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March 31, 2023

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  • The “Women on Par” Scholarship Program, provided by the LPGA Foundation, was established in 2007 by the EWGA Foundation (now the LPGA Amateur Golf Association) to provide financial assistance to “non-traditional” female students. These scholarships are intended for women, aged 30 and older, who are attending a college or university for the first time or returning to school after an absence to complete their technical/vocational, Associate, or Bachelor’s degree. The scholarships are designed to help these women get “on par,” or get an equal footing, with their peers, friends, and other women who have had a chance to complete their college education.

    Applicants and recipients must be female, be at least 30 years of age as of January 1st of the award year and be a U.S. or Canadian citizen, or legal resident of the U.S. or Canada. Must be pursuing a Technical/Vocational, Associates or Bachelor’s degree. (First time applicants to school or must be returning to school after an absence to complete a degree.) Must not have obtained a Bachelor’s degree or higher degree and must be currently enrolled, or accepted to an accredited school, college or university by April 15th of the year the scholarship is awarded. Must be able to demonstrate financial need. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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Austin M  on 3/18/2023 1:11:03 PM

Hello. I am thirty-five years old and have returned back to school. I am currently enrolled in an online Bible college. This is my first semester, and so far I have a 4.0 GPA. I am struggling with bills and desperately want to continue my education.

Faith M  on 2/20/2023 7:52:29 PM

Hello, I am a 57 year old female who is finally ready to return to college to finally complete my degree. I have always known that a degree in psychology/counseling was my long term goal. It has been a long road and I am now preparing for the final push for this degree. I am applying for this scholarship because I currently work 50+ hours/week and barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. Any support is appreciated.

Destine C  on 2/6/2023 7:47:19 PM

Hello, I am a 31 year old female that is currently enrolled Isabella Graham Hart School of practical Nursing. Although I am currently a CNA, I'm studying to get my LPN license. I plan to keep pursing my passion and advancing my career and hope to one day become a NP in the near future. With this scholarship I will be able to continue my journey and pursuing my license.

Connie M  on 11/22/2022 7:57:29 PM

Hello! I am 56 years old and graduated high school in 1984. I am the first of my immediate family to attend college or to want to further my career. If you would please help me financially to reach this goal it would be a Blessing. I appreciate your time. Thank you, Connie MIlner

Dominique W.  on 8/30/2022 4:28:03 AM

Hello. I am a 38yr old single mother of a forth year psychology major and a second year graphic design first year Marine. I have taken my children as far as I possibly can. While working to support them both I've had to put my own higher education on pause. It is now my time to achieve what I've been able provide for them. I am trying to enroll in Medical billing and coding without having to pay out of pocket and support my family. This scholarship will allow me to continue to provide and promote higher learning while fighting for my family to succeed in all areas of life. I am struggling as of now to support two college students adding a third would be impossible. Please help this family thrive and help me become more than their mother.

Lesa B  on 3/19/2022 3:04:57 PM

I am a 44 year old female wanting to become a Cancer Data Analyst. This scholarship would be such a blessing for my life.

Jovia A  on 12/21/2021 1:13:55 AM

Hello , my name is Jovia Alexis . I am pursuing a career in Technology. It has been almost 10 years since I pursed any form of education. Since I obtained my degree in criminal justice I have been working as a child welfare worker. I’ve been blessed to have been able to ensure the safety and well being of children and families for over 7 years. However enjoyable and fulfilling , I am excited to embark on a new adventure that will allow me to have some availability for my family. I must admit that the decision to make this career change has been bitter sweet. I’ve become accustomed to the feeling of purpose that I receive from the work that I complete and meeting the high demands that are included with my job duties. I hope that I am selected for this award as it will assist me upon this journey.

Lawanda L  on 2/12/2021 1:33:20 PM

My journey has been long, but it is not over. I believe that each chapter of our lives is foretold by that journey. I have seen and been through my share of trials and tribulations, but my legacy has yet to be laid, and is awaiting the foundation. I am ready to embark on that journey that will add to that foundation. I truly believe, that although my children are grown, and I have grandchildren, I still have so much to show them about life. Our rewards are those that we have laid for our generations to follow. I got this! and at 53, I will not rest until I have finished my goals! Aim High and reach for the moon as you pass by the stars.

