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October 17, 2018

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  • The College JumpStart Scholarship is an annual, merit-based competition that is open to 10th, 11th and 12th graders and college students and non-traditional students. Applicants must be high school sophomores, juniors or seniors or adult students. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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  • No. 325
  • Los Altos, CA 94002
  • admin@jumpstart-scholarship.net
  • 650-319-8441

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Victoria A  on 8/19/2018 8:59:46 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I want to be able to pay for my tuition. My parents cannot afford to pay for my education and I don’t want them to get a loan out for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

Jaelyn-Zoe' L  on 8/19/2018 7:19:34 PM

My grandmother is my guardian; therefore, I would like to receive as many scholarships as possible. My mother is not financially helping my grandmother with any expenses needed to care for a child, it would be a great financial relieve on my grandmother with the aid of scholarships.

teresa m  on 8/19/2018 2:58:04 AM

I applied for this scholarships because financial aid just does not cover the full costs of attending university.

Ernest E  on 8/17/2018 8:49:25 PM

I applied for this scholarship in hopes to gain some financial assistance for my young family. Thank you for your time.

Jeffrey B  on 8/17/2018 2:27:35 PM

I applied to this scholarship because I want to get into Aviation which is a very expensive degree and college course. I don't want debt to hang over my head. This would allow me financial freedom down the road.

Semaj M  on 8/15/2018 10:06:31 PM

i applied to this college because my mother is struggling to make ends meet day in and day out and i just don’t want to disappoint my mother i wanna be able to provide for my own self and reach my full potential in life

Monique Castro  on 8/15/2018 2:28:14 PM

I applied because recently i lost my mother in a car crash and ever since then its been hard on my family. Im trying to get in to the best college possible but i need help financially.

William B  on 8/14/2018 8:20:14 PM

Iam applying for this scholarship because the funds will go a long ways in paying my tuition and fees at Community College of Baltimore County for Fall 2018 semester. Any scholarship funds will help to push me closer to my goal of obtaining a certificate in database and future scholarships will aid in me getting closer towards earning my Master of Science in Applied Information Technology with a software engineering certificate from Towson University. Furthermore, scholarships help reduce amounts of loans needed for college in the USA.

Ashley C  on 7/30/2018 8:50:47 PM

I applied because my family are one of the unfortunate families in the United States that make just enough money to not be able to attain any financial aid. My parents pay my tuition in full because they fear that if I take out loans i will be in debt for the rest of my life. Every semester they take out thousands of dollars to pay for school and this scholarship would be a big help to my parents.

Umera Tabassum  on 7/30/2018 8:04:59 PM

I am an 1st year student of science n I wanted to know more about this scholarship

summer l  on 7/30/2018 1:46:22 PM

I applied for this scholarship because my family neither I have enough money to send me to support me in college, and I am trying my best to keep up grades in order to transfer to the school of my dreams. I want to make something of myself.

Salman  on 7/30/2018 11:01:29 AM

Is There any scholorship for pakistani undergraduate students. Kindly wait for ur quick responce. Thanks

jace y  on 7/29/2018 7:09:48 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I can use the money to put toward my tuition. My mom is doing her best to put me through school, but it's hard for her to pay for my schooling and everyday household bills. We are financially blessed some others are but we manage to do just fine.

Mei Mei D  on 7/27/2018 4:41:27 PM

Today I have applied because I am a first generation asian student to go to college. I've been blessed with the opportunity to go to my dream school, however my parents are not financially ready to support me for the next 4 years and I would like to help them out. This is my dream to be able to go to college and it would be an incredible opportunity to win!

Joshua G  on 7/27/2018 11:12:04 AM

Yes I applied for this scholarship. I was raised by my mother, who would and has done everything in the world for me. I am seeking scholorship money to help pay for college expenses so we don't have to take out loans along the way. I also want to prove everyone wrong who says I'm a procrastinator and show them what I can do and who I will become.

Kyle M  on 7/26/2018 6:52:59 PM

I applied for this scholarship to help aid me through my senior year before I commission as a 2LT in the U.S Army. This will allow me to focus on my studies more and permit me to dive in more into the program and help mentor and assist the incoming underclassmen.

Judy B  on 7/26/2018 6:30:04 PM

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity! You have given so many hope to a better future!

Sabrina m  on 7/26/2018 2:54:04 PM

I am applying for this scholarship due to my financial struggles. I don't have much family that can help me and I don't want to be in too much debt after I graduate. If I receive this scholarship it would be more of a weight off of my shoulders. I am just a regular college girl trying to make it.

Elizabeth T  on 7/26/2018 12:22:22 PM

Great opportunity for students seeking college education! Thankyou!

Tramesha F  on 7/25/2018 7:08:10 PM

I applied for this scholarship for help . I’m not going to make my life seem as a sob story when it’s not . This scholarship, if I get , will be extremely helpful . My mom is also a college student , so I watch her travel back and forward every single day . I know how important education is just by watching her . Thank you for the consideration

Shane S  on 7/25/2018 3:47:49 PM

I'm an active duty Marine. Trying to determine what I can get to help offset the cost of course. The Military tution assistance is not enough to cover the entire cost of my education. Wanting to save my GI bill for my children. Thanks Shane

LINA F  on 7/25/2018 1:02:03 AM

I'm 39 years old mom and decided to finish my degree a couple of years to go. With less than two years left to complete my degree, I lost employment due to position elimination from a 13 year employer. It's a real struggle paying for education while unemployed, yet I want to finish it and not give up on my goal of getting my bachelor's degree. Any scholarship reward would help me continue being in school without getting into debt. Thank you for the opportunity.

Ja'mya B  on 7/24/2018 10:35:23 PM

Thank you, Kind Regards, Ja'mya B.

Hannah H  on 7/24/2018 6:16:01 AM

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Brandon K  on 7/24/2018 3:47:48 AM

I have applied for this scholarship because I recently have been struggling with my parents divorce and wasn't able to keep a job very long because I had to go back and forth from mother and father and I don't have much money for college and I would like to be able to go to college so i'll be able to support my family for all they done to for and support me i want to make my family proud.

Adam R  on 7/23/2018 7:53:16 PM

I applied for this scholarship because my family and I are tight on money. I was enrolled in school for a little bit but after completing the first course(online) I had to cut any further courses due to getting into a car accident. On top of that, my wife was pregnant and in the hospital due to complications, so we had to spend a hefty amount of money to have my mother-in-law fly out to help watch my son and my wife, while I worked. Continuing my education would open a plethora of doors for myself. As the sole income provider, I want to provide for my family in the best way I can.

Ernest T  on 7/23/2018 9:23:55 AM

I am going to be blunt. I am applying for this scholarship because I want to see just what I am capable of. Everyone in my family is a doctor or lawyer or engineer. Being of African descent, heavy expectations are set on you. I want to further my education because I know it is power and power can equal change, but I also want to do it more so that I can prove myself and my family wrong. They do not realize sometimes just how condescending they can be and I have had enough of it. I want to be more successful than they were and luckily they have just given me the motivation to do so. Success is the only thing that matters in their eyes, and the only way you have achieved that is if your making 6 figures on wallstreet. I want to show them just how wrong they are.

Christofer M  on 7/23/2018 7:46:09 AM

I am applying for this scholarship to get my self financially ready for the jump to college. Normally my grandparents would help me with my situation but my grandparents are in Puerto Rico and they are recovering from the storm. I am a student eager to learn and ready for the challenges. Thank You, Best Regards, Christofer Angel Medina

Lindsay S  on 7/22/2018 9:38:02 PM

I applied for the scholarship because I am returning to school after 4 years and no longer a dependent of my mother. I work full time and need help paying for school. I want to further my education to become a massage therapist for animals and I have been working with animals for the time I have been out of school but want a slightly different career path. Good luck to everyone who has applied.

Diantae A-C.  on 7/22/2018 5:20:58 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because my family cannot afford to put up money towards my college tuition. My mom has raised me alone for most of my life. In 2014 she got into an accident while working and is now disabled. For the past 4 years her job has not been allowing her to collect from her pension. I went to a catholic high school which she had to pay for, for 4 years while receiving no income. I am hoping this scholarship can help me out towards receiving a degree from Lincoln University in 2022!

Seantaiu S  on 7/22/2018 1:21:30 PM

I don't really want to pay any money. I won't give you some sob story about how my family is tight on money or anything because I don't want to guilt trip anyone into giving me money. The straight up fact is that I could use a scholarship or two to help me pay for college and that's it. ThAnKs FoR yOuR tImE.

Renee C  on 7/22/2018 1:13:24 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because my family and I are financially tight. I am going into my sophomore year of college. I am trying to finish all my pre-requites so I can get my registered nurse degree. I am working currently in the ER as a Scribe and we do not make enough money. I would appreciate the scholarship tremendously if it was awarded to me. Everyone says college is a stressful time but they dont ever say how stressful it is to cover the costs. It's even more stressful since I am a student at a school in Texas but I am a resident in Colorado so I have to pay the out of state tuition. I love Texas, love the relationships I have made and all the opportunities I have in the Dallas Forth Worth district for hospitals. I hate thinking I can't go to college and have to go back home. Thank you for your time and for helping young adults with continuing their education.

Charlotte K  on 7/21/2018 2:57:45 PM

Yes I applied for this scholarship

Alexis R  on 7/20/2018 9:51:24 PM

Hi my name is Alexis and I am going to be a Freshman at Bay Path University starting in August 2018. The reason I am applying for this scholarship is because in February my Papa passed away unexpectantly and my Grandmother is struggling to make ends meet. My Papa has always wanted me to continue my education and make something of my life. I want my Papa to be proud of me.

Saniyah K  on 7/20/2018 1:46:41 PM

My name is Saniyah King. I attend St. Johns High School Class of 2019. I am applying for this scholarship because I would like to pursue my dream of becoming a Marine Biologist. My goal is to succeed throughout college and become a better person that I can be. Thank you for the opportunity to apply and thank you for listening.

Elizabeth C  on 7/19/2018 9:30:32 PM

As a caucasian female and member of the middle class, I applied for this scholarship because I am struggling with student loan debt. I have many friends in the lower income category who have received full tuition scholarships and FAFSA grants. I also have friends in the upper income bracket who make out-of-pocket, monthly payments. Because of my family's income, I cannot receive grants; therefore, I am forced to pay for college through student loans. My family has enough to solely live off of, but we cannot afford college. I work hard in my classes, have a 4.0 GPA, and am actively involved on campus. This scholarship would lower some of my student loan debt post-graduation.

Bryan L  on 7/19/2018 1:58:17 PM

My name is Bryan LaChance and I live in Kingwood, Texas, and I have applied for this scholarship because I am going to LSU to get a degree in Music Education. But as many people know, out of state tuition can be a big issue with a low income family. I am applying for this because we do not need too much, due to financial aid provided by the school, but we still need between 10-15k. If we get this, my mom will not be so stressed on the fact that I won't be going to college because we couldn't afford it.

Milka G  on 7/17/2018 1:12:55 AM

I have applied for this scholarship because my family and I are tight financially, last year we made a drastic move from Puerto Rico due to the hurricane that hit the island. My family has been struggling to get back on our feet again with college time closer I see the pressure that my parents are under. I would love to continue with my education not only to make my family proud but to make my self-proud. Thank you.

Kayla B  on 7/16/2018 2:05:27 PM

My name is Kayla Brown. I live in Upper Marlboro, Maryland where I attend at Dr. Henry A Wise High school which is also in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. this school year , I will be an 12th grader in the fall. I'm applying for this scholarship because my parents and I can't really afford college and i would love to continue my education after high school.

Ashley T  on 7/16/2018 12:32:38 PM

I am applying for this scholarship, because we are very tight with money and any help we can get would be wonderful. My dream is too go to college to become a Trauma Surgeon. My family has gone through a lot of trauma and I want too be there to make it so I can help people that have been in my situation before. I am a teen mom of two beautiful children and I want too be able too give them the life they deserve. I also want to join surgery to help people in this world suffering. I have big dreams for my self and am hoping too get a helping hand.

