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American Red Cross - Leaders Save Lives Scholarship Program


August 31, 2023

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  • To qualify for the American Red Cross Leaders Save Lives Program (referred to as “Program”), each Blood Program Leader must be currently enrolled in high school, college, university, technical school, trade school or community college and must host an American Red Cross blood drive in the United States scheduled between June 1 – August 31st. The student may not adopt an existing blood drive. However, a student may adopt an existing Leaders Save Lives blood drive transitioned from the former Blood Program Leader.

    Donor centers and regularly scheduled mobile operations are not eligible as blood drive sites. A school may be used as a blood drive site as long as school is out of session. The blood drive may have no more than one Blood Program Leader. Program rewards will not be split among multiple Blood Program Leaders. Program may not be combined with the American Red Cross High School Scholarship Program, High School Club Program or Community Club Program. The blood drive must achieve a minimum of 25 pints. Results will be calculated from one blood drive operation. Multiple operations may not be combined. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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Nickolas C  on 7/20/2022 2:53:34 PM

I am applying for this scholarship to assist my father in paying for my education. He is a disabled veteran and has always instructed me to pursue as much education as I can. I am on the path to do that at Brevard College, NC. My father receives aid from the VA. However, it does not cover full costs of college education. In fact, there is quite the gap, and I am trying to help close that gap. I hope to follow in my father's footsteps by serving my country in the USAF as an Officer. Thank you for the consideration.

Victoria N  on 7/6/2022 12:45:11 PM

By being able to obtain this scholarship it will allow me to pursue a degree in agriculture to help earn a degree that will allow me to learn more about the pursuit of farming and teaching. By being able to work and study hard to obtain a degree that can bring everything I learn through the 4 years college back to my farm, classroom and home. Every year there are more and more advances being made to better grow and supply the human population and be able to share my love for agriculture with other students who would love to further there career in agriculture and animal science. being able to receive this scholarship will allow me to further my career in something I love and enjoy without stressing about paying college.

Hugh E  on 6/22/2022 2:39:15 PM

I am applying to your scholarship to further my academic career at the University of Haskell Indian Nations University. I am a sophomore transferring from a JUCO. I plan on working for the Department of Interior of education for the people in my community. I would like to be the change for my community, family, and friends.

Cade H  on 6/21/2022 12:07:17 PM

I am applying for this scholarship to assist me with the financial strain of college at The University of South Alabama. My father suffered from a severe brain hemorrhage completely changing my life. Since his injury was so extreme it has completely left him unable to work leaving my mom with the finical strain of college. I participated in HOSA and multiple blood drives through high school and now I am in the EAP(Early Acceptance Program) for a Doctoral of Physical Therapy. I am currently for a degree in Exercise Science because it is my dream to become a physical therapist. This scholarship would make a magnitude of difference in my financial strain and provide me the opportunity to continue in the medical field. With this assistance, I would be able to accomplish my dream and be granted the opportunity to change people's lives through rehabilitation.

Lindley T  on 2/4/2021 11:21:21 AM

I am applying for this scholarship to assist with funding my college tuition at The University of Alabama. I am a member of HOSA and have participated by giving blood and volunteering at our Red Cross Blood Drive. I plan to pursue a career in the medical field and would like to make a substantial difference in the peoples lives in my community.

Niazia T.  on 2/4/2021 8:23:24 AM

I am applying for this scholarship because, I will be attending UAB to major in Nursing because I have an interest in just taking care of people when they really need help. I feel like nurses do so much, especially during this pandemic and I just honor them and can't wait to be one some day so that I can leave my mark on the field.

Caylee I  on 1/27/2021 2:02:38 PM

I am personally applying for this scholarship because I would love to help people who need the blood and especially the ones who need the blood because of covid.

Andrew C. Wiley  on 1/26/2021 7:38:02 AM

I am applying for this scholarship because it will help my mother with paying for tuition and other college expenses. This is the right direction for me to achieving my goals and jump start my college education. This will also allow me to take the time to work on improving my community through volunteering and exploring different ways to help others. I am looking to major in criminal justice.

