PHCC Educational Foundation Scholarships

May 1, 2025
Awards Available: 55

Scholarship Description

The PHCC Educational Foundation and its industry partners are teaming up to provide financial assistance to students pursuing a career in the p-h-c industry. Contractors, be sure to have your apprentices apply! Even if your company pays for apprenticeship training, a scholarship win will help offset your training costs and build a sense of accomplishment for the apprentice who wins. Please limit applications to a max of four per company and tap your best set of apprentices to send in their applications.


  • Legal US resident*
  • Plan to enroll in:
    • A PHCC-approved plumbing or HVACR apprentice program or the Foundation’s Fast Track to Service & Repair online courses. Apprentices or technicians must also be working full-time for a licensed plumbing or HVAC contractor who is a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors-National Association.
    • A full-time certificate or degree program at an accredited two-year community college, technical college, or trade school, with a major directly related to the plumbing-heating-cooling (p-h-c) profession. Approved majors are: business management; mechanical CAD design; construction management with a specialty in mechanical construction; and plumbing or HVACR installation, service and repair.
    • A full-time undergraduate degree program at an accredited four-year college or university, with a major directly related to the plumbing-heating-cooling (p-h-c) profession. Approved majors are: business management; construction management with a specialization in mechanical construction; and mechanical engineering.
    • A maximum of four employees from any one employer may win an award in any given year.
  • *Also open to Canadian citizen apprentices enrolled in a PHCC-approved plumbing or HVACR apprentice program.

Application Process

To apply, apprentices working for PHCC members will need:

  • A letter of recommendation from the PHCC business owner or their manager.
  • Answers to 5 questions about their background and interests.
  • Optional – Grades and a letter of recommendation from their apprentice program instructor.

Scholarships awarded through the PHCC Educational Foundation are designed to assist students who plan to major in a field of study directly related to the p-h-c industry. If an applicant plans to pursue a course of study in one of the approved major areas listed above, but the trade school, college or university uses a different name for their particular program, the applicant should submit official documentation from their school that describes the major and course of study. Scholarship Search