Joseph G  on 7/13/2018 2:05:15 PM

My name is Nikko Gusman. I live in New Albany, Mississippi, but attend Saltillo High School in Saltillo, Mississippi. I will be a junior in high school in the fall of 2018. I am applying for this scholarship so I can go to college after I graduate high school in 2020. I am also applying for this scholarship to further my education and become a physical therapist. We are tough on money because I am being raised by a single mom.

Trinitee E  on 7/12/2018 7:09:13 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I want to be a helping hand in the world. I do not have the funds to go to college. Becoming a pediatric nurse is not easy when your doing EVERYTHING by yourself. I really need a helping hand to become an helping hand. I just graduated high school in may and I need help.

Jasmine S  on 7/12/2018 3:33:30 PM

I'm applying for scholarships because my family and I cannot afford my schooling. I'm attending The Citadel to get a degree in law enforcement. My family and I do not want to apply for loans because loans can stick with you for the rest of your life and I don't want to have to worry about repaying money back for schooling Hopefully I can find a scholarship or a few to help me with my school payments. Thank you.

Ericka B  on 7/11/2018 2:09:48 AM

I’m applying for this scholarship because I can’t afford college. I finally transferred to a university after the struggle of finishing community college. Sadly it’s too expensive. I only got to live on campus one semester due to the cost. I’m currently taking online classes again so I won’t use all of my financial aid trying to have the on campus experience. Hopefully I find a scholarship that can help me get back on campus so I won’t miss out on having that life changing experience.

Gladys G  on 7/10/2018 8:14:59 PM

Hello, My Name is Gladys Guerrero, I currently reside in Connecticut. I am so close to finishing up with a bachelor's in Criminology and need some help. This would greatly help me pay for the classes that are left to be done! Thank you so much.

JAKYRA S  on 7/10/2018 9:44:59 AM

I am applying for this scholarship because I am trying to continue my journey in college. I currently attend Ivy Tech Community college, majoring in Health Services. I have a 3 year old daughter who's looking up to me. I really need help on this journey!

Lucy Sowers  on 7/9/2018 7:27:25 PM

I am applying to this scholarship because I want to go to university to continue my studies on civil engineering. My mom's I come puts me in a higher bracket for colleges and a less likely chance of need based aid. I always knew I needed to find scholarships to help with paying for college but due to recent events scholarships are more important than ever for me to attend university.

jamale h  on 7/5/2018 4:32:28 PM

Hi , I'm applying for this scholarship so that I can go to manor university of Pennsylvania.. I have always wanted to go to college and live on campus .I graduated with a certificate for programming & software development .I love computers and want a future in computer technology. or software development . I also want to do video game design . please help me in this journey .

Jada D  on 7/3/2018 11:48:13 AM

I applied for this scholarship to further my education and walk with God!

Racheal L  on 7/1/2018 11:14:57 AM

I want to take extra online courses because there are colleges all over the world that teach my interests. I am currently attending in alabama a MOA program and plan to graduate in January next year. I do not believe that any student should limit themselves to any one hat or career in this day and age when technology is essentially taking on many different forms and taking over so many aspects of our society. Cyber entertainment is so popular right now and the simple knowledge to code and create is valuable no matter where you choose to go.

Emily J  on 6/29/2018 8:33:19 PM

I applied for this scholarship so I can become a Nurse.

Fredricka K  on 6/23/2018 6:10:18 PM

I am a non traditional student looking to go back to school for a B.S. in Health Sciences with a concentration professional development and advanced patient care.

Piper M  on 6/22/2018 7:13:48 PM

I would love to apply for your scholarship. I live in a small town in Arizona and have been accepted to play basketball in Boston at Fisher College. I will be the first in my family to attend college and will need financial help to afford tuition and books. I have attended Pima Community College as a way to cheaply and efficiently get my core classes finished. With only 2 years left for my bachelors I will be on the path to become a Forensic Psychologist. Thank you for your consideration.

Mariah H  on 6/20/2018 11:41:58 AM

My Granddaughter attended Scottsdale Community College for 2 years in pursuing a teachers degree. She had to stop to go to work but is now wanting to go back to school to get her degree. She will need financial help since neither of her parents (divorced) are able to help her. She would like to finish at NAU Yuma for here last two years. Are there any scholarships available to her?

Markayla H  on 6/14/2018 2:10:54 PM

I applied for this scholarship to help pay for my fall semester.

Kaleb W  on 6/14/2018 11:49:42 AM

Thank you so much for the opportunity to apply for this scholarship! I am pursuing a degree in Mechatronics and Building Automation Technology. My family has not had the means to help my sister and myself pursue our education with our financial struggles over the last 5 years both with job loss of my mother and almost losing my own life as I started high school. I appreciate your consideration.

Alice M  on 6/13/2018 3:19:46 PM

Hello, my name is Alice Mudahogora from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I'm graduated from Harrisburg High School, John Harris Campus Class of 2018. I got accepted to Indiana University of Pennsylvania to pursue my education in getting Bachelors degree in Nursing Program. I'm searching for scholarships which will enhance my chances to achieve to my career goals and also will greatly boost my self confidence. However, my parents are not able to help me to pay for school because they still have 8 dependents to take care. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Dominicia D  on 6/13/2018 8:55:51 AM

Hello, My name is Dominicia from Silver Spring, Maryland. I just graduated from PGCC with A.S degree in Accounting. I got accepted to UMUC to pursue my education in getting my B.S degree in Accounting and Business Administration. This scholarship will help me on pursing my dreams in accounting . It will help me pay for any books, classes, and also knowing that I will have some kind of money that can help me during my first year of college as a junior. Thank you for your consideration.

Banisha B  on 6/9/2018 9:22:12 PM

Hello, my name is Blake. A 25 year old gardner, divorced, with identical twin 4 year olds (one is autistic). I live in Pensacola Florida and I am currently in my second year for prepharmacy. My education is the nost important part of my life. I am a single mothet and I also assist with my aunt that has dementia. I am the glue to my family ,I am the youngest child of 3 and also the only child that went to college. This means alot to me. The extra scholarship money would help open up doors for me and ny family. Going to school had meant alot to my support system and the additional money I would receive if I won this scholarship may put me into a better place to raise my children. I graduated high school in 2011 , I became a housewife for my ex husband during his Navy career. I have done so much for everybody ,going to school is the first thing I've ever done for myself. Thank you for listening.

Taylor R  on 6/8/2018 11:41:52 AM

Good afternoon. My daughter just finished her freshmen year in college and is transferring to Morgan State University to pursue a career in Nursing. I am researching scholarships to assist with tuition, books and room and board. The process is very overwhelming! Any assistance or guidance that can be provided would be so very appreciated. Thank you!

Sarahi C  on 6/6/2018 8:26:28 PM

Hello, my name is Sarahi Mora-Carbajal I am from North Carolina, I applied for this scholarship because I am hoping to pursue a career in medicine. I believe that this scholarship would help tremendously with my education as I go to college! I am currently a junior in high school and taking as many sciences as possible before I go to college.

Alanda D  on 6/4/2018 8:04:18 PM

good afternoon, My name is Alanda from Vancouver Washington trying to get back into school to become a registered nurse, I am trying to get as many scholarships as possible while in the process of trying to buy a house. I'm really not wanting to place my self into debt so anything helps. Thanks for listening

Briana V  on 6/4/2018 5:12:51 PM

Hello, my name is Briana Villanueva . I am a junior ,class of 2019. I’m applying for this scholarship because I plan on continuing my education at University of Houston ,Texas tech University , or Baylor College of Medicine. I’m currently in a technical dual credit program at Local community college funded by my high school. The program I joined is called medical assisting. After completing this course, I will like to study for a higher position in Medicine as in a ob/gyn or a pediatric . This scholarship will help me tremendously on pursing my dreams in medicine . It will help me pay for any books, classes, housing , food or even a tutor . It will allow me to have some kind of weight of my shoulders knowing that I will have some kind of money that can help me during my first year of college .

Rachel S  on 5/31/2018 11:27:17 AM

Hello, My name is Rachel Semrau. I was a middle college student through Mattawan High School and the Van Buren Technology Center starting my sophomore year of high school. I chose to willingly give up my 2017 high school diploma to attend college for a fifth year, high school student. I just graduated with an associate's in applied science in medical assisting. I want to continue my education in foreign language, sociology and psychology. Due to laws, I am still considered a dependent of my parent's until the age of 23, I'm 19 now, even though I have a full time job and live independently. This scholarship would help me obtain more education without breaking the bank of a brand new adult. Thank you, Rachel Semrau

Khrystyna K  on 5/29/2018 6:26:43 PM

Hello, My name is Khrystyna King and I am a 26 year old student currently enrolled at Fortis College in Norfolk Virginia, VA. I am in the LPN program and could use the financial help. I am a mother of 2 growing boys ages 4 and 6 and have a hard time working full time to pay for school and bills and go to school full time as well. If I receive this scholarship it will help with my sitting fees for class. The LPN program is just a step in my direction to owning my own health center. Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation.

Angelina P  on 5/29/2018 3:15:44 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I am in need of help with financial situations. I graduated in 2016 and after high school I planned on attending college and was never able to due to my financial stability. I’ve been trying to save up to cover the cost of college so I am able to attend and become and orthodontist in the future but on my own and with very little help it is hard to achieve my goals. This scholarship will really help push me in the right direction to becoming an orthodontist and giving the world the smile it deserves.

Katelynn A  on 5/23/2018 8:20:13 PM

I am currently 20 years old and I own my home but pay my bills every month by myself. My first son is to be born in September of this year, since I have taken on this responsibility of becoming a new time mother, I have done nothing but want to proceed and better my knowledge and success for a better life. I have always wanted to study pharmacy or get into the X-ray medical field. Thank you for the consideration!

Brooklyn C  on 5/23/2018 7:00:28 AM

I am a junior in high school and I constantly work hard in order to help out my community. This would help tremendously to pay for anything college related in the future. I plan on attending Ferris State University, Michigan State University, or College for Creative Studies. I also plan on studying the arts and humanitarian studies. Studying abroad and service trips are huge parts of my aspirations and I will be trying to do these things through college programs. Thank you for the consideration!

Jessie D  on 5/22/2018 5:25:40 PM

I am a college dropout who would like to go back to school. I would like to study diagnostic sonography. I would like to go back to El Paso community college. Originally when I started college I had just had a baby girl and I was determined not to let that keep me from fishing up and earning a degree. However no matter how well you plan you never know where life takes you. My daughter had a condition where she would stop breathing and had to be on a monitor constantly. I didn't want to put that responsibility of her life in someone else's hands so I dropped out to care for her and I lost my financial aid. I never returned I couldn't pay for school on my own. I would love an opportunity to return and everyone always says it's never too late.

Talicia W  on 5/22/2018 12:14:39 PM

I am officially a senior in high school for 2018-19 who is in need of financial aid to help me get to the college I want. I would love to apply for this scholarship and be considered for this scholarship. I am a child of a single mom who has worked tirelessly to ensure my sister I receive all the support and care we needed to ensure we got our education. My sister and I witness my mom pursue her bachelors degree after putting it off for years. If my mom could her college education after getting a divorce, relocating and pretty much start all over, there is noting in the way for me to do the same. my mom always say to my sister and I do not wait like she to get a degree. my mom also made the point to say, if I could do it with raising kids, being a full time employee and go to school so could we. I would really love to be considered for the scholarship so I could have assistance in paying for my books and other school items I may need. I would really appreciate the consideration.

Anthony U  on 5/17/2018 11:34:25 AM

I am a senior in high school and I plan on attending Fresno State University majoring in Criminology in Law Enforcement. I am really interested in this scholarship because I think it is a great way to help freshmen students in a college with the expenses of going to college. I would really appreciate the money from this scholarship because it would help me pay for all the books I need for my classes and it would allow me to enjoy my first year of college without having the stress of money,

Rejinald C  on 5/13/2018 10:33:31 AM

I am a junior in high school who is in need of financial aid to help me get to the college I want. I would love to apply for this scholarship and be considered for this scholarship. Recently, in just this year, my family has loss so much money: paying for two car accidents that happened in a span of two months (one accident having the car totaled), garage being crashed into, having a court case for my dad for a minor car accident. I am really looking forward to being an Architectural or civil engineer major at a 4 year university. I have always had these careers as my main dreams and to be able to further my education in a field in which I love, will ultimately benefit my family, myself, and society. Thank you in advance.