Claudia J  on 2/11/2021 7:50:09 PM

I am ready to write another chapter in my life. I want become the best I have ever been. I’ve raised my kids. I’ve buried my husband and my mother. God blessed me with victory over breast cancer..Amen! I just want to see and do what is next for me. I never finished my degree so I want to finish my degree and everything else I had to put on hold to help others. Gonna give it my best shot!

jennifer m  on 2/7/2021 12:45:53 PM

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am very much looking forward to furthering my education! I've always had an interest in how money and finance works, but haven't pursued it because I didn't have much confidence in myself. I am currently a waitress (I have been a waitress for 13 years) at a wonderful restaurant, but I have been feeling quite unfulfilled lately. Receiving this scholarship would mean a lot to me because it can help me return to school and make life better for my family and I, and help me reach a goal that seemed too hard for me to complete for so long.

Carolina R  on 2/4/2021 3:49:05 PM

My name is Carolina Rivero, I am a civil engineer, Venezuelan, I started college with Construction Management at Montgomery College, because construction appeals to me and that is why I would like to contribute and work. I started college but the expenses are many, I want to get this scholarship to finish my career and bring my knowledge to this country.

Jennifer B  on 2/4/2021 7:34:16 AM

Hello, I am a mother of 3, I currently working fulltime graveyard shift 10 hours a night. I get home at 7am in the morning and stay up to help my daughters zoom for school, while my husband works during the day. I get very little sleep and just had a emergency hysterectomy, that had me out of work for over 2 months, which has put a financial burden on my family . I had to return to work early though, should still be out on disability due to my complications of my recovery, but my family needs the income. My line of work is all labor and on my feet for 10 hours. This scholarship would relieve a nice burden my family and the stress as well because , I have medical bills coming in left and right everyday for this surgery. I am in school to become a MRI Technologist and look forward to giving back to my community.

Alberta S  on 2/1/2021 11:44:16 AM

I currently on disability and have been for years. My benefits will be ending soon, so I need to find a way to earn a living. My husband has a small handyman business and his accountant will be leaving at the end of this year. We decided that I should go back to school for bookkeeping and help out with the business. I am eager to started and with this Scholarship would help me. I would really appreciate it.

linda t  on 1/31/2021 2:01:10 PM

yes i applied for this scolarship because i am a woman of 53 trying to go back to school and have no way of paying for it

awilda g  on 1/29/2021 1:09:40 PM

hello my name is Awilda gonzalez and i just 45yr old. My kids are all in college now so i want to return to finish my career and start living. I have been struggling because i did not have the funds to return. i am taking my chances now and hope god will open all door for me to accomplish this and then go get my MBA and PHD in engineering is my dream to teach other women with children is never too late.

Kristi J  on 1/28/2021 5:34:26 PM

Hi, my name is Kristi. I have owned and operated and audio/visual production company for 30 years. Since my line of work involves tradeshow and conventions, because of Covid-19, I lost all revenue for 2020 and so far in 2021. I have always had a passion for cooking, so I am now attending Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. This scholarship would make this transition to a new career easier on my wallet, as I have no income presently. Enjoy Your Journey! Kristi

Dorothy R  on 1/28/2021 8:43:10 AM

I am a 55 year old struggling woman. After 20+ years I can finally find a career, with a little luck, hard work and a lot of help!

Fren M  on 1/26/2021 3:47:44 PM

My life goal has been to work as a professional nurse and for that reason I have been in and out of school due to life unexpected circumstances for many years now. I am very passionate about helping and caring for people who are in need of my help professionally. I am presently attending Albany State University as a student taking classes to enter into the school for nursing this fall. I love people, I love working with people and helping them in general. My plan is to earn an Associate Degree in nursing and then complete the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing to work as a Mental Health Nurse Counselor.

