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  • The 1,000 Dreams Scholarship provides one-time educational assistance for currently enrolled high school or college-aged women of up to $1,000. This scholarship is not for tuition, but rather expenses beyond the classroom and can include assistance for needs including but not exclusive to: educational conferences, instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits, graduate exam application fees, or textbooks. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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  • Scholarship Committee
  • 1055 Broadway Blvd.
  • Suite 130
  • Kansas City , MO 64105
  • scholarships@growyourgiving.org

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Angelique V  on 8/14/2018 10:53:45 PM

As growing up, I seen lots of violence in my coummunity. A lot of innocent people getting killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I know how it feels losing a loved one. Innocents like this drew me closer and closer wanting to sulsel my dreams becoming a Crime Scence Investigator. This scholarship would help to reach my goals I set for myself.

Jessaella C  on 8/11/2018 12:17:43 AM

Hello!, I'm highschool sophomore students. I'm early looking for College scholarships. I hope you would help me. I am not rich, or my family that's why i need this scholarhips. I want really wanted to go to college but we don't really have money to afford. I really want to help my parents on financial problems when I graduated from college.

Jazmine J jazzmine0124johnson@gmail.com  on 8/10/2018 7:36:18 PM

I am currently enrolled i my senior year of high school , I don't come from a well rounded family in fact i will be the first to attend college in my immediate family. Money for school has always been a challenge in the thought process and was wondering if their were any tips that i needed before beginning my first year in college.

Kerin C  on 7/30/2018 4:59:38 PM

I am an incoming freshman majoring in Operations Management. Growing up half of my adolescence with just a mother, life has always been a struggle for money. Being able to pay for necessities independently is so important to me to be able to build a future for myself and pursue potentially a masters/doctorate degree in order to be able to provide for myself in the long run.

Alexandra T  on 7/30/2018 10:27:49 AM

I am in DHR custody and I'm not sure whether my pell grant covers it all. Any answers?

Jo Ann M  on 6/18/2018 9:08:29 AM

I am in the process of completing my masters in mental health (LPC), my question is my school has applied to be CACREP accredited but it's a process as you well know, will I still be able to apply for scholarships that state the school has to be CACREP accredited?

Lasasha Cooper  on 6/13/2018 1:24:52 PM

I am pursuing a BA in Human services w/ conc Gerontology, because i have a desire to help the elderly. what grew this desire i lost my dad 3 months ago and that experience alone made it clear to me what i was ment to do.

Swapna B  on 6/11/2018 5:38:40 AM

I am pursuing higher studies but couldn't manage the fees as I belong to a poor family..I m really in need for this scholarship..

Swapna B  on 6/11/2018 5:38:39 AM

I am pursuing higher studies but couldn't manage the fees as I belong to a poor family..I m really in need for this scholarship..

Aalyiah B  on 6/9/2018 1:10:38 PM

My name is Aalyiah Butler and I am a rising senior at Tulane University. I am on a scholarship to attend this university and I do receive financial aid for my room and board but the prices will be raised this upcoming fall semester and I do not intend on taking out another loan. This scholarship would allow me to have money for books and groceries. Being awarded a scholarship would be an honor, honestly.

Talia H  on 5/27/2018 6:45:54 AM

I would love to win this scholarship because i really want to go to towson university and i'm going to need money for my books and the other supplies that you need for college .

 on 5/17/2018 10:18:23 AM

I"m a nontraditional student this scholarship will help me with my senior year tuition. I have run out of funding. My major is Social Work with my concentration in Mental Health and Addiction. Please consider me for this scholarship.