Ruth H  on 5/10/2018 4:35:32 PM

Ruth Hernandez on 5/10/18 Hello I am looking to get some money for school. I have just finish up my associate of arts at my local community college but at the same time have started taking class towards my bachelors in education. I need the money to pay for a summer class I plan on taking. I am 100 % committed to finish and knock my class out so that hopefully soon I can become a good teacher and teach students.

Blaih H  on 5/7/2018 4:58:03 PM

I am currently applying for this scholarship I am in need of paying for my class material. I am planning to graduate from 2-year degree and become Dental Hygiene. Anything that affordable would be helpful. I am looking forward to get this scholarship. Thank you

Maddie Murphy  on 5/7/2018 6:03:47 AM

I’m a junior in high school trying to get ahead on applying for colleges and scholarships. I would love to apply and be considered for this scholarship. When it comes to money my family and I need all the help we can get. I am looking to be a physical therapist and going to a university. I would be the first to graduate college out of 5 kids including my mother and father. To succeed and be something in this world means the most to me. To help others and to make a difference is my goal. And I’m ready to achieve it. Thank you.

Shakira W  on 5/3/2018 8:10:26 PM

I am currently applying for this scholarship because I am in desperate need of financial assistance towards my college education. I am a high school senior who plans on going to college to become a nurse. Money is tight and anything that will help me towards my dream of becoming a nurse would be everything to me.

jeremiah m  on 5/3/2018 9:47:27 AM

I am currently applying for this scholarship because I am in need of financial assistance for College. I am going to be the first High School graduate as in my mother nor my father has completed High School. This means I will be the first of the two to attend college and we do not have the necessary funds to send me to the school of my dreams. Being able to afford college is really important to me so I can receive the needed education and so I can experience the life of a college student

Franshavia C  on 5/2/2018 7:51:20 PM

I am currently returning back to school this month to take a few classes and I have been accepted into nursing school at Union University for the Fall 2018. From my previous experience with school, it's always hard to hear that your parent makes to much, so I had to get student loans. Now that I am on my own it is still hard to get any financial assistance, so here I am. If I got this scholarship, it would really help towards accomplishing my dream of becoming a nurse.

UBAID ULLAH  on 5/2/2018 5:44:09 AM

Please enter your comments for this scholarship here. Please be advised that this area is for comments about the scholarship only, not a form for you to submit your scholarship application.

Guadalupe D  on 5/1/2018 7:19:51 PM

I want this scholarship because it would take a toll off my parents who have been stressing at the fact that I need college money because they didnt go and it makes me feel bad because I want them to support me with whatever they got but unfortunately what they dont got is money and I feel that it would benefit me to win this scholarship because it can help me pay books, student fees, or even tuition. I hope I win this scholarship but if I dont I will not give up, I will keep applying to more scholarships until I win one

Mikayla R  on 5/1/2018 6:11:25 PM

I am currently applying for this scholarship because I am in need of financial assistance for College. I am going to be the first High School graduate as in my mother nor my father has completed High School. This means I will be the first of the two to attend college and we do not have the necessary funds to send me to the school of my dreams. Being able to afford college is really important to me so I can receive the needed education and so I can experience the life of a college student.

summers k  on 5/1/2018 8:44:12 AM

i am applying for this grant because i need help paying for school. I never been to college, im 46 years old. its scary this late in life career changing in all but trying to keep up with whats current these days the only other love i have is recording engineer. Full Sail has accepted me and id just need some financial help. Thank you

Nicholas A  on 4/30/2018 3:08:20 PM

I'm applying for this scholarship to help my parents to be able to afford the college of my choice. I'm a hard working passionate student. I have worked hard over the years to achieve my goals thus far. I went from having a IEP, to a 504 and recently received honors of distinction from my high school last quarter. School does not come easy to me but I am willing to work hard to achieve success. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

patience ita  on 4/30/2018 12:22:14 PM

i want the scholarship so dearly.my dad die and left me.i sell garri so i see this as opportunity to end all my sorrow..thank you

R.Tanner W  on 4/29/2018 7:19:57 AM

I am applying for this scholarship because I have special needs and I want to go to college. I am currently in a a post-high program in my area. It is a day program. I went to open house at App State in Boone,NC. I really liked it and I hope to go next fall. I really like school and I want to learn to be independent so I can one day live on my own.Thank you.

Helen S  on 4/23/2018 9:16:16 AM

"School" was always a bit difficult for me since we moved several times a year while I was a child. Now in my 40's, I have gone as far as I possibly can without a degree and I am just not willing to settle. I love the work I do and I have so much more to give by gaining a college degree. I am excited to start this new adventure. Thank you!

David  on 4/19/2018 3:34:45 PM

Yes, I applied to so that the funds will help to cover my undergraduate costs. I have an older sibling currently attending college. As you can imagine, coming from a middle income family, for my parents to pay for two children in college, at the same time is very taxing mentally. I am doing what I can to assist them in making it easier for them. Thank you.

 on 4/12/2018 2:48:29 PM

My Name is Greg Herrin. I plan to go back to college to presue a BS in information technology with an emphasis in programming. I have a son that is completely fascinated with STEM and coding. It be a good way for us to connect while brightening my future. By applying for this scholarship I'll be able to save for school while still be a full time father. This will also allow for me to work part-time while concentrating on school.

Tasia D  on 4/12/2018 7:23:15 AM

My name is Tasia Dennis. I am the oldest of 5. I plan to go to college and earn my BSN in nursing and become a labor and delivery nurse.My grandmother recently passed and money has been tight ever since. I am currently a junior in high school but this scholarship will allow me to get a head start with saving money for my schooling.

Mckennah P  on 4/11/2018 12:28:32 PM

I applied for this scholarship to help pay for tuition.

Christine N  on 4/11/2018 12:22:58 PM

I am a senior at Liberty High School. I will be graduating May 25th, 2018. I have been accepted to West Virginia University, I'll be majoring in Social Work I plan to get my masters, I attend to help people and families. My goal is to succeed through college without financial issues. This scholarship would benefit me in everyway.

Angel D  on 4/7/2018 8:34:30 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I haven't received any yet and I need the money to cover expenses on some of my Tuition.

Mimi Brooks  on 4/7/2018 3:39:05 PM

I am attending high school in grade 11 along with my unusual age. I am mainly catching up with scholarships,grants and things that i figure will help me move my feet. Not every one is going to have a reaching hand at every moment so i decided to take matters in my own hands. My main goals are to have transportation for myself and a job. Saving up money is the best rout in my opinion for that it puts a striving mindset to your situation. We have more than enough people who follow. I want to see more more leaders,developers ,planners with a determination. I'm not talking about someones determination i'm talking about having your OWN drive to your destination.I am a family oriented being, i love being around my family and helping them out. I'm not only trying to obtain the things i want but obtain the things i need. I would complain about how i do not have much time because of my age. But i realized we all start somewhere and no one can be judged for their process and growth.

Jessica M  on 4/5/2018 11:25:19 AM

I am a high school junior at Tivy High School who is Air Force JROTC. I'm the oldest of three children. My oldest sister on my dads side had passed away when i was 16. My mother and my grandmother had raised me because my father wasn't there at all for me. We don't have a lot of money. I started applying to colleges. And i would love to be accepted to Texas A&M Corpus Christi. I want to get my Bachelor's Degree in nursing. I would be the first child in my family to go to collage and get my degree in nursing. I want to help little children that are sick or hurt. To help people who need help. Who are sick or need surgery. I'm currently volunteering at my local hospital. It would be so amazing for me to get this scholarship.

Kimberly D  on 4/4/2018 11:56:32 AM

I am a high school sophomore at Elkins High School who is doing dual credit at my local community college. I am the oldest out of six children. My older sister died in a car crash when I was 4 years old. I was given up for adoption when I was just 5 years old. It has been very hard on me. I struggle with my identity of who I am and where I stand on this planet we call Earth. I have began my applications to colleges. I really want to be accepted in The University of Southern California, so that I major in the medical field. I want to get a Bachelor's Degree in nurse, and become a nurse practitioner. The reason I want to become a nurse practitioner, is because I want to be able to help children that need it the most. I want to be able to cure their sickness and take away the pain. I want to be able to help the kids, because I do not want them to every feel the kind of pain I felt, when I was given up for adoption. With the JumpStart Scholarship, I could finally be able to reach my potential of becoming a nurse practitioner, and help those who are unable to help themselves.

Blair R  on 4/3/2018 6:59:00 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I want to be able to support myself through college. Right now I am worried about how much student loans I will have to take out because I know my parents do not have the money to solely put me through college on my own. So I need to apply for every scholarship possible. Receiving this scholarship would be an honor and a blessing.

Linda A  on 4/3/2018 4:37:54 PM

I'm currently a junior in Mountain View High School who is trying to pay for college as cliche as that sounds. I'm prioritizing to succeeding and pay for my tuition all on my own, rather than my parents doing so. I plan on attending any of the universities near my home. I try to balance out school with my job so I can make extra money to do. I personally only dream to become a Forensic Pathologist and majoring in business to keep the spirit of my family's business alive.

Sakshith  on 4/3/2018 9:44:11 AM

I wanna use my scholarship money for my +1 or +2 studies.

Zoe S.  on 3/31/2018 9:50:07 AM

I am a high school senior at Carthage Central High School. I have been accepted to The Ohio State University and I will be attending in the fall. I will be majoring in Anthropology so that I can learn more about other cultures and eventually work in Forensic Anthropology. I hope that with the help of the JumpStart Scholarship, I will be able to attend The Ohio State University without the burden of financial need.

Blessing L  on 3/30/2018 2:37:59 PM

I'm a sophomore in high school who is currently doing dual enrollment. Next year I'll be starting at Polk state collegiate high school with the goal of obtaining my AA degree by the end of my senior year. I applied for this scholarship because the school I wish to go to is out of state, which comes with a bit more money, so the more scholarships I apply to the more money I can save my mom.

Alex G  on 3/29/2018 5:34:59 PM

I'm a highschool sophomore at Mountain View High School. My family is from Mexico and I have to deal with the consistent struggles of not only being a Hispanic in America ,but keeping my gpa high. I have been able to maintain my 4.0 gpa due to my perseverance and hardwork. I want to go to Georgia Tech and Major in either Aerospace Engineering or Computer Engineering ,but I don't want my parents to have to spend what little money they have on getting me into higher education. With the help of scholarships, I'm hoping to raise some money ,so my parents don't have to spend as much.

Alexus R  on 3/28/2018 12:55:44 PM

Hi, i'm a High School Senior at Heidelberg High School. I think that my accomplishments and my drive to continue accomplishing have and will lead me to success. College is a tough road but i'm convinced i will be successful with the help of this scholarship.

Bradley C  on 3/27/2018 8:53:37 PM

I am a high school senior. I am the oldest of 4 kids. I am really hoping to go to college and in turn will lead my siblings into going. I really love cats and I want to work with them and hopefully own my own shop someday and I can teach kids that share the same passion what I have learned. They can come and have a place to hangout after school instead of going off and getting in trouble. This scholarship would help me greatly.

Saliyah R.  on 3/27/2018 7:10:52 PM

I am a grade 11 student. I live in the Bahamas but I would like to attend Holland College in Canada. I would like to take up Culinary Arts and I think this will be a great opportunity for me.

Trevor G  on 3/26/2018 11:23:52 AM

I am a high school junior looking for ways to afford college. I am interested in computer science and project management

K.c  on 3/24/2018 12:41:24 AM

I’m only junior in high school and I really been worried about my future. I want to become a nurse anesthetist but that can’t happen unless I go to college. With the help of scholarships I can achieve this dream. I’m not really picky to what college I go to but I prefer Mobile university since it’s not far and close to home

Michella Chambliss  on 3/21/2018 2:22:41 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I solely support myself through college. I am in need of additional help since certain grants were cut. I am doing my best to avoid additional loans especially private ones. This scholarship will bless me and allow me to finish my last year at the University of Memphis.

