Niche College Scholarship

The Hamilton Award

January 25, 2024
Awards Available: 40

Scholarship Description

The Hamilton Award recognizes young people for their academic, personal, service and entrepreneurial accomplishments. Numerous under-served (first-generation, low income, extenuating circumstances, etc.) high school juniors (as well as homeschool students) from across the nation are selected annually as winners of the Hamilton Award and subsequently enrolled in the five-year Alexander Hamilton Scholars (AHS) Empowerment Program. Winners of the Hamilton Award receive two cash awards to pay for college expenses at their entrance and exit from the Empowerment Program.

All applicants should be college-bound and committed to participating in our rigorous five-year curriculum, designed to provide a comprehensive network of support and practical guidance to Alexander Hamilton Scholars as they transition from high school to college and college to career. Each year of the program also includes an all-expenses-paid leadership conference hosted in various cities around the world. To be enrolled in the five-year program and receive the $500 monetary component of the award, Scholars must attend New York Leader Week. Scholarship Search