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Home Builders Care of Fargo-Moorhead Foundation

The Home Builders Care Foundation, in affiliation with the Home Builders Association of F-M, is pleased to announce the availability of its annual scholarships.

All scholarship applicants must:
- Submit an official Home Builders Care application form
- Include a copy of most recent student transcript
- Include up to a two-page typewritten statement of education objectives (both short- and long-term), job shadowing experience (if applicable), information concerning the applicant’s construction work experiences and/or related courses to the construction industry, and any honors or awards received while in high school (if applicable) . Please indicate your future plans beyond post secondary education. Include what course(s), experience or individual(s) have influenced your interest in this career field, and why or how you have been influenced.
- Plan to enroll in residential construction trades or related field (i.e. plumbing, electrical, carpentry,heating/air conditioning, etc.) at Minnesota State Community & Technical College or North Dakota State College of Science in the fall immediately following graduation.
- Include a description of financial situation
a) Financial need.
b) List any financial aid, grants, scholarships, financial aid, etc. currently receiving.
- Three (3) letters of recommendation

The deadline for submitting applications is noon on September 26th. Applications should be mailed or delivered to the department instructor of the participating school.

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