Eileen, N  on 3/19/2018 4:07:40 AM

Currently a senior in high school. Got accepted to WCU and will be attending this fall. I’m majoring in nursing. That’s been my dream since the 6 grade. I’m currently in nursing fundamentals and working on getting my CNA license. Grants aren’t enough to cover my expenses and my parents won’t be able to help me. This scholarship will help me with books and other things for college.

Mia P  on 3/18/2018 10:07:14 AM

I applied for this scholarship in hopes that I can further my education after high school. I want to major in engineering and attend Clarkson University this fall. I am concerned about the financial aspect of college and don't want my parents to feel the pressure. I am doing all I can to cover the majority of my college costs.

shannon deal jr  on 3/16/2018 6:49:54 PM

Hello My name is Shannon Deal, I am currently a Senior in High school and I will be soon attending LSU, which is my dream college since i was 5 years old, mostly because of football. Getting a scholarship would help me better my chances for actually paying for my future.

Cidney S  on 3/14/2018 9:06:21 PM

Yes I applied for the scholarship. This will help me in my goal of earning my degree in Fine Arts/Digital design and business.

cierra m  on 3/12/2018 2:21:00 PM

Hello, my name is Cierra Malloy I am currently applying for multiple colleges but the one I am most interested i n is FSU. This scholarship will make a big difference with my financial state because of me providing for school and now college.

Maniya B  on 3/9/2018 5:05:52 PM

Hey my name is Maniya and I am soon to be a graduating senior. I am will soon attend college in a few months to purse my life dream of being a firefighter. Recieving this scholarship will be so helpful in payimg for some books and a few other eduacational needs.

Bah Abubakarr  on 3/7/2018 10:57:38 AM

I am a student how is highly need this this opportunity, you are offering to us I am in Sierra Leone west Africa ?? I am ready to go and continue my education

Taylor P  on 3/5/2018 10:05:59 AM

My name is Taylor Phillips. I am a senior at Blanchester High School. I am applying for this scholarship to further my education after high school. I would like to pursue a degree in psychology with little to no debt. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply, Thank you!

Zaire Robinson  on 3/1/2018 4:56:26 PM

Dear JumpStart Scholarship, My name is Zaire Robinson and I go to Norcross Highschool. It's importatnt for me to take the time out and thank you for this jump start opportunity of a life time. Not only do I intend to use this money to further my education but I also want to be able one day to give back myself. I feel this scholarship is an excellent reward to those that work hard and are constantly looking for ways to not only better themselves but also others around them as well. All scholarship money I receive will be placed directly into textbooks and housing. I recognize that I have a long journey, and a lot of work to do as well, therefore it is the little things that I enjoy the most. It is important to note that I appreciate the opportunity and your contribution would be of help. A wise man once told me " Zaire in order to get what you want you must first know what you want." Fortunate enough for me I was raised around individuals that bestowed intelligence into my mind at an early age. I understand that not everyone is given the opportunity I am being provided with to even apply for such a scholarship. It took many years for me to understand what I wanted however it was during my Junior year that i let my pride down and sought help from my father. Since you are sharing with me an opportunity to earn a scholarship I feel it is only right to share a piece of myself and my future goals.

Parker P  on 2/1/2018 10:53:15 AM

Hahahah everyone writing their life testimonies thinking they are applying for the scholarship

Michael A  on 1/30/2018 8:33:50 AM

My name is Christian Arroyo from Orlando, Florida and I want to acknowledge on how grateful I am to have the opportunity to submit this application for a possible scholarship to help enhance my academic achievements after I complete high school. Below you will find my post-high school educational and professional career goals. I was taught to be a very hardworking and determined son, student and player, and I challenge myself in all that I am willing to work for. I contribute leadership and dedication to the team, the school as well as within my family. My goal for college and professional career is to continue to perform academically, professionally as well as athletically. My confidence and strive to do the best for my own future is demonstrated in all three performances. I attend Faith Christian Academy in Orlando FL. I hold a 4.2 GPA. This past summer I was honored to be inducted into the National Society of High School Scholars. It is an achievement that I am truly proud of. I am also member of the National Honors Society within the School. My graduation year is 2020 and until then I plan on joining Student Council as a representative for the class of 2020. Academics are a very essential part of my family upbringing as well as the driving force that allows me to have a high expectation in attending one of the most prestige universities in the country. My ultimate goal after High School is to attend Stanford University. My professional goals I have planned out for my future is to achieve a degree in Business Administration while at the same time pursuing my dream of becoming a professional baseball player. Being part of Faith Christian Academy has developed leadership skills that will help carry me to the next level in life. My parents taught me that I represent them outside the home and FCA has taught me the same. Performance skills, discipline and professionalism in and out of my home and the school is mandatory; I make sure my characte

Jacob I  on 1/22/2018 5:18:45 PM

I am a Senior at Angleton High School with a passion for understanding and improving automobiles, aircraft, and watercraft. To expand my knowledge and abilities, I plan to attend a University after I graduate High School. The only conflict in this endeavor is my financial circumstances. However, if I were awarded the scholarship you are offering, it would enable me to pursue my dream and accomplish my goals. During my Junior year, I founded an organization at my High School called Facta-Non-Verba which is latin for “Actions not words.” The organization was started for the purpose of showing appreciation and offering support services to veterans. The organization is nationally-recognized and schools from several states have chartered chapters of their own. Between the Facta-Non-Verba organization at Angleton High School and actively participating in Boy Scouts, I have accumulated a large number of service hours and made a positive impact on our community. Through becoming an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, this process has taught me to value the quality of character and the importance of service to others. I make every effort to live by the Scout oath and law on a daily basis. I also try to demonstrate leadership in doing a good turn daily and influence my peers to do the same. Thank you for your consideration of my application and I sincerely appreciate your generous gift of this scholarship whether I personally benefit directly from it or not.

Gabriella C  on 1/22/2018 9:06:41 AM

Hello, my name is Gabriella C. and I am applying for scholarships to provide a future for myself and my future family. I am the oldest of six. My dad suffered an injury years ago, was off of work for a few years, went back to college, and just recently got a job at the hospital. I am intending on taking STEM and ACE college credits through my high school next year. Scholarships would be a lifesaver for me because money is very tight at home and I fear that without scholarships, I will not be able to go to college and become a physicians assistant. Going to college and achieving this dream will allow me to help my family.

Isabelle F  on 1/20/2018 1:45:12 PM

I'm currently a sophomore in high school and I have been working with children since the age of thirteen. I plan on being a clinical psychologist, mainly with adolescents and young children. It has always been my dream to do that. I would love to stay in Michigan, near my family. I am also enrolled in the Early Middle College program at my school where I am dually enrolled in Southwestern Michigan College. By 2021, I will have my Associates Degree and plan to attend Kalamazoo College. I have always worried about money despite my family being part of the middle class and I would be very honored to receive this scholarship.

eva c  on 1/18/2018 7:28:13 PM

Hello, My name is Eva Cascio-De La Vega and I am applying for any open scholarships to further and enhance my skills out in the current work force. I am a single Mother of two beautiful daughters, I am currently on unemployment due to company layoff. My unemployment will be expiring in March 2018, currently I am enrolled at community college finishing up my AS degree in Business Administration in Accounting and will be transferring to a university to receive my BS in Accounting. My hope is to continue as a full-time student and quickly finish my BS in Accounting by 2019-2020, so I can find that stable job out in the work force. As I look to the future, I hopes are to show my girls that hard word does pay off, "There is always a light at the end of the tunnel."

Simone M  on 1/18/2018 7:06:29 AM

Hello, my name is Simone Mahan and I am applying for scholarships in order to further my education in business management and nursing. I am an African American, Cherokee, and Black-Foot sophomore looking for an opportunity to go to an ivy league university for free.

Nasir B  on 1/16/2018 9:40:05 PM

I want to make a difference in my community and be able to become successful so I can take care of my family and peers I just wanna be able to make a difference I believe Change starts with me

Abigale D  on 1/15/2018 2:05:46 PM

I am so glad I applied for this scholarship. I would be so honored to be selected, as I have big dreams with little money to get there.

Silas Kruman  on 1/14/2018 7:37:16 PM

I am a scholar interested in overseas scholarships.I am very keen in pursuing my studies overseas and such opportunity is very helpful to me.

Michaela J.  on 1/10/2018 12:10:00 PM

Hello! I'm a senior in High School and would love to learn more about this scholarship. I am going to college in August in 2018 and need extra money to help with tuition, books, etc. I play softball year round and its really hard to get a job to save money for college. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon!

Autumn G  on 1/2/2018 10:19:13 PM

Hi, I am a high school senior from Anchorage, AK. I Am currently in a program where I take high school and college credits with my school district and University of Alaska Anchorage. This program is free, but since I am graduating in May, I will no longer be in this amazing program. I am wanting to get in contact to find out how to apply or be qualified to save up on college tuition. My plan is to take classes during this summer, so having the extra class will help my family not be so stressed. Thank you for your time - Autumn

Madison H  on 1/2/2018 1:30:05 PM

Hello, I am a Senior in High school, that is already enrolled to go to Western Oregon University in the Fall. I am looking for some help in paying though

Caitlyn S  on 12/28/2017 7:23:40 PM

Hello I'm currently on my first year in college. Am I eligible for this scholarship?

Dekayla  on 12/27/2017 12:35:14 PM

Hello I am currently a high school senior looking for scholarships opportunities. I want to go to college and have a future of debt free from loans .

Madison L  on 12/27/2017 12:50:21 AM

Hi! I'm a Junior in high school and I applied for this scholarship because I'm trying to get a jump start on college tuition, as I'm sure most of us are :). I want to get a Bachelors Music Education degree and it can get pretty pricey, especially when you have to buy your own instrument. Thank you for an opportunity to apply!

Jamal  on 12/17/2017 8:50:30 AM

I am black and want to go to college for free so I need this money

Gina H  on 12/14/2017 2:49:56 PM

I am in trade school, and already had graduated from community college with AA degree, am I eligible for this scholarship?

Dominick B  on 12/14/2017 1:35:40 PM

Hello I am a African America that wants to go to college and I want scholarship money to pay for me to go to college

Mona A  on 12/11/2017 7:47:09 PM

Hi! I’m a sophomore in high school and am looking for scholarships to hopefully cover my tuition through out college. I’m really looking forward to becoming the first college graduate in my family. Something that both of my parents are very supportive of me and unfortunately coming from a poor country my parents weren’t unable to even go to school. I will do all I can and more to make all of our dreams come true. This is my first scholarship to apply for.

11/19/2017 6:06:02 PM

Howdy! I’m a junior in highschool and my journey of college is coming pretty quick! I have been looking for scholarships and I came across this one. This scholarship would be a real help for me. Thanks for letting me apply!

Sabrina J  on 10/10/2017 8:18:05 AM

If I win I will let you know Why?

Kirsten P  on 10/5/2017 10:18:33 AM

My name is Kirsten Patterson. I am currently in the 11th grade. I am currently enrolled in 3 AP classes and 1 dual enrollment class. This scholarship will help with my tuition for business school.

Zabayo J  on 9/17/2017 1:58:31 PM

I need help.

Zabayo J  on 9/17/2017 1:58:08 PM

I need help.

Hsar P  on 9/5/2017 1:19:14 PM

I really want to win this scholarship. I want to my parents to be proud of me. If I win this scholarship, it will definitely help me to pay half of my college.

Linda H  on 8/29/2017 6:20:43 PM

I applied for the scholarship as I am a senior citizen looking to complete my education. Getting my master's degree in nursing would be taking care of unfinished business in my life. I hope it will open the door for teaching opportunities.

Robert S  on 8/3/2017 2:41:25 PM

This Scholarship sounds so exciting. Thank you Jump Start for allowing me and others to apply.

