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March 01, 2020

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  • The Gotta Have Sole scholarship program provides extraordinary teens and young adults in need with the funds to take a step forward. We're awarding up to five $1,000 scholarships to incoming, first-year students, so they can pursue higher education. Students must be between the ages of 17-22 years old, be entering their first year of higher education at an accredited institution, technical college, or vocational school; be a U.S. citizen, and have an unweighted 2.0 GPA or above from the most recent academic year.
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Christopher H  on 2/27/2019 3:56:45 PM

I’m applying for this scholarship because my mother has put both of her daughters through school on her own, and even with my scholarships it’s not enough to cover the tuition because it is a private university. I believe I can change the world with my kinesiology degree and help younger athletes that don’t have the knowledge or guidance of taking care of their bodies. I’m also a football athlete as well and plan on being both productive on and off the field!

Tabatha Majewski M  on 2/27/2019 11:23:05 AM

Yes, I am applying for this scholarship to help pay for my college expenses. I got accepted into Jamestown Community College but have to pay for everything on my own so I am trying to get as much help as I can. -Tabatha Majewski

Jerry B  on 2/26/2019 1:11:00 PM

I will be entering my first year of college this fall of 2019. My dad is losing his job as of March 5th, 2019 after 29 years of service. Any financial help would be wonderful at this time.

Chelsie G  on 2/25/2019 4:06:41 PM

My name is Chelsie. I applied for the scholarship in order to help pay for my schooling. It is an accelerated program that I will get my Nursing degree from. I am a young single mom trying to further my education and accomplish bigger things for myself and my daughter.

Olabisi O  on 2/22/2019 4:19:43 PM

Yes I did, This scholarship will help me tremodously.

Makayla G  on 2/21/2019 3:36:15 PM

I applied it was very insightful, and easy.

brandi l  on 2/18/2019 1:41:44 PM

because Im in need of scolarship bad

Javier T  on 2/13/2019 6:39:46 PM

I have already applied to this scholarship because I truly want to be able to contribute to this great nation. I cannot do this journey alone without financial assistance however. This scholarship would help me so much so that I can have a clear educational step in the right direction for a great career.

mathew a  on 2/12/2019 2:38:27 PM

I am applying for this scholarship because it would help with college expenses. I am the youngest of four children and I'm the only one to have applied and been accepted into college. This would help me and my parents with costs. Mathew Ary

baeta m  on 2/11/2019 9:41:54 AM

I'm applying for this scholarship because I am in desperate need for money for college. Currently I have to pay around $50,000 dollars for a college I really want to go to. I come from a middle class family I may or may not get bumped down a class, but that's something I really want to prevent I don;t want ,my parents to go through a hard time

jasmine b  on 7/25/2018 6:35:17 PM

Jasmine B I’m applying for this scholarship to help pay for collage expenses. As of now I’m going to have to pay $ 1,428.00 out of pocket. I’m in financial aid distress my mom is unable to help due to the fact that she also has student loans that she is currently paying back. Jasmine Blanton

Alexis H  on 3/2/2018 1:03:43 PM

Yes, I happily applied for this scholarship mainly because of my financial need. Since I am a homeless, independent, my college funds are coming out of pocket. So far I am paying $4,000 a year ($400 a month) to help aid myself in paying less after I graduate. I am the first generation of my family to attend college and being presented with scholarships will help not only fund my education, but inspire my siblings below me to go to college even if it is expensive. There is always help out there, you just have to find it. Thank you for your time and I hope after reviewing my application you will be a part of the few that are lending a helping hand. - Alexis Harris

Curtis Thomas S  on 3/1/2018 8:43:41 PM

I would love to talk about how I as an individual have overcome great obstacle in my life, but the truth of the matter is I have not overcome obstacles in my life alone. In 2014 my family and I became homeless it was a very difficult, confusing, and scary time for all of us not having a place to live. We had to depend on the kindness of others. This was a very humbling and trying experience, but we overcame our situation. We learn to work as a (family unit) team. I learned how to stay focused, how to push myself hard and achieve my given objective.My family and I have a new home in a great neighborhood. I have learned through these trials and tribulations not to be judgmental of others and always be willing to help others as well as receive help from others. I learned never to give up, and how to always fight for your dreams. There is always a better tomorrow.

Mya F  on 2/27/2018 5:04:54 PM

I have applied for this scholarship. I decided to apply because I need the financial help. And if I receive this scholarship, this will be money will help my future in so many. I have worked so hard to get to where I am at and would love to continue my growth.

