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Delta Upsilon's Young Emerging Leaders Scholarship

The Delta Upsilon Young Emerging Leaders Scholarship provides $500 to a high school graduate entering Northern Illinois University who demonstrates excellence and dedication in all aspects of his life including academics, athletics and community involvement.

This is a merit-based scholarship. Joining Delta Upsilon is not a requirement to receive this scholarship. Candidates with the best applications will receive an interview. Among those interviewed, top candidates will be invited to a scholarship banquet where the ultimate winner will be announced. The candidate will be awarded the scholarship based on their application here enclosed and an interview with the academic board of Delta Upsilon.

Requirements for the DU young emerging leaders scholarship are as follows:
- Must be a male in the high school graduating class of this year.
- Must have taken part in a minimum of one extra- curricular activity.
- Must have at least a cumulative 3.0 high school GPA or an ACT composite score of 25 or above.

At least one of the following must also be met:
- Must have volunteered at least once per semester, a minimum of 3 times before entering Northern Illinois University. Summer volunteering experience will also be counted.
- Must have held a leadership position in a student group (President, Captain, etc.)

Applications may be sent via the form on our website.

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