Jared H  on 7/8/2017 2:02:35 AM

This area is for comments about the scholarship, not for posting the actual application!

kelson J  on 5/27/2017 1:46:49 PM

My name is Kelson J and I applied for this scholarship. I would like to win a scholarship to help me pay for college; I will be majoring in Petroleum engineering

Peter D  on 3/8/2017 7:07:01 PM

Some people are so oblivious to the "Apply Now!" button that they choose to put their answers in the comments section.

Juliana S  on 2/20/2017 6:33:10 AM

You people do realise that you don't submit your application in the comment section where IT CLEARLY STATED BEFORE TYPING. Just click the [Apply Now!] box to the right hand side of the screen where it takes you to their page where you submit your application.

Mohammed A  on 1/20/2017 2:11:02 PM

I want to win to make my dad proud. If I can make it, I will be the first in my immediate family to not just go to college. I will be the first to finish High School.

Alexis W  on 12/9/2016 1:44:25 AM

My name is Alexis Whitehurst I'm just trying to make my dreams come true and become a Dental Hygienist. I go to Southwood High School in Louisiana , I am a senior. I took dental classes last year I am certified to be a dental assistant. I just need this scholarship so I can get my bachelor degree and get a job in a medical field. I have such a bright big future and I look forward to doing wonderful things in it !

Daniela T  on 11/4/2016 8:41:45 AM

My name is Daniela and I am a high school senior in a small town in Texas. Winning this scholarship will help tremendously with helping pay my college tuition to be a labor and delivery nurse. I am the youngest child of 3 and I will be the first in my family to attend a university. I know my hard work and determination will pay off. I look forward to my future and I know I will do great things!

Desmond A  on 10/28/2016 5:32:45 AM

Thanks for the opportunity have have been look for this when I win this scholarship It will definitively help for my education!

xenna a  on 10/27/2016 11:06:27 AM

My name is Xenna Alexander and I am a senior at Madison Southern High School. I am taking dual credit classes this year, as well as having taken several AP classes my previous years. I intend to go to college at Eastern Kentucky University where I will major in psychology.

Noah C  on 10/27/2016 10:58:10 AM

My name is Noah Cavazos and I am apart of the 2018 graduating Senior class at Leander High School in Texas.I plan to attend the University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University, or the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor to major in Computer Science and/or Game and Media Interactive Design because I've had a passion for video games and technology that have impacted the country for 30 plus years, and the code consists of programming and how they work in computer language.Receiving this scholarship will benefit my compensation for these public colleges and if it were to help, I would return the favor by giving back to the community!

Isaiah H  on 10/24/2016 9:58:02 PM

Hi. My name is Isaiah Hunter and I am apart of the 2017 graduating senior class at Lisle Senior High School. I plan to attend Maryville University of St. Louis in the fall of 2017 and intend on majoring in Criminology/Criminal Justice. Receiving this scholarship would help for certain college fees and if I were to receive and it helped, I would return the favor by giving back to the community

Kalani T  on 10/23/2016 8:50:43 AM

My name is Kalani Thomas and I am a Junior at Harrison high school. I want to go to Duke university in North Caroline, or one that I can be able to become a successful radiologist. I need scholarships to get into a school after high school. I will succeed in school and get a job to help my siblings make it through.

Melissa V  on 10/18/2016 11:32:12 AM

My Name is Melissa Vasquez and I'm currently a Senior at Sidney Lanier Highschool . I plan to attend Texas A&M University In Kingsville and to major in Nursing . I really need this scholarship to help pay for the books I will be required to buy to help me succeed well in school.

Musa Y  on 10/17/2016 9:38:14 PM

Hi, My name is Musa Yakub and i am a senior at buffalo Academy of Science. Getting scholarship can make a big difference in my life because A passion that has been a driving force in my life for years is becoming a doctor of medicine. So becoming a medical doctor might cost a lot having scholarship can pay off the loans.It will be a further use for my education

Ayrmon W  on 10/17/2016 6:34:49 PM

hi my name is Ayrmon. The reason I am applying for this scholarship is to help further my education. Being a young man who wants to improve himself is very hard but with this scholarship I can. I intend on going to college for multimedia art or to be an animator. I know paying for college is hard but with this scholarship I will be able to pursue a career I love. Once I am able to take care of my education i hope to take care my family as well as one I might start when I'm older. This scholarship is very important to me and I hope you'll consider me.

Nikaeshia B  on 10/16/2016 1:53:53 PM

Hello my name is Nikaeshia. I am an graduating junior from high school. This scholarship will mean a lot to me because not only am I going to use it for college but I also want to prove people wrong. All my life I've been told I will never be anything or I am a nothing. I want to be able to show them that they were wrong about me and that I am going to be something in life. I will make my mom and dad proud if I get this scholarship. I will use this scholarship for my college dorm and fees I have to pay. If I get this scholarship my life will change forever.

Briana B  on 10/15/2016 10:39:37 AM

Hello, my name is Briana. I am a senior in high school and once i graduate i would like to pursue my education. I am interested in majoring in nursing.

Tait C  on 10/14/2016 3:56:29 PM

Hello my name is Tait. I am a single mother with little college experience under my belt. Falling into the minority of being A single mother is not what I had intended. Going back to school to better mine, and my child's life is the next step in my life plan. We all know college is not cheap and scholarships are available to anyone who applies. That is why I applied for this scholarship.

Oscar R  on 10/13/2016 4:41:21 AM

Hi, my name is Oscar. I am a senior in High School, soon to attend college for firefighting. Later I want to do business also. I am trying to figure out if I can get some help from scholarships to make things easier.

Natalie C  on 10/11/2016 8:07:32 AM

Yes I did I really want to further my education

Alecia W  on 10/8/2016 9:01:32 PM

Yes, I applied for this scholarship because college is expensive and I want to continue my education knowing that I can have the opportunity to do so without having to worry about tuition and other financial responsibilities. I want to get my PhD. in Business Management and showing my daughter what it takes to succeed that goal.

Amber S  on 10/7/2016 11:01:22 AM

hi, i'm Amber Sawyer. I'm currently a high school senior preparing for being a adult and going to college to further my education to become a cosmetologist. To go to college would mean so much to me and my family. On one side of my family no one has a college education. To be the first one in my family to go to college would be staggering.

Jeny m  on 10/4/2016 2:07:30 PM

Hello My Name is Jeny Maldonado I'm here looking for a Scholarship for first generation College Students. i was raised by a Single Mother and my dream has always been to attend College and break all of the stereotype's that your are what you came from. I just want to start College anything helps.

Faith S  on 10/3/2016 3:21:55 PM

Hello, my name is Faith Stevens and I'm here looking for a scholarship for helping me to attend college. Its very expensive to pay for college when my mother makes a very low income. All I want is to go to school and make my mother proud! This would be a great start for me !

Jonathan R  on 9/29/2016 9:34:03 PM

My name is Jonathan Romero and I am searching for college scholarships since it is very expensive to pay for it when my mother makes the minimum. I am currently in high school with a solid GPA and my dream is to be able to attend college.

Savannah G  on 9/28/2016 11:06:28 PM

Hello, my name is Charlene Giddens and I am desperately looking for scholarships. I am 44 years old, a single parent of an awesome 16 years old daughter who has been in Early College since she was 14 years old, & I am majoring in Criminal Justice & Law. I am in my 2nd semester and learned that my grant has ran out. I have a 4.0 & have been on the President's List & want to continue this process. I am in a horrible position financially and want to do better, I want to give back, pay it forward.. I have a passion for the law and the people. I want this more than anything and am determined to succeed. Thank you, for the chance to apply for this scholarship. With Great Regards, Charlene Giddens 910-258-7617

enrique d  on 9/28/2016 7:31:44 AM

Good Morning! My name is Enrique Diaz. I am a father of two awesome little boys, husband to the beautiful mother of my sons, and Active Duty Marine to the citizens of America. One day I hope to be a mentor and educator to youth in my hometown and help them pave their paths to success. I want to help guide young men and women of tomorrow to better themselves and those around them. Only hoping they can motivate and influence others they come in contact with. In doing so, your consideration for me to earn this scholarship would not only help that dream come true, but it would also allow me be that much closer of attaining my goal. thank you for taking the time to overlook what I have prepared and may you choose the best candidate. Everyone is a winner regardless!!!

Emily B  on 9/22/2016 6:38:20 PM

Hi, my name is Emily Blevins and I am a senior in High School. After graduation I plan to go to college to further my education in health sciences. My goal in life is to become a Nurse and use my skills to help improve the quality of life for others. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship.

Christopher K  on 9/21/2016 12:46:25 PM

My name is Christopher Kelly and I am a senior at Anson New Tech in Wadesboro, Nc. I have a dream that one day I can be an elected official. For the past 4 years of high school I have grown into a strong leader through many projects and leadership opportunities. Coming back to my hometown of Wadesboro with confidence in becoming a town manager, so I can better the community is only achievable with a college education. Considering me for this scholarship, is single handedly bettering the community in a strong way!

Shacara F  on 9/20/2016 9:21:31 PM

I applied. I need this second chance to make things right not only for myself but for my children as well.

David A  on 9/18/2016 12:14:11 AM

My name is David Atherton, and I am currently a freshman in college. Winning this scholarship will help me attain my goals by helping me afford my dreams. I wish to pursue the computer science field, but it is a bit pricey, and my family and I can't afford all of it. I really wish to win the scholarship so in the future, when I have a job that will pay really well, I can pay my family back for all the hard work they have put into me.

salene r  on 9/15/2016 3:42:39 PM

Hi, my name is Salene Rowley I just recived my accoctiates degree and finished all my prerequisites And I am going back to become a Dental Hygienist to make a difference in people's lives. My GPA is currently a 3.6 and I hope you all choose me for this schoolarship it would help out great with paying for expensice college. God bless , Thanks

Nikaeshia B  on 9/14/2016 1:35:32 PM

My name is Nikaeshia Bussey. I am a junior and a senior in High School because I'm graduating a year early. My dream is to do forensic science, criminal justice and child development. My current GPA is 2.3. I hope you choose me for this scholarship because I'm the first in my family to go to college and make something out of myself. I want this scholarship to prove the people who doubted me and said that I would never make it. I also need this scholarship to pay for my college books room etc. Thank you may god bless you.

Sebastian L  on 9/12/2016 9:28:40 PM

my name is Sebastian Lopez. My dream is to become an aeronautical engineer and later join the Navy and also work for NASA. I can use the financial help. My GPA is 3.9 and currently taking AP courses to boost my unweighted GPA from 4.32 to 4.5. Thank you and regards.

Daniela M  on 9/6/2016 3:46:33 PM

My name is Daniela Mendez and as a student who is wanting to major in education at Baylor, I will need all the help I can get! As of now, my senior year in high school, my GPA is at 3.9. I dream of going to Baylor so any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless

Tanita W  on 8/29/2016 8:22:43 AM

I'm applying for the Scholarship to continue my education on becoming a Physical Therapist for children. This scholarship would help me tremendously with my tuition. I'm currently getting myself back into the field since my progress was stopped due to uncertain circumstances. I want to be the first in my family to actually graduate college and let the kids and people that even though there is so much going wrong in our city that we can always overcome and not be a statistic that everyone makes us out to be.

Avinash N  on 8/28/2016 6:30:03 PM

I am planning on going to UT-Austin next year, majoring in Neuroscience, and this scholarship can help me pay for my tuition and books. Please consider me for this scholarship.

Jozi C  on 8/26/2016 1:27:16 AM

My name is Jozi Cash and I am in a hard and trying time within my life-walk. I would love to be considered for this scholarship. It would enrich both my life and the life of my son.

Katherine S  on 8/23/2016 6:21:28 PM

Guys you can't just post it here, you have to go to the website to apply. You really need to read the rules fully if you want to get scholarships. :/

Lexus H  on 8/22/2016 6:42:41 PM

I want to apply to win this scholarship because I believe this scholarship could really benefit for me and help me fulfill my dream of attending college. This scholarship could be the start to many opportunities for me in bettering my future allowing me to do what my mother and father didn't, attend college . This average drop out rate has only increased thoughout the years and I don't want to be a repeat of history I want better not only for myself but to set a example for my siblings and cousins .Determination and dedication is the key.