Stephanie C  on 1/25/2021 2:02:54 PM

I am Stephanie Coats. I spend many years changing majors and trying to find my path. After finding my passion in education courses I decided to jump in head first and teach at preschool to be sure this career was for me. I have loved ever minute of the last 5 years and know now without a doubt that changing the lives of children and families is my passion and I cannot wait to obtain the right training to mold future generations.

Michelle G  on 1/24/2021 9:42:32 PM

My name is Michelle Guadalupe and I have returned to school to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I started at CTU in October 2020 with a graduation date set for 2022. I plan to use the knowledge gained from school to continue to grow with the company that I currently work at as well as start to build a real estate investment company. I plan to use the real estate company to help put my 3 nephews through college when they are of age and use the proceeds now to help support my father along with my sisters. To earn this scholarship would be a great way to continue to achieve the dream of a degree. I've thought of this degree since I graduated high school. Thank you for your consideration.

Kimberly S  on 1/19/2021 10:22:28 AM

Hello there my name is Kimberly Lynn I'm attending Liberty University in a few short weeks. At first I was applying for school for all the wrong reasons. Until I saw my children struggling with homeschooling and I felt I needed to show them that it is hard but they can do this.I can do this I have struggled almost all my life but I am an Overcomer This scholarship would mean the world not only to me but my family and to shut the negative people up and I can say I overcome so much but having the means of doing something that I am willing to work hard for even if I don't get this scholarship at least I know I have tried and I'm not giving up until I have that diploma in my hands and I know God got this he knows who is deserve this scholarship even if it's not me so good luck to the rest of these wonderful and beautiful women

Olivia T  on 1/19/2021 6:51:55 AM

Hi My name is Olivia, i am currently enrolled in a college after many years of illness that would not allow me to pursue my education. It has been my dream to graduate one day. I only have a year to go with my degree but need financial help. Any help toward my tuition would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Ethel c  on 1/18/2021 1:44:02 PM

Hello. I am a veteran, who is a LVN at the VA. I currently live in Daly City, CA. It's hard to go to school because I don't want to be broke again. After graduating LVN school, we were broke for a year, and it was bad! I've been wanting to back to school to get my BSN, but the fear of not providing for my family scares me. I would like to be a RN because I feel like I can help veterans more than I can as a LVN.

brandie n  on 1/13/2021 1:14:03 PM

I am a single mother, I put school on hold while my company of 10 years gave me the ability to comfortably raise him. They are now closing due to COVID19 and I figured what better time to put my dreams in full force, unfortunately college is expensive and I am not financially equipped.

D'Jaris J  on 1/12/2021 8:34:32 PM

My name is D'Jaris Jenkins and I am looking forward to applying for and receiving this scholarship. I am a 32 year old single parent who is currently enrolled in Nursing School. This scholarship will assist in this journey financially by helping cut school costs for me. Ultimately my dream is to become a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner. This scholarship would help me tremendously.

D'Jaris J  on 1/12/2021 8:19:02 PM

I am applying for this a scholarship as I am a 32 year old single mother of 2. I am currently enrolled in school to get my Associates in Nursing. I am looking forward receiving this scholarship as I know it will help me tremendously financially to cover the costs on my journey to ultimately become a Women Health Nurse Practitioner.

Elizabeth B  on 1/11/2021 3:53:40 AM

Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I am 35 year old, I am Deaf woman but I would like call myself hearing impaired. I withdraw two college due no support from my father. I feel a failure every day when I wake up but I would like to change my life and do something with my life for better and have a good career. I've lack focus when it come to college because I need more education due my knowledge learning in school. I know I'm very smart woman but I believe this will help me finish degree or my career so that I know I won't be able to worry about college fund due begin Deaf. Every jobs I applied and interview they always denied me because they are fear to put extra effort for me to be able work and communication with my customer, I give them so many offer for me to work but it seem it not thier range I would like to be manager one day or own a business to only hire disability people so they know that working make big difference. I would like to go to Galludent Or Rochester Insistute for the Deaf would be easier for me to understand Deaf or Hearing Impaired Teacher.