Esther A  on 5/17/2018 5:54:44 AM

I am a mother of two, I have been accepted in university of St. Francis CT as a transfer student, my major is nursing and I need help with books and transportation. Thank you

Ava D  on 5/7/2018 11:53:13 AM

I am a high school junior looking for assurance towards my high cost of college for a B.F.A. in Dance. The out of state colleges I am applying to too expensive so I am pursuing scholarships to help me follow my dream to be a professional dancer.

miranda H  on 5/3/2018 12:09:58 PM

I am a 20 yr old, 2016, high school graduate, alone in the world, without my parents financial help, therefore I must work 50 plus hours a week to keep a roof over my head, and food on the table.. I live in a 27 ft, trailer I am still paying on monthly, that I am blessed to have. i have little time for school, but I enrolled in the Paul mitchell School in San antonio. I am super excited to get my career in cosmetology rolling, because the sooner I am able to finish school, the sooner I can start my own business, or work my way up to that.. I would greatly, and surely appreciate any help, or assistance that could be granted to me on my life's journey, YOU all, and hard work and determination from myself, will be the reason my journey will be a success. sincerely, Miranda Blue Hernandez.

NIZIGIYIMANA F.  on 4/20/2018 9:57:20 AM

I am a mother of two children and i am already starting my Medical laboratory degree program but i am failing to finish because of financial problems . I really need help so that i can complete my education. Thank you

Whitney P.  on 4/11/2018 10:46:45 AM

After researching scholarships, I found this one! I immediately wanted to apply. I come from a family of six, and my twin and I are the youngest. I've been accepted to UTA and I plan to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Any financial help would put me one step closer to achieving my dreams. I am grateful to even be considered for this wonderful scholarship.

Jessica M.  on 3/23/2018 4:42:37 PM

I am currently attending a community college , I am a single mother of two beautiful children. My goal is to finish my career as a social worker and help many children in need. It is a challenge and struggle to meet my goal , because i get no financial help from anyone. I work hard in a full time job as well as attending school full time. It would really help to receive a scholarship, i want to provide my kids with a better life and also help many people with my chosen career. Thank you,

Sarah A  on 3/20/2018 2:01:56 PM

I am a UK British National of a more mature age I have been accepted into MTSU Tennessee but I need scholarship. It is a 5 yr course as I am also doing my Masters in Occupational Health and Safety. Any assistance I would be grateful. Thankyou

Victoria H  on 3/18/2018 10:53:31 PM

I am a Senior in High School and I am struggling to even get accepted to a college. I am raised by a single parent which is my father. He goes to work early in the morning and comes home late in the evening and does extra hours on the weekend to support him and I. Getting a scholarship will not only help my family and I financially but it will be helping me take more steps to achieving my dream job.

Lekshmi Priya J R  on 3/7/2018 6:40:05 AM

I am a 1st year under graduate student, from Kerala. Iam striving to help my family financially. My father is an rikshaw driver and my mother is a house wife. After my elder sister's marriage my family is in the crisis of debts. I am in search of part time jobs. I know it will affect my studies. I wish to go higher. I wish to become a good psychologist and also a college lecturer. But I don't know how my parents will support my studies. else i will go to any work. The scholorships are the only way to my dreams.. please help me

Maya M  on 3/2/2018 7:32:14 PM

I am a sophmore in High School trying to take financial stress off of my parents to pay for anything I may need school related. Getting this scholarship will really help my family and I out and will save us money. I look forward to being a pediatric nurse practitioner in the future and I've already started experiencing what it's like in a doctor's office and any health care workplace.

jessika b  on 2/28/2018 5:13:12 PM

i am a junior in high school . when i graduate i want to go college for fashion and arts and psychology. i have had troubles in school from a learning disibility and because my family is broke this will be a great way to pay i love looking into my future cause all the dreams i have may come true.

Allison H.  on 2/27/2018 7:52:24 PM

I want to be a writer, and write about the taboos of sexual abuse in families. Unfortunately, I know too much first-hand. I was accepted into an MFA program, but could barely afford my undergrad, despite working full-time and living on my own. Now, the thought of graduate textbook costs, fees, etc., is daunting. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Jessica.S  on 2/26/2018 4:31:13 PM

I am a high school senior in a children's home. I will be the first in my family to go to college, and I am my brother and sister's role model and the only family they have to look up to. I would love the chance to receive this scholarship to make further positive steps in my life .

zoey w  on 2/22/2018 10:45:04 AM

i am a senior in highschool who is signing up for schoolarships so i can be the first in my family to graduate

clautrice g  on 2/21/2018 5:55:24 PM


Shereen W  on 2/16/2018 12:45:49 AM

I am a junior in high school looking for ways to help further my educations without putting financial pressure on my parents. My parents work day and night, and ever since my mom's health has been deteriorating, she hasn't been able to rest properly due to my highly demanding extracurricular classes. I am highly-accomplished in art but pursuing that path is extremely expensive. I would appreciate the help I can get to help me pursue my passion and dream.

