EWNJ Graduate Merit Award Program

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May 15, 2025
Awards Available: 9

Scholarship Description

Applicants must identify as female and be a non-traditional student who has either returned to her studies several years after obtaining an undergraduate degree, have changed careers and is returning to school for job education, or someone who comes from a non-traditional educational or socioeconomic background. We’ve awarded nearly 350 women attending New Jersey colleges and universities over $1.3 million.

EWNJ is leading the creation of a pipeline of diverse women leaders in New Jersey. Our Graduate Merit Award Program is the largest provider of scholarships to women who are non-traditional graduate students in the state. We are actively seeking ways to advance women leaders at any point in their journeys. We’ve encountered the persistent myth that the pipeline of training and advancement for women leaders is empty. However, not only are women ready and willing to serve, but we work everyday to increase the number of women who are prepared for leadership.

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