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April 02, 2019

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  • Scholarship Description
  • HSF/ General College Scholarships are designed to assist students of Hispanic heritage in obtaining a college degree. Scholarships are available on a competitive basis to graduating high school seniors, community college transfer students, undergraduate students and graduate students. Applicants must be of Hispanic heritage and have a minimum of 3.0 GPA for high school students. A minimum of 2.5 GPA for college and graduate students. Plan to enroll full-time in an accredited not-for-profit, four-year university or graduate school during the fall of the scholarship cycle year. U.S. Citizen, permanent legal resident, DACA or eligible non-citizen. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
  • Contact
  • Scholarship Director
  • 1411 W. 190th Street
  • Suite 700
  • Gardena , CA 90248
  • tel: 310-975-3700
  • fax: 310-349-3328

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Maria E R  on 7/24/2018 10:06:55 PM

My name is Maria E Rosa Feliciano. I am currently enrolled in a nursing program in Central Texas. I work with patients in the medical field. I enjoy helping people in order for them to be satisfy with my service. My goals is to become a cardiac ICU nurse in the future. My passion is to work with the heart area and learn about it every day. I became passionate with the cardiac area when I started working as a EKG technician and Cardiac Telemetry Technician. I work with nurses and that made me realized that nursing is my passion. I earned a bachelor's degree from Puerto Rico on Health Science majoring in Non Invasive Cardiovascular Technology. I have previous experience in the army field. I was in the National Guard for 4 years and then after that I came to Texas in 2015. I would be grateful if I receive a scholarship from you guys so it can help me to reach my goal to become a cardiac nurse and help people on need.

MONICA L  on 7/12/2018 12:09:07 AM

My name is M. Lopez. I would love to be awarded this scholarship. I work with students in the nursing field and it is my passion to hep them and assist them in achieving their best while working on their future. Being in a rural area with a minority immigrant population trying to achieve their best is very inspiring. I want to have a higher degree and keep encouraging students to accomplish their goals. The population in my area needs education and I'm willing to be one of those who participate in accomplishing their plans.

Maribel M  on 7/1/2018 12:34:04 AM

Hi , I want to apply for this scholarship because I want to improve my family life's condition, I want to prepare my self to continue helping others to achieve their dreams as you will help me to achieve mine which is to complete my Master Degree and Inspire my kids to think about their future.

Andrea G  on 5/2/2018 12:40:02 PM

Hi,my name is Andrea Gonzalez Vazquez and It is an honor even applying for this scholarship right now. I am a sophomore (will soon be a junior) in Houston, Texas and have always had a passion to help people and change the world. My parents have always taught me to be the first one to step up and to always work hard to make your dreams come true. They have done so much for me and I wish to show them that even at this age, I am a responsible, quick-thinking woman that they should not be worried about financially. I have always wanted to be a clinical psychologist and with this scholarship, it will bring me one step closer to showing judgmental people that I can achieve my goals in life, no matter my age,ethnicity,gender,etc. Even though there is a chance I won't get this scholarship, I would like to thank you giving Hispanic people like us to strive for a better future. Once again, thank you for reading this and I hope you have a fantastic day!

Yetzza S  on 4/12/2018 12:06:27 AM

Hello, my name is Yetzza Sanchez Yannet. I would to apply for the scholarship because I want to get a higher education and I'll be the first in my family to go to college which is a huge deal for me and my mom. I want my mom to take easy. I don't want my mother to worry or overwork herself just to pay for my college tuition. My mom is a single mother, I want to repay her by going to college. With this scholarship money it would help me cover a bit of the tution. I'm kind, caring and care-free. I like to join as many clubs I can join and I'm teaching myself how to speak, write and read in Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a nice day.

Daniela A  on 4/2/2018 3:07:58 PM

Hello, my name is Daniela Sofia Alfaro, I would love to apply for this scholarship because I'm vitally passionate about going to college. I will be one of the first in my family to go straight out of high school. I'm first generation Latina American and my relatives came to the United States in order to benefit their children in the future. However, now is the future and my family isn't in the financial situation in order to help me with college. I want to make my family and myself proud by going to college. I would love to get awarded this scholarship because I believe I'm a well rounded, kind, open-minded, and knowledgeable person. With this opportunity, I would love to give the favor back to those in need, hopefully in the future. My dream school is Virginia Commonwealth University and thankfully with all the hard work and dedication I got accepted to my dream school. The only problem is that I'm currently aren't able to afford it and due to my parents job their moving out of the country and aren't able to help me financially if I choose to go to community college. I plan on attending school at VCU to become a dentist, it's my dream every since I was little. If you more information about the scholarship please let me know. Best regards Daniela.

