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AFSA High School Senior Scholarship Contest


April 01, 2019

Awards Available: 10

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  • The American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship Program helps with the educational and training pursuits of students just like you. The contest is open to high school seniors who will enroll in the semester beginning no later than the upcoming fall semester. Home-schooled students may apply as long as your course of study is equivalent to that of a senior in high school. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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  • Darcy Montalvo

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Michael H  on 12/2/2018 1:55:48 PM

I applied for this scholarship. I actually found this scholarship to be every important not because of its worth but because of the important importation it gives you and the lessons it teaches you.

Emily H  on 11/26/2018 8:16:27 PM

The information I just recently read on about fire sprinklers and the jobs and education that were involved to be able to save hundreds of lives from fires. Without education John Carey would have not been able to extinguish a fire, Philip would have not have known how to successfully sell the sprinkler system in 1872, followed by Henry S. Parmelee who was obviously educated in publicizing and marketing products leading to his success on commercializing the closed sprinkler head in 1874. These people made history and that is how we still learn today, we learn from these kind of people and study how they succeed throughout determination and hard work and how we can do the same. These kind of people influence me to make a change in the world hoping that I will be able to learn how to save more lives. This scholarship will help me be able to grow my education so I can end up making a change with focus and hard work; I strive to make history like Philip and how he lead the spread of the sprinkler. In result he saved lives and that is what matters in life, to be the change.

Sean H  on 11/21/2018 6:16:34 PM

What a great idea . . . to offer an easy-to-apply-for scholarship to the exact audience needed to increase awareness about Fire Sprinkler safety!

MacKenzie F  on 11/19/2018 10:57:17 AM

I applied for this scholarship on a whim after searching through tons of different ones, but this one was the most informational by far. I'd take any opportunity to learn anything any day!

Noah E  on 11/3/2018 11:17:35 PM

I found this scholarship to be very unique and very interesting. It taught me more about water sprinklers and how important they actually are, especially with the example of the accident in the nightclub in 2003. This allowed me to complete a scholarship and learn something new while doing it. I loved this format for the application process!

Dylan L  on 10/18/2018 6:43:22 AM

It's really easy to apply to, isn't too boring, and only took about 10 minutes. It's definitely worth a shot.

Khalid H  on 10/17/2018 9:20:47 PM

This is my first time to apply for the scholarship because now I am in 12th grade and I will graduate this year. yes I did apply for this scholarship.

Payton S  on 10/4/2018 7:26:08 PM

I recently applied for this scholarship! It allows you to learn very useful information on fire safety.

Ashley J  on 9/18/2018 11:08:07 AM

I was very happy with this scholarship application process. It was stress free, and I was able to learn something new!

Alana W  on 4/1/2018 7:03:12 PM

This is a great scholarship to apply for! The time invested in applying was worth the information learned!

Lacy Y  on 4/1/2018 10:24:41 AM

Yes, I applied for this scholarship. This application/presentation process was very educational. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship and for your consideration for a scholarship. I am currently in the process of earning my EMT certification, and I am doing my clinicals with the local Rescue Squad. Fires are very dangerous and sprinklers are a necessity.

Gregory G.  on 3/31/2018 8:09:37 PM

I really enjoyed this application process. I was able to learn a great deal while completing my application! Thank you!

Jonathan M  on 3/31/2018 12:30:26 PM

This scholarship was very unique. It was interested to learn how water sprinklers operated.

Tyler G  on 3/30/2018 11:50:45 PM

I was able to learn and submit and application for a scholarship! Brilliant!!

Rachel L  on 3/29/2018 10:16:31 PM

Wow this is a great scholarship, very interactive and educational. I never knew water sprinklers were so interesting.

hana b  on 3/29/2018 5:01:18 PM

Originally I was just on the hunt for some scholarships, but this one was surprising. I came out of it learning something I knew nothing about really, and not a lot of scholarships give you that opportunity.

Bryan H  on 3/28/2018 5:26:14 PM

I have always been terrified of fires. My father suffered severed burns when he was 2 years old. He’s never been able to afford plastic surgery and it kills me to see his pain.

Madison H  on 3/28/2018 1:20:56 PM

I applied for this scholarship and actually found it very informative! My dad is a firefighter and they often do many building inspections and my dad always is talking to me about fire safety. It is very eye opening to see just how big of a deal it is take this serious. I’m glad I applied and got to learn more.

Olivia D  on 3/28/2018 11:37:12 AM

I entered this scholarship and was easy but extremely educational. Many of the topics discussed were ones I've never heard of. I appreciate organizations that want to pursue their passions and spread knowledge for the benefit of all who encounter them.

Francis M  on 3/27/2018 8:31:57 PM

Yes. There are too many fires caused by lack of information and requirements demanded by law.

Angeli H  on 3/27/2018 10:14:08 AM

I applied and I'm happy to say that I learned something significant today! :)

Jessica T  on 3/26/2018 2:58:47 PM

I applied for this scholarship because my mom has just gotten pregnant and I’m going off to college and I have a younger sister who will be attending college after me.

