Niche College Scholarship

Niche $25,000 Back to School Scholarship

September 27, 2023
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The Niche $25,000 Back to School Scholarship is an exciting opportunity brought to you by Niche, a reputable company renowned for its comprehensive information and reviews regarding K-12 schools, colleges, and neighborhoods. This scholarship program is designed to provide financial support to both high school and college students, easing the burden of educational expenses.

Are you concerned about the rising costs of college education? Here's some great news: Niche is offering a generous $25,000 scholarship to assist students in covering essential expenses such as tuition, housing, textbooks, and other college-related costs. What makes this opportunity even more enticing is the fact that you won't need to write a lengthy essay to apply!

High school seniors are in for an additional treat. Simply complete your Niche Profile with essential details like your GPA and the high school you currently attend. By doing so, you'll automatically be considered for this valuable scholarship, as well as the potential to secure admission and financial aid from our esteemed partner colleges.

At Niche, we understand the financial challenges that students and their families face when pursuing higher education. That's why we're committed to supporting your educational journey through opportunities like the Niche $25,000 Back to School Scholarship. Join us in our mission to make education more accessible and affordable. Scholarship Search