Lizett M  on 8/20/2016 2:04:32 PM

I have been accepted at the Southwest Institute of Montessori and I don't have enough funds to be able to cover the tuition. I have a great love and desire to help children to reach their potential. If I am considered for this Scholarship it will allow me to increase my understanding of the Montessori Philosophy and I will be able to better focus on my studies. I have heard that it is a very intense course.

Aubrie C  on 8/17/2016 10:51:14 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because it is a perfect match for me and the needs I want met. I am pursuing Biblical Studies and music at Epic Bible College. In order to academically achieve my goals I need financial help. Please cinsider me for this scholarship reward.

Deonte D  on 8/10/2016 12:24:12 PM

I am currently attending Eastern Illinois University for electrical eng. Currently have a lot of bills to pay and stay off campus. I hope i am considered for this scholarship.

Matthew D  on 8/3/2016 11:35:34 AM

After growing up in a military family all my life I have learned so much about responsibility, honor, and integrity. These attributes have impacted me in an amazing way, allowing me to move forward in life and not reflect on my past. I am a sophomore in college at Mount Vernon Nazarene University majoring in Biology Pre-medical. I currently have a 3.0 GPA and continuing to strive to reach my goals of becoming a successful doctor. I am currently paying for my tuition all on my own, loan free and debt free. In order to pay for school I have currently started my own photography business in order to pay for my schooling. If I was to receive this scholarship it would be a huge blessing to be able to continue attending school debt free and make my dreams come true. Thank you for your consideration:)

Forrest M  on 6/2/2016 11:53:35 AM

I am an older man-51-who has taken a few classes at junior college at the Community College of Denver to figure out what I was interested in and I did well- I currently have a 3.75 GPA. Unfortunately, I had some serious family related health issues on the west coast with my mother an I had to drop a few classes after the drop date and I owe a bill of approximately $1200.00. I broke my leg , had a blood infection so I couldn't pay the bill off. Now I am back to being very healthy and focused on certain academic disciplines and this scholarship would be of tremendous help to pay the bill and jump-start back into college. Thank you Eric M.

James G  on 5/31/2016 11:21:03 AM

After dropping out of college in 2011, I have learned a great deal about responsibility. I've had days where I didn't know where I was going to sleep, or what I was going to eat. I've worked full time in 4 different career fields just in hopes that something would fit. Now I've realized I will not be satisfied until I pursue a career in environmental science. I want to ensure a better planet for my neighbors and for generations to come. This scholarship will help me overcome the immense financial burden that comes with pursuing my dreams.

Anthony G  on 4/29/2016 9:06:00 AM

I am planning on attending Keene State college in the fall to better educate myself. Please consider me for this award.

Marina E  on 4/8/2016 8:06:20 PM

That's what I was thinking about. Anyone who's planning on posting a comment here, please regard the fact that this is just a comment section, and that you need to go directly to the scholarship's website to apply for said scholarship. :)

Cierra B  on 3/24/2016 1:20:12 PM

Do any of you realize that the comments section isn't the application for the scholarship?

Nalani D  on 3/3/2016 4:45:35 PM

Im a senior at a trade school who is looking forward to reaching all my goals in life, but im also very nervous that it may not happen. I have only two people in my family who went to college and got a degree and want to follow there foot steps. My dream college is Lawrence Memorial/Regis college for a two year nursing program to become a medical esthetician. I have already received my cosmetology license and certificate for an ultrasonic. So far I feel like I accomplished so much at a young age and I want to go further in my education. Being a very independent person, I never liked taking money from my parents and been working since 15, this is why Im applying for scholarships as much as possible, hoping I can help out my family. Thank you for reviewing my comment and hope to hear from you soon!

chelsea B  on 3/1/2016 12:08:56 PM

My name is Chelsea Burnett. I am a senior in high school in Indiana. My goal is to be the start of the first generation in my family to go to college to get a masters degree in Rhetoric and Writing. With the money from the scholarship, I will pay to do this. In the long run, though, this money will help me get to my next step in the plan of making my dad proud and making his life easier and to say thank you for his constant encouragement. Thank you for your time and your willingness to help out aspiring students.

Mallory G  on 2/28/2016 6:17:32 PM

My name is Mallory Danielle Gentry. I am applying for this scholarship to enable me to enter Christopher Newprt University. I recently was awarded membership into the National Honor Society. I as also a member of our high school soccer team which won the Virginia State Championship 2015.

Alexis R  on 2/26/2016 4:58:31 AM

My name is Alexis Relatado, I am applying for this scholarship, so I can pay for my dorm when I transfer to the island of Guam after I complete my two years at Northern Marianas College in the Pacific island of Saipan. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and the college I'm currently at doesn't have a Bachelor's program for accountants. I hope this scholarship will help me in the future.

Robin K  on 2/23/2016 8:10:13 PM

My name is Robin Kennedy. I am apply for this scholarship in hopes to help pay for my tuition at Keiser University. I am a mother of three and I work full time on a 12 hour shift. I am currently attending Keiser University to get my associates in medical assisting science. This scholarship would really help me with paying on my tuition. Thanks

Pedro C  on 2/21/2016 9:24:54 PM

My name is Pedro Castaneda and I am apply for this scholarship because I plan on completing a bachelors degree for a criminal justice major.This application was quite easy and one of the fastest I ever completed! Definitely recommending this to others!

Korena D  on 2/18/2016 1:17:15 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I like sharing with people why getting my education is important to me. this was one of the easiest scholarship forms I've filled out, id recommend doing this one for sure!

Brianna G  on 2/11/2016 7:56:16 AM

Dear JumpStart Scholarship team, my name is Brianna Green and I am a Senior at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk Ct. I have a goal to do to college this year to achieve my major in Sports Management from a four year college. Something special about me is I ran track and field for 2 years before I blew out my knee and prevented me from ever running again, also I am the captain of my schools dance team, and I love it. This year 2016 I will graduate with my High school diploma. After High school I plan to go to a 4 year college so that I will be able to work with their football team. After college my plan is to become the first NFL Head Coach, and for my ability to do so, I have to start off helping coach college football, im doing this because I want to make a difference, and stand up to show young girls that we can do anything guys can do. Also to show that dont let discrimination get in the way of what you want to accomplish. I currently have a 3.0 gpa. This scholarship will really help me out financially, because my mom is a single mom and she doesn't bring home a lot of money. This scholarship will really help me out.

Edith V  on 2/2/2016 9:58:40 AM


Michaela G  on 1/22/2016 8:59:47 PM

Dear JumpStart Scholarship team, my name is Michaela Gerhard and I am a junior at Derby High School in Derby, KS. I have a dream to go to college after I graduate to achieve a double major in Biology and Microbiology with a minor in Chemistry from a four year college. Something special about me is that while I am still in high school, I am also a freshman at Butler Community College. In 2017 I will be graduating with my associates degree a week before I receive my high school diploma. Butler Community College offers an Early College Health Science Academy that allows me to go to college full time while also attending high school. After I graduate I will have over 60 credit hours. I currently have a gpa of 3.95 and an accumulative gpa of 4.285. This scholarship would really help me out later on the road because I will be financially independent after I turn eighteen and all my college bills will be my responsibility. I am a hard worker and I plan to go to medical school to try and better the world the best I can.

Leah M  on 1/22/2016 6:51:26 PM

Hello, my name is Leah Monte. I am currently a senior in high school with a 4.0 GPA. I plan to attend the university of Louisiana at Lafayette and major in accounting. This scholarship will help get me on my feet and in the right direction and not be bogged down with debt. I will definitely get a job to help pay but it would be really great to not be in debt. Thank you so much!

Tyree L  on 1/21/2016 12:15:28 PM

Hello, My name is Tyree Laird, I am a senior in high school with a GPA of 3.6. I want to major in Accounting at Idaho State this fall. This scholarship will really help get started in college, I would love to be able to get enough money to not pay as much for schooling. Thank you for your time, Tyree.

Victoria G  on 1/12/2016 6:32:39 PM

Dear JumpStart Scholarship Team, Please let me introduce myself. I am in my junior year, majoring in Nursing at HPU. My GPA is a 3.7 last semester, as a full-time student and with clinicals. I have come from a single parent home and am on my own financially, because she had raised me on her own and because she rents, she can not co-sign for me. I work hard on my breaks but I do need financial assistance to survive. I'm working hard in my nursing program and it is paying off. I want to help the world one person at a time, as a nurse professionally, and plan to do what I can on my off hours after graduation to do so. Please consider me for this scholarship. I promise to repay this kindness to others in need once I have obtained my nursing degree in 2017 and start earning an income to do so. I hope to hear from you soon. Looking forward, Victoria Glassmaker

Tyler R  on 1/3/2016 7:35:46 PM

To whom it concerns, My name is Tyler. I a a Junior in High School. I have yet to decide on a major for collage, but i am looking more towards Law Enforcement or Recreational Management. This scholarship would help me by starting out in the field(s) i want to pursue. Thanks for you time, efforts, and support shown. I will am waiting to hear back from you and will be well pleased to hear from you. Thank you, Tyler Rowbury

Jamili C  on 12/29/2015 6:16:22 PM

I attend the University of Michigan Dearborn and I'm majoring in Digital Marketing :). Money has been an issue for me since I left high school last year and I really don't know if I will make it through. Receiving a scholarship would be extremely helpful.

christiana g  on 12/18/2015 10:31:30 PM

Hello, my name is Christiana Gheorghe. I am a high school senior and am looking for a scholarship for my freshman year of college next year. I want to get my masters in business management at an Ivy League university but my parents cannot afford it right now. I would love if I could have some extra money to help them out with my schooling and get me a good job to start of my career and give back to them when I finish school. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back.

Katelynn M  on 12/16/2015 1:35:03 PM

Hello, my name is Katelynn McKee. I am a senior in high school. I have been looking for scholarships to help for my college that i am beginning next school year. I am planning on getting a Masters in Accounting and it would be wonderful to get some extra money to help pay for the schooling. I would really like not go into debt by taking out student loans. Im hoping if I can get a good degree, then i will end up having a better adult life then what my parents have had. They are have both struggles deeply to cover bills before and I don't want to have that happen to my future children and I would like to help keep that from happening to them again. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Kenny P  on 12/6/2015 11:43:38 PM

My dream is to get an associates at Middlesex then a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at Umass Lowell, which will open many job opportunities such as parole officer, police officer, child services, and juvenile court counselor for me. I love dealing with people and by working with other people less fortunate than myself. It gives me an opportunity to give back to my community. I want to help them move towards a positive direction in life. I see a lot of kids growing up with no role model and it is sad to see because every kid deserves guidance. Without any role models in their lives, they would most likely be pulled towards a criminal lifestyle. If I could turn one kid’s life around before it is too late, I would love to do so. Receiving the scholarship award will help me reach my dream on getting a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Caroline G  on 11/10/2015 7:57:19 AM

My name is Caroline Greenhouse and I am a high school junior. I am looking through all of these scholarships so I can potentially earn enough money to attend university in a couple of years. I mainly do not want to place a burden on my family who are paying some of the costs for my education. I would like to enough as much money as I can, so I can start up my future career as soon as possible.

Joshua J  on 11/4/2015 12:12:42 PM

My name is Joshua Johnson, I have recently started going back to college as a freshman. I am going back to school for my major in Communications and my minor is in Digital Media. I am looking to finish school and enjoy a career in sports journalism and broadcasting, which I will truly enjoy and love. I also want to finish my education to support my wife and two daughters. I want to be able to provide them with a better life style than what I had growing up as well as showing them the importance of getting a college education and how helpful it is to get into a career that you will enjoy.

lacy b  on 10/28/2015 9:26:52 PM

Hello! My name is Lacy Brown. I am in college to be a dentist. The school cost is quite expensive, and I would appreciate absolutely any help that I can get to pay for my dental career.

Shaquill B  on 10/26/2015 2:40:13 PM

Hi, my name is Shaquill Bey. I am currently in college dedicated to becoming a web developer with a bachelor's degree in IT. Currently looking for any scholarships that can help with paying tuition cost, even if only a little at a time.