Vilma K  on 1/10/2021 12:10:28 PM

Hello, I am applying for this scholarship because I want to pursue my career. I came here in the land of opportunity, the United States of America when I was 20 yrs old, and started with not understanding and not able to communicate English at all. After all struggles, disappointments, and failures, I started to embrace the fact that life is not fair. My self confidence became stronger and had built me a great foundation. I am currently working full time at this time but when I start 16 credits of nursing classes this spring, I can only work part time. I am a head of the household with 2 dependents. I will use this scholarship to further my education to become a registered nurse. I am blessed and got accepted to the traditional nursing baccalaureate program. I believe that one person can make a difference and If I am a registered nurse helping people in any way, I myself can make a difference. I will not give up. I will continue to do my best to succeed because I know I can make a difference.

Shaniquel J  on 1/5/2021 6:19:45 PM

I am currently a medical assistant at a private practice. I need this scholarship to continue my education to become a registered nurse.

Charyphy B  on 1/4/2021 4:10:32 PM

Hello. My name is Charyphy Baterbonia from Philippines. I finished my Bachelor Secondary Education last 2004 and now currently enroled at South Suburban Community College for the pre requisites subjects for my Nursing Course. I am looking forward to be part of this scholarship community group. Thank you so much.

Vonda F  on 1/4/2021 12:42:57 PM

I did apply for this scholarship. I am 53 years old and wanting to obtain a degree in nursing. I have had an interest in earning a nursing degree for several years. My areas of interest is oncology and hospice care. My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September 2020. I have seen firsthand how wonderful oncology nurses are and I want to be one as well. We are on limited income since my husband's diagnosis so any help would be appreciated.

Kathie J  on 1/3/2021 10:53:33 PM

I'm currently a Water Safety Instructor. And a Swim Coach. I worked hard for my certifications and have been teaching for 30 years now. I dropped out of high school in 1982. I was bullied and beaten up in grade school. I was labeled as a special needs (special ED kid) because of my dyslexia. In the 1980's they didn't understand my condition. I went to the public library every day to study anything I could in the Giant GED study they offer to study in building. I scored very well on my tests. I have learned to study in a way that helps me learn. I have had to work hard to over come obstacles. Financially I am Not able to go back to school. I would be very grateful for the assistance . Thank You. Kathie Jones

Lisa w  on 12/28/2020 11:50:24 PM

Hello My name is Lisa and I'm looking forward to returning back to school..Life got in the way with many challenges, but by the grace of God that is all behind me..Receiving this Scholarship can help me in many ways reach the goal I've always dreamed of.

Shaun J  on 12/27/2020 9:06:04 AM

I am currently an LPN for over 20 years and I decided to go back to school after raising my children to obtain my BSN. I am inspired by women in their 50’s that decided to continue their education and that continue to be my motivation.

M. L. L  on 12/22/2020 4:46:08 PM

I am a **Disabled Veteran**, but that was not within the Selection Criteria, which I found strange. I have been trying to finish a Bachelor Degree for over 35 years - 25 of which I served in the Army. Between Deployments, Children, and Missions, I have not had the available time to finish college. In my current published Academic Plan for Intelligence Studies (BA), I have a total of 134 college credits: 50 of which are labelled "Excessive Credits", 48 General Electives, and 36 of 69 completed with a 3.67 GPA within the Intelligence Studies program. At nearly $1,000 per course, I will run out of Post 911 GI Bill before I run out of classes. This is extremely unfortunate, as I was planning to pass my Education Benefits to my daughters.

RAMONA D  on 12/7/2020 6:27:40 PM

I am technically considered a senior citizen at 57 y/o. Although that is enough to scare me into not continuing my secondary education I decided to blow past that. It is indeed a daunting thought. Why would I want to get a Masters's of divinity? Because i should and i can. Because I never finished because life got in the way, health got in the way and finances got in the way. this is how you can help a 50+-year-old minority finish strong. I am 30 credits away and you could make it so I don't have another excuse. At least not financial.