deana a  on 3/5/2018 9:52:52 PM

Hello, I would like to apply for this scholarship because I'm in need of your help to help me get through college and to be the first one in my family to finish medical assisting school. I'm a high school graduate and recently re enrolled in college after two years of helping my mom with my nana since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and dementia. I was recently accepted into the medical assisting program at Brookline college. I have two jobs so that I can help my fiancé with bills and adding school will be even harder to make ends meet. I'm 21 just trying to finish what I had started. I've managed a 3.0 GPA all throughout high school, and would like any information regarding this scholarship. Thank you so much in best regards, Deana Alfaro

Auria Sanchez  on 2/21/2018 4:52:13 PM

Hello, I would apply for this scholarship because I need your help to finish my career of the art teacher. I am a Latin American single mother born in 1966. I have two children that depend on me. I am currently enrolled in college, but the financial aid is not enough to pay my tuition. Thanks for this opportunity.

Carmen Hanna  on 2/6/2018 11:10:57 PM

I would like to apply for this scholarship because I have financial difficulties due to my son's illness. I have to tried to finish my degree but it's been difficult because of loss of income and time we spend in medical appointments. My family and I have so multiple bills and I can't afford more expenses. My major is in History.

Damaris S  on 1/30/2018 8:35:05 PM

I would like to apply for this scholarship because, I'm a college graduate and I'm trying to further my career in family and marriage counseling. I have recently been accepted to Pepperdine University, which is a amazing yet private school. I am the first one in my family to graduate college and continue my education. I currently have two jobs, trying to help my family with rent and at the same time save money for school coming up in September. In my free time I also, volunteer at California State University Northridge Helpline center. I graduated CSUN with a 3.7 GPA. Please let me know what I can do. I really appreciated any information about this scholarship. Thank you In Regards, Damaris Sierra

Luis M  on 12/3/2017 12:06:06 AM

I would like to apply for this scholarship because I really want to achieve my dream which is to become a professional clinical psychology. Even though there's a lot of people applying, I would be grateful at least if you guys help me paying my books or a fifty-percent of my term. My father has no enough money to be able to pay my brother and me, neither my mom, who is seriously ill due to chronic arthritis. Your money won't be wasted because I devoted to my classes.

Ana G  on 1/17/2017 3:45:22 PM

I would like to apply for this scholarship so I can obtain a college degree. My husband does not earn enough to pay for my college tuition. I have been desperately searching for a job but all of my applications have been turn down. Employers are looking for people with degrees and experience. I feel so helpless but I pray to god for a job and for a better future. My dream is to obtain a college degree that will allow me the opportunity for a career. A career that will help me, my husband, and my family.

Jenna J  on 11/1/2016 12:00:00 PM

I would love to apply for this scholarship! This scholarship would help me and my mom help me to be able to get the degree I want and plan ahead for the future when I would love to transfer to the school of my dreams. Money is such a tight situation when its just me and my mom and I have to work part-time to maintain my personal expenses as well as my school expenses. I would love to find out how to apply for this in hopes of being able to win.

Miriam V  on 4/17/2016 2:33:55 PM

Hey, I want to apply for a scholarship is because it's a struggle for my parents to support me with my education. My family is big of seven so it’s hard. Both my parents come from Mexico and they didn’t have the privilege to get their education. So I want to make a change and I want the opportunity to get the education to earn my degree. I have put so much effort into getting my education. I like to study and want the opportunity to earn my degree. This scholarship would mean so much to me to become a forensic Science.

gerardo m  on 3/17/2016 10:44:14 PM

my Grade Point Average does not determine who i am as a peron.

Nigel M  on 3/10/2016 11:30:01 AM

Dear Sir/Madam I would like to apply for scholarship,I was accepted in the Marketing program with Loyalist college in Canada but I can not afford the fees required as I am from an under privileged family in Zimbabwe.My parents are unemployed but I would like to pursue my education.I wonder how your organisation can assist in this regard. Your response to my request will so much be appreciated Regards Nigel Makungwa

brenda v  on 1/18/2016 6:27:40 PM

The reason why i am applying for this scholarship is because i see the struggle my parents go through every single day just so my siblings and i can have everything and anything we need. Also my parents have always told me how important school is and even thought they didn't have the opportunity to attend college and get a career that doesn't mean i have an excuse. So getting this scholarship would mean so much to me so i can study and enter into the criminal justice field become a police/ detective.

LUPITA R  on 1/5/2016 1:28:23 PM


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