Alfredo A Bowen  on 1/14/2021 3:44:14 PM

I am applying for this schoolarship because can help me pay my college, because I'm helping my mom pay the bills and the rent, im in the high school and working. learn more of medical things, I want be a firefighter in MATC Madison, can with this class can help me be more better and undestand the program,

Madison B  on 1/11/2021 6:08:50 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I am interested in Hematology, My mom is a Advanced Care Provider for patients 0-21yrs old with Sickle cell disease and all the different kinds of Blood Transfusions they Need to stay alive

Talaifina T  on 1/9/2021 7:21:17 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I want to get the chance to go to college without my parents pitching in. I also want to save lives and help others save lives. My parents donate blood 3 times a month to help other people and I would like to do the same since my Grandpa died from not receiving a lot of blood I want to make sure that people in unfortunate countries receive the medical attention needed.

Kayla Hicks  on 1/6/2021 9:49:09 AM

I’m applying for the scholarship to go to University of Alabama in Birmingham. I have been working at urgent care for children during the Covid pandemic and would love to help out those who are in need of blood.I am a second-year nursing major and giving back to the community and to those who are in need is a reason why I chose the field I’m studying. I was brought up that the greatness in you is to serve others, so I’m very much ready to serve.

Alliyah J.  on 1/1/2021 1:49:30 PM

I am applying for this scholarship in order to help increase my chances of completing graduate school in the CRNA program

Kristina h  on 12/17/2020 12:56:58 PM

I am applying because I would love to help sick people.I would love to meet new people and hear their life story while I help them and told them about what Im going to college for.

b walker  on 12/12/2020 5:45:08 AM

i am applying for this scholarship because covid has affected my family physically and financially.

kolbryn kearl  on 12/6/2020 3:36:07 PM

I am apply for this scholarship because I am diabetic and they wont let me give blood. My parents donate and I think it is a good thing to donate blood but since I have diabetes your rules say I can't. My brother was saved by a blood donor and I would like to give back. I am going to college in criminal justice, that is a way I can save lives.

Wayan L.  on 10/19/2020 2:24:31 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because it would really help me build up money for when I attend college. I am currently a senior in high school and really trying to relieve my stress by applying for scholarships because I know it will help me in the long run.

Jamika Madison  on 10/18/2020 2:53:26 PM

I am applying for this scholarship to assist with funding my undergraduate studies at Stillman College. Covid-19 has had an adverse attack on my family's finances I am hopeful that things will change for the better. I believe that one’s life can only be made worthy through service to others, hence my sole mission is to make a significant difference in the lives of people everywhere and in what situations I find myself in.

Donica C.  on 10/13/2020 3:35:06 PM

This scholarship program stood up the most for me to apply because, as written above, you can hit two even three birds with one stone when accepted. This indeed can help me with all areas I need. Leadership, volunteering which I love and of course with finances for college.

Alosha .S  on 9/3/2020 1:53:19 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I really love school and I am a junior this year next year soon to be a senior and I’m here to tell you my family don’t have it and I want to get as many scholarships as I can so it would not be a whole lot of stress on them or me

Delysia B  on 8/28/2020 9:46:24 PM

I am applying for this scholarship to assist with funding my undergraduate studies at Western Kentucky University. Covid-19 has had an adverse attack on my family's finances I am hopeful that things will change for the better. I believe that one’s life can only be made worthy through service to others, hence my sole mission is to make a significant difference in the lives of people everywhere and in what situations I find myself in.

Samantha P  on 8/25/2020 6:31:11 PM

Currently a 2nd year student in a nursing program. Despite our learning now being online the tuition continued to rise and my family and I simply don't have enough to make ends meet. I am working at a healthcare facility as a nursing assistant to help with my expenses.

