ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition


March 15, 2023

Awards Available: 1

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  • The ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial Scholarship Essay Competition was established to reward students that seek to increase their knowledge and understanding of how Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention help ensure safe drinking water. Backflow Prevention is designed to prevent dangerous - and sometimes fatal - bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful agents from entering the local water supply systems. Backflow Prevention programs are essential to ensure that the water that reaches your home, school or place of business is as safe and pure as it was when it left the water treatment plant. Essays must be between 700 and 1,200 words. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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Valeria P.  on 10/28/2022 10:40:31 PM

I would like to be considered for this scholarship to facilitate my start at a higher level of education. I firmly believe that financial circumstances affect someone's desires for the future, but I don't believe it determines whether one is able to go to college or not. I highly value the opportunity of attending college soon, and hopefully with some help, the process will be easier.

Reagan Rogers  on 5/28/2020 10:48:52 AM

I would like to be considered for this scholarship because higher education is a priority for me. I come from a family of educators. Failure is not an option. I just completed my sophomore year of high school, taking two classes this summer, and will be a senior in the fall. I am striving for excellence in everything that I do and pursuing scholarships to help me achieve my goals.

Reegan Moretti  on 4/2/2020 2:13:45 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because I am attending an expensive college in which I will be paying for. I am planning to attend DePaul University and have other expenses other than tuition including housing, since I live in Rhode Island, and books.

Ashanti H  on 3/30/2020 5:14:21 PM

Hello!!! I’m applying for this scholarship because I plan on pursuing a degree in biology fall 2021 where I would be a freshman. I will use ALL FUNDS to further my education. It would also help my parents who are both disabled to lessen the burden on them!! I want to make them proud by getting my degree and I will do just that!! Please consider me for the scholarship and your help will be a blessing to myself and my family!!

Ranuthi Amerasinghe  on 3/15/2020 1:09:16 PM

I applied for this scholarship because I am desperate. I want to study abroad because I can't stand to live here any more, I'm trapped and have such less freedom that its suffocating me. I can't handle it and I know that one day I would snap and make the last mistake of my life. I'm not sure what this scholarship brings, if its money or a new school and new. I honestly would rather prefer the latter but I would take what I can get. I don't want pity or sympathy just compassion about my situation. There by I also conclude that these words are of sincerity and honesty from the likes of I a 15 year old who shall turn 16 on 31st March.

Don C  on 2/26/2020 8:29:11 PM

I would like to be considered for this scholarship because education is a powerful tool and this would help me with paying for my education.

Lyrie M  on 2/2/2020 12:40:49 PM

I would love to be considered for this scholarship to help me further along in my education journey

Sawan Rajbanshi  on 8/20/2019 11:37:15 AM

Who can apply??

syedreza1992@gmail.com  on 3/10/2019 10:43:58 AM

It helped me a lot and I will highly recommend. I am gonna share this post with all my classmates. I am an international student and I am currently searching for scholarship. I also found some fully funded scholarship opportunities for everyone worldwide at thescholarshipsblog.com But I am searching for more scholarship opportunities so please anyone help me in this and I will highly recommend new opportunities from your website to other students as well. Thanks !.

Khadija B  on 2/14/2019 5:28:40 AM

I would be glad to be part of this opportunity because i have always wanted to have a scholarship to further my education

Kashif  on 12/25/2018 10:41:09 AM

It would be an honor to me if you consider me for this scholarship.

Arzoo kanwal  on 11/22/2018 4:24:51 AM

Yes I have applied because I need this scholarship to complete my phd

Ali H  on 11/30/2017 9:35:32 PM

Do we need to cover all 3 parts of the question?