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First Generation Grant - University of Colorado Boulder

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  • http://www.colorado.edu/finaid/firstgen.html
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  • 5556 UCB
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  • The First Generation Grant is awarded to Colorado residents whose parents do not have any education or technical training beyond high school. Additionally, students awarded with the First Generation Grant have the opportunity to participate in the First Generation Scholars Program.

    To qualify for the First Generation Grant, a student must:
    - Be a Colorado resident
    - Certify that neither parent has attended any education beyond high school
    - A first-time freshman or a new transfer student
    - Admitted into an undergraduate degree program
    - Working on first Bachelor's degree
    - Enrolled at least half- time on the Boulder campus
    - Apply for and meet all, Federal, State and Institutional requirements for receipt of Title IV financial aid funding,
    - Meet all financial aid application verification requirements
    - Complete the financial aid application process by July 1.

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