 21 years old, and must only submit one project per year. Scholarship Search