PTPI Joyce C Hall College Scholarship

Applicants must have had experience with People To People International through participation in one of their various programs, such as the Student Ambassador Program, student or adult chapter activities, School and Classroom Program, Global Youth Forum, etc. This experience must have been within the past four years.

The application form must be accompanied by a statement of the applicants’s participation in a People to People International activity, and what that experience meant to increasing his/her understanding of inter-cultural relations among the peoples of the world. For example, did that experience alter prevoius concepts? If so, in what way?

The applicant must currently be a high school senior or a full-time college or university student and must maintain a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. A transcript is required.

Three recommendations must be provided with the application. Probable sources include Student Ambassador teacher-leaders; chapter presidents or members; others who know the student well such as high school teachers and/or college faculty members.

The scholarships are $2,000.00 each and up to five (5) will be selected for the coming academic year. Each award will be sent directly to the student’s university and administered by the university. The scholarship must be used to pay tuition first, then books and supplies. People to People International must approve application of scholarship funds to meet other educational expenses such as dormitory fees, off-campus study; special projects, etc.

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