Alexis Davis  on 8/24/2020 2:31:49 PM

A scholarship can make a big difference in my life education. The money from a scholarship helps me by allowing me to be more selective in how I spend my free time. I’ll be able to maximize the college experience through service-learning, volunteer opportunities and internships. I believe I deserve this scholarship because it will help me achieve my long-term goals. By furthering my education in biology, I can work towards my career goals in the medical field. I aim to make a difference in my community, and this scholarship will absolutely be the difference-maker when it comes to affording the education I need to do that.

Steaphanie C  on 8/23/2020 12:25:22 AM

I’m currently in high school, I would love to have this scholarship in order to go to college one day and become someone who will somehow change the world.

Cole P  on 8/21/2020 7:32:33 PM

This would help me further my education I am going to school to become a Doctor

Shaima I  on 8/20/2020 12:32:04 PM

I am a 13 year old early high school grdaute and i would like to fulfill my passion in the medical force to furthermore complete my education. :)

Hannah K  on 8/19/2020 1:38:00 PM

this would greatly help in continuing my college career.

Griffin C  on 8/18/2020 10:10:30 AM

This scholarship would allow me to become even more successful than I am set out to be. Allowing me to attend a higher level school and beginning my journey in physical therapy.

Sapir A.  on 8/14/2020 9:19:48 AM

I have been participating in the past in red cross life saving and this scholarship is related and suites me well. It would greatly help my Medicine studies.

Jorden M  on 8/4/2020 2:53:57 PM

The money would be greatly appreciated as it would help further my degree in Elementary Education.

Arabella DeLuca  on 7/29/2020 12:48:39 PM

I am studying to become a nurse, and could really use some financial help.

Jordan Davis  on 7/16/2020 6:05:36 PM

I am a hardworking young man looking to escape from my circumstances. I am a first generation college student. I am looking to break the curse associate with the cost of education so that I am able to attend school.

Itzel B  on 7/16/2020 3:06:19 PM

I really need to pay off my tuition, so that I can go to school in the fall. I'm a criminal justice major.

Karla B.  on 7/9/2020 5:03:30 AM

I am applying for this scholarship, so it can help further my education in healthcare while also helping the community around me.

Kamry J  on 7/6/2020 4:15:07 PM

I am an aspiring radiologist this will help me with my tuition

Gift O  on 5/5/2020 8:38:38 AM

I am a high school rising senior and i am not financially stabled i work two jobs to make sure that my family feed and i want to go to college but the money for my tuition is my problem if i am able to win this scholarship it will really help me pay off my tuition for school thank you.

Eliane A.  on 4/13/2020 2:03:26 PM

To further my degree in registered nursing. This will be a great opportunity

Jennifer G  on 4/3/2020 2:10:33 PM

Donating blood can save many life's. When i get old enough I plan to donate blood. Many people in my family give blood. 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives. I applied for this scholarship to get in to my dream collage one day,

Aleah H  on 3/2/2020 1:31:04 PM

To help me further my degree in nursing. it would be wonderful

martin tito  on 1/9/2020 6:38:44 AM

If you assist me for further studies it will be highly appreciated

Julie K  on 12/29/2015 9:10:51 PM

This email address is bouncing back as undelivered. Can you please add the correct email?

tina m  on 9/25/2015 7:08:22 PM

My name is Tina. Im 56 years old partically disabled. I've applied to Savannah College of Art and Design. Begin Winter quarter. Im in need of Financial Aide, thats why i am applying

Tony W  on 9/1/2015 3:09:15 PM

The easiest way to save a life is to donating blood my mom has to get blood cause of cancer

Julio B  on 6/3/2014 6:36:47 PM

One of the easiest way to save a life is by donating blood!

Erica M  on 7/26/2013 2:02:45 PM

Donating blood is a safe and easy way to save a life! One pint of blood can save up to three lives.

Mary L  on 8/12/2011 12:13:57 PM

I did this scholarship this year and it was a fun experience with or without the money i gained. DO IT!!!