Ivonne C  on 2/26/2018 2:07:45 PM

Yes I have applied for this scholarship. I decided to apply because as everyone else I need the financial help. And if I receive this scholarship, this will be money I did not use to have, and will lead me one step closer to achieving my academic goals

Hannah D  on 2/26/2018 8:55:22 AM

To follow up yes indeed I applied for this scholarship! Every cent counts especially when I am paying all by myself. Thank you for your time and I hope to be hearing back good news from the gotta have sole scholarship. Hannah D.

Jacob M  on 2/23/2018 12:55:26 PM

Yes, I applied! I am hopeful. I applied because I need the financial help to attain my goals.

Dasia H  on 2/21/2018 8:47:26 PM

Yes, I applied for the scholarship. I applied for the scholarship because I don't want my parents to struggle to keep me in school so that I can achieve my dream. I want to go to college work diligently and give my parents the world because they've worked so hard just to give me small and big things in life. If I win this scholarship I can help not only myself but my parents as well.

Samantha B  on 2/21/2018 5:33:22 PM

Hi, my name is Samantha Bastar , i am applying to this scholarship because it would help me out a lot with college money and to be successful in life. With this money i can save my parents a lot of money, getting that chance to be legible to win i will save me a lot of money.

Custeleus W  on 2/20/2018 4:59:14 PM

Yes I applied. I am currently a senior in high school and will be graduating in the spring. This scholarship matched my criteria so I wanted to give it a go!! Any financial help for me would help me in continuing my education and achieving my goals!!

Abigail S  on 2/20/2018 10:44:12 AM

I'm applying for this scholarship because it could help he out. See my dad there is sometimes that he can't go to work because of his condition. so that doesn't help bring in money. so with scholarships it can help me pay it off and not have to put my parents more in debt with 3 younger kids

Izan T  on 2/20/2018 9:56:21 AM

My name is Izan Thompson and i recently applied for this scholarship in order to help me afford and pay for college.

dazjai m  on 2/16/2018 8:01:15 AM

yes i am applying or scholarships now because i do not want to put a lot on my parents with 7 other

Stephanie W  on 2/15/2018 9:37:23 AM

Before high school even began my parents informed me that if I had any desire to go to college, I would have to do it on my own and no money from them would be given to me for my college tuition. My academics have always been above standard and luckily I was somewhat athletic. I have played soccer 5 years now and ran cross country 3 years. I have been given the blessing of a cross country scholarship, but that still leaves me with about $20,000 dollars a year out of pocket. I need to round up as many scholarships as possible if I wish to be successful. Just thought I'd give this small one a try!

Zackary P  on 2/13/2018 12:55:46 PM

Yo, what's up? I'm Zackary Pettit and I'm here to see if you'll give a G to a guy who doesn't have a lot of money. College is expensive and I'll take whatever I can get. I can tell you a lot more about me but I'm not sure where to go so yeah.

Callie A  on 2/12/2018 12:43:20 PM

I am applying so I will have a better chance of college. So money coast wont be so bad. Getting all the money I can get to go to school for free is worth whatever I can do.

Manuel D  on 2/9/2018 3:28:42 PM

To start off, my name is Manuel Diaz. I am currently a high school senior with a grade point average of 3.2. I never would imagine applying to a four year university. Throughout my high school career, I was worried about attending a four year university due to the financial ability one has to be at. Now here I applying for a scholarship that may or may not help my financial status for college. Constantly working, while at the same time playing varsity soccer, I have successfully managed my academic life with my personal life. Surprisingly, I still have many other hobbies such as producing music on a digital platform, making digital artwork, and filming. Computer science seems to fully grab my attention at the moment and with your help you can help me by saving a few cents on my education. Thank you for your time.

Martina S  on 2/7/2018 9:23:09 PM

Anyone would want to fulfill a college career if they knew getting an education was free. Who wouldn't? My name is Martina St Hubert and applying for this scholarship will truly benefit me and my future career goals. A lot of high school seniors like myself do not have the finances to accomplish what they are called to do, so they usually give up. I'm not, I know that I am going to become a Pediatrician and any support would be greatly appreciated. Being able to apply for this scholarship is a recognition because many other students do not get this opportunity. Thank you!