Aracely M  on 2/13/2018 7:25:39 PM

I am currently a junior in high school who is signing up for scholarships. It's been a struggle as a student who has crohn's disease for the past four years. My only dream is to attend college and make something out of my life. I have a father works day and night because my mother is a proud immigrant living in the U.S. Ever since i mentioned to them about college, we began investigating and college is sounding expensive and I need all the help in order to reach my one life goal

karra d  on 2/13/2018 1:56:16 PM

Is this scholarship just for Kansas occupants? Can I apply if I'm in Maryland?

Angie L  on 2/9/2018 3:44:56 PM

This scholarship would really help me out with my school expenses. I am in my second year of college for my associates in business administration. I have been a part time student, I am already in financial debt but I'm so close to the end that if I had some assistance with my school expenses maybe I can attend school full time and receive my degree sooner.

Georgia S  on 2/9/2018 2:11:03 PM

Who I am, is what I've built myself into. I am more than a number, I am Georgia. Growing up in the foster care system was never easy. I have survived through terrible situations and hostile environments. My main focus has always been to not only survive but survive with quality of life. I want more for my life and through seeking a higher education I am determined to fulfill my dream. I am an 18 year old female, who has just recently aged out of the foster care system. I manage to work two part time jobs and continue my high school education. I am completely on my own. I would absolutely appreciate the opportunity to gain a scholarship to help further my education.

Christie G  on 2/9/2018 12:26:20 PM

I would love to receive this scholarship because it could possibly help me purchase textbooks and pay exam fees. I would also appreciate this scholarship because when I start college and begin working part-time the money that I will be making from my job will go towards gas and bills. So this scholarship could potentially help me so much, and I believe that just out of the kindness of your heart that this scholarship worth one-thousand dollars could possibly be given to me.

jada w  on 2/8/2018 12:49:30 PM

I am a freshmen need financial help to pay for my books.

Anasia K  on 2/8/2018 11:52:45 AM

I'm a sophomore,and this is my first time applying.What do I need in order to win?

yonas sisay  on 2/4/2018 9:30:28 PM

the scolarships are atractive because i cannot get scolarship by money because i am poor but i want change my life

zoey k  on 1/25/2018 8:54:30 PM

I applied because I will need financial help for text books, exam fees, conferences, etc. I am from a low income household and any extra financial aid will help immensely. I am from a small rural town and will be going to college in a large city and am very excited for the new adventure, if only money was not such an issue.

Cassandra W  on 1/19/2018 1:53:47 PM

I am a junior in high school, and I need to start early. Early bird get's the worm. How do I apply for this scholarship, what is required to win?

Brianna A  on 1/17/2018 9:13:35 AM

What is needed to win this Scholarship?

Kimberly T  on 1/10/2018 6:30:53 PM

Ido plan to apply I need to organize review and submit the application I do need his very much

wilnet bonz j  on 12/18/2017 9:05:05 PM

I have applied for some these scholarships a couple of years ago that were 1 or 2 of these scolarships. Recently I think scholarships help some people reduce their educational loan amounts to pay after they finish their education. Scholarships help some people achieve their education and some scholarships give both men and women adult careers to provide for themselves.

Jennifer A  on 4/27/2017 10:41:20 PM

I enrolled into college as an nontraditional student. This has been the most challenging, but rewarding few months of my life. Unfortunately, the school I go to is the only school in my area that has an ultrasound program, and its at a private school. It is so expensive. I got federal aide, but not near enough to help, and I am extremely low income. The only way I could get a loan, was to get it through my school, and the day I started, I have already had to start paying on my student loans. I work a nanny job, and work through work study, and am still barely getting by. This would help me so much!

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