Thaddeus K  on 3/22/2018 4:13:01 PM

I personally went through a house fire and this is a very important matter I take to heart. Working sprinklers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide are crucial to prevent these types of senseless tragedies.

Jeandee Dobson  on 3/22/2018 10:31:37 AM

I applied for the scholarship! I would have to admit that this one of the most easiest scholarships that I applied for. I learned many interesting facts of fire safety that I have never even learned before!

Hannah L  on 3/22/2018 10:09:34 AM

As a child I have always been terrified by fires. And I would love to know there is a way to ease other childrens fear.

Carly P  on 3/22/2018 6:38:59 AM

This scholarship was very informative and easy to fill out! It didn't take long and I learned things I would've otherwise never known! A wonderful scholarship, and congratulations to whoever wins!

ryan s  on 3/17/2018 7:18:19 PM

Have always been interested in fire safety - hope i get a chance to move forward with my engineering studies!

Abigail H  on 3/13/2018 12:01:37 PM

Having lost people I loved in a house fire last year, this is excellent information to know. It is an easy scholarship that only requires taking a quiz and you learn a lot in the process. Congrats to whoever receives the scholarship. :)

Colton C  on 2/21/2018 2:47:12 PM

Very informative information and easy application to complete. I look forward to learning more about this technology in my career path in Architectural Technology.

Eduardo P  on 2/19/2018 4:24:56 PM

It's legit, simple, and informative. Who knew that fire sprinklers work the way they do as described in the article. As a bonus, you have a chance of getting $2,000, making this scholarship application a no-brainer.

shayla l  on 2/15/2018 1:07:02 PM

Im Just learning as I go, Im the first one in my family to attend college in my family. My mom has Multiple sclerosis, and has never been to college. So at this point Im learning as I go...Praying to get the help i need

Daniel S  on 2/13/2018 11:51:22 AM

Daniel Santana As long as I could remember, i've always had such a strong interest in nature, specifically the ocean. Something about the smell of the salty brine. The breeze hitting my face like soft kisses. The deep blue color the ocean gives off when reflected by the blinding sun. The sound of the waves crashing onto shore. The thought that so many animals of all shapes and sizes call this wonderful place home. The inspiration the ocean gives me to write the poetry I so deeply love.How the ocean can turn from beautiful and calm to violent and treacherous just amazes me. Ever since I was young, I would read entire encyclopedias about the oceans and its wonders. I would read book after book after book and it always fascinated me how beautiful this magical place could be. I know that the science classes required for a marine biology major will be challenging, but there's no challenge I can't overcome. I'm now a senior in highschool, and college is the the thing that dwells in my mind more than any ocean. As a young latino american, college isn't something that has been very feasible for me. No family member prior to me has been to college, so I will be the first one to attempt and break this barrier. It's a dream of mine to go to college and bring honor and success not just to my family, but to all the aspiring latino american college students around the nation. If I was able to acquire this scholarship, it will be able to help me to reach my goal and help lead by example for other hispanics who want to achieve the same thing. Without this scholarship, my chances of completing my goal are drastically cut because college is expensive, especially for my family’s income. I made a promise to my family that I would bring honor to the Santana name. Whether it be studying the ocean that I so dearly admire, or studying anything else that comes within reach of my wandering mind, I promised to make them happy. I desire to keep this promise not just for them, but f

Cody F  on 2/6/2018 12:22:55 PM

Yes, I applied for this scholarship due to it being a simple task. However, the information within the application was very informative. Product was presented with a good argument on the reason to incorporate it into a business or residential area with the potential to save lives..

Rebecca R  on 1/31/2018 7:35:43 PM

This was actually the most informative scholarship I have ever applied to. Thank you for enlightening me on fire safety and specifically in a dorm. All scholarships should be like this! Thank you!

Matthew G  on 1/25/2018 11:05:59 AM

I did and it was easy to complete!!

Desmon W  on 1/24/2018 2:21:54 PM

Easy application! The lesson in firesprinklers was very informative! Thank you!!!!

Annabelle C  on 12/28/2017 6:05:04 PM

This was a super easy application and only took a few minutes!

Bret C  on 12/1/2017 8:18:47 PM

Great way to learn and earn

Odalyz M  on 10/30/2017 10:26:32 PM

Super easy to apply! Wish all scholarships were this easy.

Olivia B  on 10/19/2017 12:00:27 PM

Very easy to apply. I learned a few things about sprinklers that I was unaware of. Very interesting. Thank you for the opportunity.

Robert E  on 4/3/2017 7:05:50 PM

Very easy to apply!

Sean H  on 3/31/2017 3:06:14 PM

Thanks for the opportunity!

Michelle G  on 3/15/2017 8:37:24 PM

So EASY! No Essay! Really fast!

Cassandra B  on 2/17/2017 9:21:17 AM

No Essay required, really easy and interesting!

Alison C  on 1/22/2017 7:47:50 PM

Super easy to apply for

Lauren G  on 4/5/2016 7:17:33 PM

Very informative and easy to do!

CORBIN D  on 3/11/2016 9:52:59 AM

yes I did. The essay was very informative.

Morgan F  on 2/14/2016 4:43:39 PM


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