Dawson S  on 2/7/2018 10:43:48 AM

Hi, my name is Dawson Smith, a senior in high school as I type this out. Ever since I was a little kid, I've had to struggle and go through tests because of my Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). But because of this, it has made me work hard for my 3.0 GPA and through my honors English 4, Government and Economics. I've put so much time into my academic needs and have been able to balance out these with my extracurricular activities such as: Band, Student Council, National Honor Society, Yearbook, UIL Academics and our schools Prom Committee. I have received a number of accolades and leadership roles including: Front Ensemble band section leader, Percussion captain for 2 years, Junior student body President, Senior body Vice President, Homecoming King, 1st place District champion in Poetry Interpretation, 1st division Solo and Ensemble State Qualifier, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, as well as a two time student of the month. I would love this scholarship because this scholarship would help pay for my tuition that I need to pay for myself, and my job doesn't pay a lot of money right now, so getting this scholarship would help me to afford books and part of my tuition. Thank you for your consideration.

Bret V  on 2/5/2018 8:19:09 PM

My name is Bret Vince. I am currently a high school senior looking to pursue an MBA and every dollar counts to help me achieve that goal.

Emily C.  on 2/5/2018 4:21:40 PM

My name is Emily Comstock and I'm a senior at Marshall County Central in Minnesota. I have a 4.0 GPA and have maintained it throughout my high school career. I've been accepted to three universities and have chosen Bemidji State University to major in Creative and Professional Writing. I am in desperate need of financial need to make it through college and this scholarship would be greatly appreciated. I've already started college in high school and have some of my generals already completed so I should be able to start my major earlier than expected. Please let me know what I need to do to apply for this scholarship. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Terry T  on 2/5/2018 4:08:42 PM

Hello , My name is Terry Donnell Thompson, Jr.. I am currently enrolled at Jacksonville State University. I am a first time freshman who will be majoring in Education when the time comes. If selected for this scholarship it would be used to assist me with my current fees. It has been a struggle to meet the cost of what it takes to be a full-time student. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Martin G  on 2/5/2018 2:58:38 PM

Hi, my name is Martin Garcia. I'm currently a senior in high school. I want this scholarship to help me pay for my college. I'm going out of state and college can be more expensive. But I'm willing to college and I'm motivated college is the right decision for my future. I'm going to study for business and entrepreneurship to help my family succeed and have our own family business. My current GPA is a 2.32. Getting this award will great for my education. Thank you and have a great day.

Nathenial A  on 2/5/2018 1:38:59 PM

Hello, My name is Nate and I have a GPA of 2.8. It is that impressive but I do work full time at Burger King. My father is my only legal garden and he is currently unemployed. I've already been excepted to the University of Wyoming already and I plan on going for six years to become a Pharmacist. I would really appreciate if you could help me out. I will never forget if you did. Thanks for taking the time to read this

Chantel J  on 2/2/2018 12:16:50 PM

To whom it may concern: Hi my name is Chantel Jamerson and I am a senior at Rancho High school in Las Vegas, Nevada. My goal is to pursue a criminal justice degree to help me on the road to my ultimate goal of becoming a homicide detective. I'm seeking scholarships to help me financially on my journey. Thank you for your consideration.

Jackelyn L  on 2/1/2018 11:01:14 PM

Hello, my name is Jackelyn Lopez and plan on majoring in the medical field as of now I plan on being an RN (Registered Nurse). I would really love the opportunity for this scholarship now that I did not qualify for financial aid and my parents can’t really afford to pay for college, I surely hope to be selected knowing how bad I really want a career and I currently stricking for my Bachelors Degree.

Kelvin S  on 1/31/2018 7:49:52 PM

Hi my Name is Kelvin S and a senior in high school i need this scholarship to help me pursue my life education in Engineering so I can be successful as much.

xochitl s  on 1/30/2018 4:41:24 PM

Hi, my mane is Xochitl Sanchez. I'm currently a senior in high school. I want this scholarship because so it could help me out to pay my fees.

Nyeema M  on 1/30/2018 12:14:55 PM

Hi, my name is Nyeema Myrie. I am freshman who is currently majoring Sociology at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Being accepted for this scholarship would help me further my dream of being a part of the law.

Evan C  on 1/27/2018 12:58:23 PM

Hello, My Name is Evan Cross, I'm currently a senior in high school but have the credits to be almost a junior in college, school is getting pretty expensive but i want this scholarship to pay fees.

nicholas b  on 1/26/2018 4:32:35 PM

Hey there ,My name is Nicholas brown to further my career in the Medical field . This scholarship would be so helpful in many ways. Being accepted for this will greatly aid me in furthering my education. I will be greatly blessed to receive this award. Thank you for your consideration and giving me the opportunity to receive this award.Thank you very much !!