Lataya N  on 10/22/2015 10:04:22 AM

Hello, I am Lataya New-Lopez . My future is to become a DEA agent and paying for college with loans. This scholarship would be such an opportunity if I am allowed to get it.

Alton H  on 10/22/2015 5:02:09 AM

Hello, my name is Alton Hyman. I'm a college freshman attending Monroe College. I am a dedicated IT major aspiring to pursue a career in Cyber Security for the national government. Currently i am paying out of pocket for schooling and books. If I am allowed this opportunity for this scholarship this will lift the burden of me and would be very much appreciated

Tatiana C  on 10/17/2015 11:18:31 AM

I am Tatiana Cruise. My future career is to become a registered Nurse and I am paying college for myself. Every little bit will help.

Viashen M  on 10/17/2015 4:54:57 AM

I bet nobody's going to read this, but anyway I'm Viashen. I mainly applied because I trying to rack up as many scholarships as I can. This scholarship will allow me to become just a little more financially independent of my mom, who has been working too damn hard since we moved to America. My goal is simple: I just want a college education without burdening her with my schooling fees.

Captain A  on 10/15/2015 3:39:45 PM

My name is Captain Cautious America, I am currently majoring Homeland Security and Investigations, I already have a plan to secure the nation against 12 curable infectious disease and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. I plan to switch my major when I declare Homeland Secure, I will continue onto medical research. Medical research is my next goal because I intend to search for a cure for currently incurable problems to cut the battle short. My phrase is, " The first step to any cure, is stopping the spread of the disease, bacteria, parasite, or virus." When no new person is infected with HIV/AIDS, even if myself and no one else finds a cure, time will be a cure 50-70 years from the first year no one else is infected.

Amanda l  on 10/15/2015 1:17:43 PM

My name is Amanda Lee. I am going to cuyahoga community college to be come a preschool teacher. I am paying for college my own. I am a full time student and I am not work at the moment but I am looking for a job.

Simona J  on 10/14/2015 9:55:10 AM

My name is Simona D. Jeffery and I am a senior. I plan on attending West Virginia University while paying out-of-state tuition. I want to double major in psychology and Spanish, while doing pre-med. I live in a one income home, and the responsibility of paying for my college has fallen on my shoulders. My hope is to get a reasonable amount of my undergrad years payed for, therefore I can focus on my studies instead of having to work all the time. I plan to get into a medical school and I know that I will have to focus on my studies to get the grades for it. I will have a secure future with the ability to better my community. This scholarship will not go to waste in my hands.

Diana K  on 10/13/2015 8:58:11 AM

My name is Diana Knight. I would like to major in Nursing. I'm applying because I'm paying for my own college and all the expenses. I need the money.

Brianna H  on 10/12/2015 7:48:42 PM

this does not match my criteria.

Mikayla K  on 10/12/2015 6:07:18 PM

My name is Mikayla Kimery, and I did apply for this scholarship because I plan on completing graduate studies in the field of Psychology.The application was very easy and quick, and I highly recommend it to others!

Jeston H  on 10/12/2015 2:46:24 PM

Hello, My name is Jeston Harris, a student attending Bladensburg High-school. I plan on attending West Virginia University with In-state Tuition due to a program for the DMV area allowing me to take on In-State which is roughly 7,000 a year.

Jamin N  on 10/12/2015 12:32:45 PM

My name is Jamin Nay and I'm in the 12th grade at Walter Hines Page High school. I am applying for this scholarship to pay for my college tuition. I want to major in Computer Science. My parents have never completed high school and are immigrants from Vietnam. My parents cannot afford to pay for my college tuition because they make a very low income. My father is unemployed but gets a monthly check from the government for compensation from his stroke and my mother makes a low income of roughly $20,000 or lower a year. I want to go to college so that I can provide for my parents when they retire from their jobs.

Erika Y  on 10/10/2015 6:31:51 PM

My name is Erika and I am in the eleventh grade. I am applying for this schlorship to get a jumpstart at paying my college expenses. I want to attend a 4-year college to have a better future than my parents.

Gregory C  on 10/8/2015 11:01:39 PM

Neither of my parents finished college and I ended having to be raised by my Grandmother. Growing up college wasn't an option and it may be expensive but just a little help can be a Big help.

Cameron Z  on 10/8/2015 6:51:07 PM

My name is Cameron Zeigler. I am a senior at Oakleaf High School. I live in a one income home and I haven't had any luck finding a part time job. It has always been my dream to graduate from high school and go to college. I know it would make my parents proud and is very important to all of us. My parents can't afford to send me to college and only want the best for me. I have big dreams and aspire to to be an anesthesiologist with my own practice which takes many years of schooling. That's the main reason I need as many scholarships as I can get.

daniel o  on 10/7/2015 10:03:47 AM

My name is Daniel Ochoa, a senior at Stony Point High School. I never realized how expensive college is. Both my parents didn't graduate high school and for me to graduate high school will make my parents proud. Even more if I where to go to college. My parents don't make much so that's why i need scholarships to help me reach my goal.

Cassidy c  on 10/6/2015 11:02:48 AM

My name is Cassidy Crews. I am currently attending Blinn College. I am in my second year of college and absolutely love it! I am signing up for this scholarship because we are struggling to pay the monthly rent payment. My student loans cover tuition and books which is awesome. I do not quality for grants due to my mom's income. My mom is a single mother of three kids. My mother just recently graduated from Amberton University with a Human Relations and Business Bachelor's degree. My mom's company offers tuition reimbursement, she was 45 when she graduated. I am very proud of my mom! I want to finish college, become a physical therapist and later in life have a family. I was a sport medicine trainer in high school for 4 years which is what led to this desire. I am applying for this scholarship to in hopes of financial assistance with my rent and tutoring. My degree requires many science classes which is not one of my strengths. I do not need a large scholarship just enough to assist with these two items. I have applied for additional student loans but the interest rate is so high. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. I will find a way to continue my education it just may not be on my planned time table. Thanks!!

Kimberly W  on 10/5/2015 6:39:30 PM

Yes because I need to pay off a local school to get transfers over to the college I am presently in. The transfers are holding me up right now in order to continue my classes. If the local school would receive their money they will send my transcripts over to Grand Canyon University and I will start my 6th class up.

Sharon G  on 10/1/2015 11:53:39 PM

Hello, my name is Sharon Garcia. I would like to apply for this scholarship to help pay for a few of many expenses that I will be facing in college. In the future, with a successful degree, I can help out my family and the community by giving back. It's important to be grateful, and be thankful to everyone who helped with your journey through college.

Tae'a A  on 10/1/2015 9:37:45 PM

Hello my name is Tae'a Agnew. I am currently a senior at Great Oak High School in Temecula, California. I would be beyond blessed and thankful to receive this scholarship because I have just begun to apply to colleges, but even if I were to get accepted I would not have the money to pay to tuition due to financial problems in the past which wiped out all of the money I had saved up for college. I want to go to college to extend my education and major in journalism and broadcasting so I will one day I will have the chance to work one of my dream jobs which are a writer, news broadcaster or even a Language Arts teacher. This scholarship opportunity means everything to me. Thank you!

Homero G  on 10/1/2015 7:30:55 PM

I really wish there would be a way to make the world a fairer, better place. It is my earnest desire to put in my share of improvement into the planet with the fair-intentions I have to bring into the globe. Starting with America. I wish there were a way to obtain this opportunity as very few posses the fervor and drive, and those that do, sometimes pass through life unnoticed, undiscovered. I hope to be one of the few that makes it, and I will do anything it takes to get there.

Darryl W  on 10/1/2015 6:07:39 PM

My name is Darryl M. Warren, I am applying for this scholarship because I am attempting to finish school after years of doubting myself. I am a Soldier in the Army and I have deployed to Afghanistan on two separate occasions. I am currently serving on active duty assignment in North Carolina, I have been told on several occasions that I would not make it in life and I want to use that negative energy and turn it into positive use.

Angel A  on 10/1/2015 3:08:31 PM

I'm a little new at this, but i know enough that this scholarship can go a long way to help my future. This scholarship will help me pursue my studies as a Computer Science Engineer. I may not be the most distinguished or the smartest, but I'm sure well rounded enough and dedicated to a somebody. I am a senior in Lopez high school and planning to start studding in fall of 2015. I can not stress enough on how much I will appreciate this scholarship and how much it will help me, thank you.

Samantha V  on 10/1/2015 12:43:21 PM

Hello, My name is Samantha V. I am a student who has made mistakes in the past and it led me to getting academically suspended for a year at my university. I took that as a wakening call and told myself I must do my absolute best to not only redeem myself from my mistakes, but to pursue a degree that I am proud of. During that suspension I went to community college and took course equivalency classes there and then took the necessary steps to get accepted back in my university. Of course I did come back, but my GPA was something to be ashamed about. But I pushed myself to get the best grades I could and understand the material that was being taught to me. Within a year, I managed to make the Dean's List at my university and bumped up my GPA enough for me to officially declare my double major. I can't sit here and say that I didn't cry when I began to realize how much my hard work has begun to pay off. But of course, with a double major, there comes more classes to take. I am seeking this scholarship in the hopes that it'll help me continue my education at the university that gave me a second chance in the hopes that I can graduate with a double-degree in the summer of 2018.

Krishae C  on 10/1/2015 6:57:42 AM

Hello, my name is Krishae Clark. I am currently a junior at Suitland High School in District Heights, Maryland. I am applying for this scholarship so I can go to school. My plan is to double major in Political Science and Psychology, with a minor in Spanish. My plan after that is to go to law school. I want to help with the corruption in our government. This scholarship is one of the best ways for me to be able to afford to go to school, that is why I am applying.

Zarious M  on 9/30/2015 9:26:05 PM

Hey, My name is Zarious Moffett, I am Intereted in this scholarship because it will be really beneficial for my funds for college so I can better my life as a physical trainer.

nygeria c  on 9/30/2015 7:25:01 PM

Hello my name is Nygeria C. I currently live in Camden; New Jersey. I am a senior at Dr. Charles E Brimm Medical Arts High School. Having the ability to win this scholarship would be blessing. I come from a family who does not have it all in money wise. I’m planning on attending Rowan University or maybe Spelman College in the fall of 2016. I would major in criminal justice and minor in science. My life goal is to become a person that can be able to change the world. Becoming a Forensic scientist is actually one way to do exactly that. This scholarship would put me in a better situation on being able to pay for the books that maybe required for the classes I would have to take and even maybe be able to help with being able to pay for not necessary all of my rooming but some.

Desiree D  on 9/30/2015 6:11:55 PM

My name is Desiree Demps and I'm currently going to Virginia college -Austin this is my last year and i am planning on going strong with the help of Scholarships I'm going for Business to hope one day to own my own community center for kids to help them stay out of trouble and to remind them that staying in school and getting into sports will take them a long way in life . I'm far from perfect but if young teens see me doing good then they would want to do better .

julie m  on 9/30/2015 4:03:57 PM

My name is Julie Moua. I'm a freshman at Clackamas Community College working on my AAOT Transfer Degree. I want to finish my 2 years then transfer to finish my 4 years. In order to reach my goals, I am competing in this scholarship nationally. This scholarship will not only benefit me in helping with college costs but also give me the motivation, strength, and hope that I can make it through school regardless of hardship, cost, stress, etc. I hope you take my scholarship into consideration. If I get this scholarship among the other students competing, I will prove that this scholarship has helped me be successful.

Marissa T  on 9/30/2015 12:50:48 AM

Hello my name is Marissa Tucker and I am currently a senior at Sonora High in La Habra, Ca. I am applying for this scholarship because I am planning on attending school for Law enforcement after high school. I am currently a volunteer at my local police department and would love to get more involved as an officer. This scholarship would help me out tremendously because I come from a family of seven kids and grew up with mainly my twin brother. I don't have enough money to get me where I want to be and I don't want my parents to have the pressure of paying for two college tuitions at once, therefore this scholarship would help me out so much. Thank you!!

