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Force & Motion Foundation/ORS Young Scientist Scholarship

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December 15, 2017
  • Scholarship Description
  • Force and Motion Foundation and the Orthopaedic Research Society will collaborate to promote and support U.S. and international young investigators in the field.

    The Force and Motion Foundation is a non-profit organization, fully funded by AMTI to support students in fields related to multi-axis force measurement and testing. Each year, the Foundation awards more than $30,000 in academic scholarships and travel awards in an effort to help both U.S. and international graduate students become the scientific leaders of tomorrow. The Foundation also serves as creator and curator of the Virtual Poster Session, an international resource for information exchange and networking within the academic community.

    The AMTI Force and Motion Foundation and the Orthopaedic Research Society will present an academic scholarship to a young trainee whose abstract has been accepted for presentation at the ORS Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. The $10,000 scholarship will be granted for research related to multi-axis force measurement and testing in the following categories: Medical Robotics, Diagnostic Equipment, Diagnostic Application, Medical Training, Rehabilitation, and Surgical Applications.

    Scholarship awardees must be an ORS Associate (student) member in good standing.

    For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
  • Contact
  • Scholarship Committee
  • scholarships@forceandmotion.com
  • 847-823-5770

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