Patrick S  on 1/25/2018 5:49:39 PM

Hi my name is Patrick Stanley and I am a 17-year-old in my senior year of high school. I am applying for this scholarship with a lot of confidence. I feel I am very capable of doing anything my mind is set to. I will accomplish anything I need to in my last year iin high school and do my very best in the future years when I go to college. I am a fully capable student with a medical disability called Cystic Fibrosis. This affects my studies because of hospitalizations and doctors appointments I have every month. Although that downfall I still come on top of my studies and try to stay on top of my work. My current GPA is a (unweighted) 3.375. The classes I am taking are Honors English 12, Calculus, Ancient History, Life and Environmental Sciences, World Literature and Spanish 2. I applied for this scholarship because I like to help and support people in need. I love giving back to my community by doing community service. I have a total of 346 hours of community service. My dream is to either teach engineering on an airplane or do it myself. I deeply appreciate the fact that you guys are matching me to this scholarship.Thank you Sincerely, Patrick Stanley

Raniya J  on 1/25/2018 3:25:44 PM

Hello, my name is Raniya Jones and i'm a high school senior. I attend Lucy C. Laney High School in Augusta, GA. I have a 2.42 (weighted) gpa. I want to go to a four year University, and major in Mass Communications. I would be grateful if I was considered for this scholarship.

Devon R  on 1/25/2018 3:16:51 PM

Hello, my name is Devon Ricketts. I'm currently a senior at Mesa Ridge High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado carrying a 4.10 (weighted) GPA. I anticipate attending Tabor College in Hillsboro, Kansas with the intent to study kinesiology and becoming a physical therapist upon graduation. I've been raised by a single mother for 11 years now along with my two younger sisters. As a nurse, my mother does anything and everything in her capability to help others, which is exactly what I plan to do as well as a physical therapist. This scholarship would be an amazing blessing to help relieve the financial burdens that come with trying to pay for college. Thank you for any and all consideration!

Christian H  on 1/25/2018 9:11:58 AM

Hello! My name is Christian. I am a high school senior. I am also a high functioning autistic with a 3.65 (weighted) GPA. My dream is go to school to learn about computer programming and game design. I would greatly appreciate you considering me for this scholarship. I want to use my education to help other people like me know they can succeed too.

crystal d  on 1/24/2018 7:27:09 PM

Hello, my name is Crystal Duong. I am currently attending City College of San Francisco and majored in Nursing. Even though some may think that junior colleges are inexpensive, books are extremely expensive. If I were to be chosen for this scholarship, it would go directly to my book payments. Thank you for your time.

Amaria B  on 1/24/2018 12:36:40 PM

Hello My name is Amaria Beasley, i am from Las Vegas Nevada; currently a senior in high school . I hope to attend my dream school this upcoming fall semester i just need the funds to help me get there. I hope you can help me reach my goals , not even just reach them i want to achieve them. Please let me know what needs to be done to apply for this scholarship. THank you very much !

Tyler P  on 1/24/2018 7:43:13 AM

Hello there! My name is Tyler Powell and I plan on attending West Virginia University to further my career in the exercise physiology field. This scholarship would be so helpful in many ways. Being accepted for this will greatly aid me in furthering my education. I will be greatly blessed to receive this award. Thank you for your consideration and giving me the opportunity to receive this award.

Blaze O  on 1/23/2018 9:59:52 PM

Hello, My name is Blaze Ortiz and I am a senior at Kapolei High School in Hawaii. I will be attending Universal Technical Institute Arizona. It has always been a dream of mine to get into a college that lets me study mechanics and gets hands on experience as well. I hope that this scholarship will help me afford going to this college and pursuing my career as an automotive/diesel mechanic. Thank you for your time, Blaze Ortiz.

liana f  on 1/23/2018 11:12:06 AM

Hey, my name is Liana Fadliyeva and I'm currently 18 years old, attending Sonoran Science Academy Phoenix. Although I come from a Title One high school, I've worked diligently in trying to achieve the most in this school. I will be attending Arizona State University in the following fall semester and I couldn't be more excited. With all my hard work and a high GPA of 4.0, I've also been accepted to The Barrett Honors program. I received financial aid but unfortunately it seems like it wouldn't be enough to get into this program. They require an extra fee every semester but the opportunities are endless. This scholarship would give me access to go into this Honors program and peruse my career studying internal medicine. Thank you.