Benjamin S  on 9/29/2015 8:01:30 PM

I am a senior at carmel high school in Indiana. I want to study nursing at Purdue or IU and hope to continue on to get a degree as Physician Asst. This scholarship would help me achieve my goals. Thank you for your consideration.

Rebeca M  on 9/29/2015 6:48:31 PM

Hello my name is Rebeca Mora and I am applying for this scholarship because finishing college is my number one priority. I am currently a sophomore at Lehman College majoring in Speech Pathology and minoring in Early Childhood Education. Working with children has always been my passion and I believe that our younger generation is in need of of people like me with this dream. I am currently a tutor, but the money I am earning is not enough to pay for my educational and personal needs and it would be an honor to be the winner of this scholarship.

Deja P  on 9/29/2015 10:31:55 AM

Hello, my name is Deja Parker and I'm a junior at McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC. I plan on attending college once I graduate to study Biotechnology; with a focus in Forensic Science to become a Crime Scene Investigator. Since I started high school, I have had AP and Honors courses and have maintained Honor Roll. I am applying for this scholarship because I come from a single family and I would be the first in my family to go to college to pursue a degree. I have a strong passion for science, technology and math. I have worked with the local police department the last two summers, did community service at the US States Attorney's Office to get the inside scoop of the judicial system. I even took part in a lab at NIH. If I win this scholarship, it would make me so happy and my mom would be proud of me.

patricia g  on 9/29/2015 1:14:42 AM

Hello my name is Patricia G.. I am applying for this scholarship because I want to finish school and to go to a collage where I will become a Dentist. I am attending school to make a difference in my life to be able to help others that need my help. I want to be able to attend school because once I am done with school I want to give back to my community and help others that are in need. I have been in that position where you don't have money for a dentist and you are in pain and their is no one to help you out. I want to be able to help children that are in need, children that are in foster care homes, children that have cancer and are in need of funds. This is why I am attending college to make a difference in every ones life that I am able to help.

Jannica S  on 9/28/2015 9:02:38 PM

Hello, my name is Jannica Sebastian. I am a freshman Nursing student at Harry S. Truman college. At first my wage was enough to pay for school. But since i started the program, I had to lessen the days of work due to schedule problems. The program requires a lot of resources and stuffs that costs a lot of money. I had been looking for scholarships for months and months now and i wasn't lucky. It will really be a big help for me if i get this scholarship. Because this is just the first step for me for the path I've always wanted to take which is to become a physician. Thank you!

Shontavious P  on 9/28/2015 8:42:49 AM

Hello, my name is Shontavious Payton. I am a senior at Columbia High School in Decatur, Georgia. I would love to receive this scholarship because I really want to go to college to become a pediatric nurse. I will be the first person in my family to have gone to college and I don't know what to expect so I would really appreciate your help. I haven't faced any huge obstacles that I can tell you about that would better my chances of you picking me; all I can say is I will not let the scholarship go to waste. I will work my hardest in college to make not only my family proud but also you! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sara C  on 9/26/2015 1:53:53 PM

Hello, My name is Sara Castro and I am a Senior at Forest Park High School In Woodbridge, VA. I plan to attend Virginia Tech for computer engineering. I applied for this scholarship because I am in need of it to attend the school I dream of going to. This scholarship will benefit me so much if I win it and helps me take a step closer to accomplishing my dreams.

Jennylyn G  on 9/25/2015 10:29:29 PM

I recently transferred to a 4 year university from community college and am trying to pay for college on my own. I have worked really hard in school to be where I am today and really need help paying to attend school. I only recently began applying for scholarships because I didn't believe I could win any. I thank my dad for encouraging me not to sell myself short. Of the many of us applying for this scholarship, I would be grateful if I was picked. Thank you for the opportunity.

Breanna H  on 9/25/2015 10:22:27 AM

My name is Breanna Heard and I need this scholarship to help support me on my way to college as to pay for books, classes, etc. I will be blessed to be awarded this scholarship to help follow my dreams to be a mental health counselor. Thanks!

Enrique N  on 9/24/2015 3:25:16 PM

Hello my name is Enrique Nunez. I am a senior in Cibola High School in Yuma, AZ. I'm just going to say this to get it out of the way, this is the first time I'm applying for a scholarship and this will help me out so much to study to be a heart surgeon. I will be very grateful if you would choose me. thank you for your time.

Kassidee F  on 9/24/2015 1:50:01 PM

My name is Kassidee Flowers, I would greatly appreciate this scholarship. I plan to attend Oklahoma State University, for dental. I'm a Highschool senior, with good grade and I work hard to keep them that way. Any scholarship is well appreciated and could help a ton, as I attempt my goals of being successful. I am applying for scholarships early to prepare myself for my future. I have high hopes for myself, and hopefully I can get the scholarships that are needed to help pay for my schooling.

Janet A  on 9/23/2015 11:11:22 PM

My name is Janet Abriz, I'm a senior in high school and I would appreciate this scholarship with all my heart. I have goals to succeed into becoming a pediatrician and therefore this money will be used for the best. I want to get a head start on applying for scholarships because i don't want to deal with the lack of money once i leave for college, thank you for reading my post!

lindsey H  on 9/23/2015 3:25:22 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because, I am paying for college on my own. I work an on-campus job in our campus English Department, assisting the Chair. I also am apart of the Delta Gamma Fraternity, and work at Panda Express, whenever I visit home. All the money I make, goes into my savings. Yet, this is not enough to pay for my educational future. I strive to be a Biology, Pre-Med major and one day become, a OBGYN. I apply for this scholarship, so I can stress less and focus more on my educational future and working on my college resume, to be the best I can be in the medical field. I also apply for this scholarship, to stop having such a stressful weight on my parents shoulders.

Debrina C  on 9/23/2015 10:52:46 AM

Hello, I'm Debrina Carter I am a single mother of a 2 year old. I'm applying for this scholarship to help pay for my college. times get hard and with the holidays coming up paying for college in the Spring almost seems impossible at the moment. I just want to give my son the life he deserves and the only way I feel I can do that is by attending college. He loves to help me do homework (get my papers and throw them everywhere). The moments when he does sit and do

Anthony M  on 9/21/2015 9:24:43 PM

Hi my name is Anthony McClendon I am 30 years old from Detroit, MI my education means so much to me and my family even my other family members who are not here on this earth anymore. When I was little I always wanted to become successful I was in special education and I always had road blocks ahead of me, that I have overcame I was always told you will never make it your not smart enough so I have prove them wrong by hard work and dedication and with the help of my lord and savior Jesus Christ and my mother who made so many sacrifice for me . My grandma just passed away from bone cancer and she always pushed me to be the best in my career with my education I am also doing this by being a good role model and example for my kids. That's the reason I need this scholarship so bad because I am determined I am doing this for me and my family .

Fabiola R  on 9/21/2015 8:25:18 PM

I realize that there are many applicants who want this award and each and every one of them have a great reason why they want it. I have always been dependent on my parents, and I am thankful for all they have done for me. For 19 years my parents, my family, friends, and teachers have guided me through the right path in life. They have taught me and I have learned that the important values and resources of life on earth should not be taken for granted. And that our duty is to respect everything and everyone, and to never forget the beauty and love this world gives us. I believe that education should be used as tool to find our calling, and I really hope that with the help of this award it will help me further my education and get me the chance to give back to the world and the ones I love. Thank you.

Emily E  on 9/20/2015 2:33:34 PM

Hello there. My name is Emily Evans. I will be 18 October 3rd. I have grown up my entire life with my mom being a single parent. She sacrifices so much for me and puts me first in everything she does. Money has always been tight for her and my dad walking out on her before I was born, not giving anything to help, and not caring to pay child support or anything has been hard on us. She has worked very hard to get us where we are today. We live with my grandparents and they all want to see me succeed, as well as any other parent or family member would want to see. I want to become a dental hygienist. Winning this scholarship would mean so much to me and I would be greatly appreciated for it. Thank you!

Kelechi G  on 9/19/2015 3:46:08 PM

My name is Kelechi Gabriel, I would absolutely be grateful to be able to win this scholarship and that will be able to help jump start my journey in college. I currently stay with my dad, it would a be great reward to win this to take some burden off of my dad. This would completely help me to pursue my dream in getting a degree for my dream major and potentially get a occupation in the career I studied. Thank you for this opportunity.

Heaven T  on 9/17/2015 6:58:05 PM

My name is Heaven i come from a hard life i was adopted in seventh grade and now i'm just trying to look at me having a better life. I want to be able to fulfill my dreams and goals and i really hope this scholrship will get me there . All I want is a better future.

stephanie a  on 9/16/2015 8:50:41 PM

Hi , my name is stephanie Almonte and I come from a very poor family.I haved come to realize that I will be the first one in m family to go to college.My fear is to not be able to go to college becuase of money.I aspire to be someone day and at this point my choices are to work in a factory or go to college.But I choose college , not only because I'd be the first one in my family to go but beacuase I am very ambitous and I want to be a better person.Life is only going to get harder and I as young lady have to prepare for the futrue.

Jozlyn H  on 9/15/2015 6:27:52 PM

Going through tough times and moving out of my dad's house because it made me at one point wanting to commit suicide and him trying to put me down I want to prove him wrong. I feel like i deserve this scholarship because even though I didn't commit suicide I'm still not giving up and my dad doesn't help me with anything so my mom is a single parent .

Anthony P  on 9/13/2015 7:17:02 PM

I would be grateful - With life being tough this scholarship would help me with the basics Tutors and books which most take for granted by I would not - this would give me time volunteer with the youth in our area

Victoria A  on 9/13/2015 2:21:46 PM

Receiving this scholarship would assist me in my first year of college and all of the financial stresses I may encounter. I plan to leave home and pursue a college degree in a different state than my own in order to receive the best possible education. This adds additional costs onto college tuition, so all scholarships are crucial in my choice of education.

Bobby S  on 9/12/2015 3:46:59 PM

I would not only be greatfull but am also in need of scholarships to help further my education to a future career. My mother is a single parent and has a limited income so we are not financially able to pay for college needs. Thank you .

Karissa B  on 9/12/2015 12:45:10 AM

Money is tight now days. My mother is a single parent of three and her and I would be more than thankful to receive the College Jumpstart Scholarship to help pay for college tuition, books and supplies.

Skyelar S  on 9/10/2015 3:02:22 PM

I would be most grateful for this scholarship, as it would assist me with the purchase of books, which even in community college I am struggling to afford.

Aryn W  on 9/10/2015 3:00:16 PM

This scholarship will be a pleasure to receive in order to gain success and achievement for myself and furthering my education. This scholarship would be extremely helpful to me because I want to attend an institute of higher learning and this scholarship will get me much closer to that goal.

Kenya C  on 9/10/2015 12:59:36 PM

I would greatly honored to receive this grant to assist in my transition of leaving my parents home. It will be a life long lesson to be learned. The money would used for the rental of my first apartment.

Tishawn S  on 9/8/2015 2:53:05 PM

I am applying for this scholarship to help with college tuition.

Autumn D  on 9/8/2015 1:21:04 PM

I would use the money if I won to go to college and become a nurse.

Autumn D  on 9/7/2015 6:57:51 PM

I am applying for this to get more money to go toward my college education.

Ronnie M  on 9/7/2015 12:41:40 AM

This scholarship will be an honor to receive. I would use it towards my tuition as well as for my books. I plan on going back to college so I can make a difference in my life. I have worked since I been out of high school but now it is time for a change.

David P  on 9/4/2015 8:02:14 PM

I want this scholarship because it will help pay for my books and classes and makes it easier to avoid debt. Knowledge is king!

LaNesha R  on 9/2/2015 5:30:14 PM

I would like this scholarship because it can help me go to college by paying some of my tuition.

Alexis S  on 9/2/2015 5:06:53 PM

Im applying for this scholarship to apply towards my college tuition

Ayreonna W  on 8/30/2015 3:11:41 PM

Im applying for this scholarship to help earn money towards my college tuition

Jamia H  on 8/27/2015 7:17:09 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I could have a more luckier chance with help into college

Jamia H  on 8/27/2015 7:14:59 PM

I would like this scholarship because I'm highly educated and I feel this scholarship would help me into college

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