Andrew F  on 1/21/2018 9:33:14 AM

Good morning! My name is Andrew and I am a high school senior. I hope to be attending a four-year college in the fall. The good news is that I have been accepted to my top choice school. Now, I need to find the means to the end. I hope you can help me attain this goal. Please let me know what I need to do to apply for your scholarship opportunity. Thank you for your time, Andrew

Talia K  on 1/20/2018 10:59:25 PM

Hello, my name is Talia Kendall. I have been accepted into a few schools which include Western Illinois, Concordia and Roosevelt University and despite my 4.0 (weighted) GPA i haven't received enough money from those schools to lessen the financial burden on my parents so i am hoping you would grant me this scholarship because a little can go a long way! Although if you don't, i am still grateful for you to have reviewed my application!

Jaynie E  on 1/20/2018 5:11:08 PM

Hey there, I'm Jaynie Earls. I am applying for this scholarship because I got accepted into the University of Central Missouri and am struggling to pay for college myself. This scholarship would help out greatly in giving me the chance to become a vet and further my education.

Mia S  on 1/20/2018 12:44:22 PM

Hello, I am Mia Serrano, and I'm currently attending University of Texas at El Paso for my bachelor in Art. After I get my degree, I would like to further my education to get a masters hopefully at an art institute. With my masters in Art, I would like to become a professor at an university or I would start my own studio. I am currently a freshman, and what I first learn about college that it can be expensive. I don't want that to frighten me into cutdown on what I had my heart set on. So with this scholarship would help immensely to get the education I need in order to achieve my future career.

Pressley P  on 1/18/2018 1:53:32 PM

Hello, my name is Pressley Powell. I have been accepted into Texas State University and I'm struggling to find money. This scholarship would be a wonderful chance to pursue my dream of becoming a theatre program. I would be extremely thankful to receive this award.

noah h  on 1/18/2018 1:42:38 PM

Good morning from Alaska and good afternoon to Arizona. Im applying to this scholarship in order to further my education at the highest level and hopefully accomplish my dream of be coming a physical therapist. Thank you for your consideration.

Olivia B  on 1/18/2018 9:08:08 AM

Hello, my name is Olivia Bone. I am looking to attend a conservatory program to study dance and get my bachelors of fine arts. I am in the top ten percent of my class and have mained a busy schedule between working full time, going to school, and dancing. Every school I am looking at is extremly expensive as most are out of state and private. I would be extremly to recieve the scholarships that I apply for. Thank you.

Dorion L  on 1/12/2018 8:30:48 AM

Hello my name is Dorion Land-Tucker and I'm hoping to achieve an bachelors degree in cybersecurity through USCU in Columbia. I would hope that you could consider me for this scholarship as i would be very graceful for it.

tiffany l  on 1/11/2018 9:43:27 AM

Hello, my name is Tiffany. I am a senior in high school... I would love to apply for this scholarship the reason is because I'm broke myself. I'm trying really hard at my best to pursue my career as a pharmacy tech. I'm on my own on my two feet trying to struggle from life to keep my head help up high. This scholarship would really mean to me so much. I want to show my parents that I am not a failure and that I can do it. I want to show them that I'm not a low-life bum. I want to show them the better me, stepping up as a proud daughter they always wanted. They think I can't pursue my Pharmacy Tech career but, I've always wanted this career since i was a little kid. Please help me.

Edlyan R  on 12/27/2017 3:23:49 PM

Greetings my name is Edlyan. In eighteen years of life, I decided that I want to go to college. Social justice is my passion, but must of all helping others. This is why I made the decision of becoming a Social Worker. There is a lot of engineers, doctors, attorneys and judges. Why not become a Psychologist or Social Worker like I wanna be. In this generation, the adolescents need help guiding them to a bright future. I aspire to help Hispanics like me that don't speak the native language in this country. Please consider me for this scholarship so I can accomplish this dream of mine.

Ayrmon W  on 6/25/2017 4:13:29 PM

Greetings my name is Ayrmon. God has gifted me the ability to do art and i plan on pursuing it in college. Art has always been apart of my life. My mom was an artist and helped me get started on this beautiful, expressive craft. I have been exposed to many different types of art whether on the television, books, internet, or my surroundings itself. Lord willing my future career can be in the animation field. I aspire to help rewrite how African-Americans and other races are perceived. In order to do so, i need the proper funds to help propel me forward. Please consider me for this scholarship as i embark on this journey to better myself as a person and others around me.

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