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January 15, 2024

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  • You and your family can choose from many different types of financial aid. The Texas Legislature established the TEXAS (Towards EXcellence, Access and Success) Grant to make sure that well-prepared high school graduates with financial need could go to college. To be eligible for a TEXAS Grant award, a student must be classified by the institution as a Texas resident, be registered with Selective Service, or be exempt and be able to demonstrate financial need, as determined by the institution.

    Applicants must be enrolled at least 3/4 time, not have earned a baccalaureate degree and not have been convicted of a felony or crime involving a controlled substance. Initial award priority consideration is given to high school graduation pathway and military pathway recipients who meet at least one high school graduation requirement. To continue receiving a TEXAS Grant award, an eligible student must meet all eligibility requirements, and meet yearly academic program requirements.
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Larissa N  on 1/28/2021 12:55:15 PM

Hello, my name is Larissa Navarro I'm currently In Del Rio early college high school, I'm a senior. During high school I played soccer since my freshman year. I would love to get this scholarships to help me and my family. I have two sisters and one brother so its a big family we have. My gpa is currently 2.5.My dream job is going to be a social worker.

Hayden I  on 11/11/2020 8:51:21 AM

My name is Hayden Ingram. I recently graduated from Little Elm High School class of 2020. I finished with a 4.61 GPA and was heavily involved in Marching band and concert band. My dream is to someday work at NASA, or the FBI studying criminal science. I am a very hard worker, winning several leadership and honors awards throughout my years in High School. This scholarship will allow me to continue my pursuit of education and enable me with the tools I need to make an impact on the world. I am so excited and passionate about making a difference and hope you will consider me for this scholarship. I just applied with UNT at Denton.

America D  on 9/24/2020 12:30:24 PM

Hi, my name is America Delacruz and I never had the real experience on getting a degree and if I do have the chance on winning this scholarship .I would help more time with my mother who only has a part time job and my dad too.I want to become the ideal for my little sister and be proud on our family.Im about to graduate this year 2021 ,im scared but im willing to get where my parents dreams come true.Have the ability to study dental hygienist.

Alyssa C  on 9/21/2020 7:20:18 PM

Hello, my name is Alyssa Coleman and I am currently a senior in high school. I would like the oppurtunity to major in fashion design at UNT. I would be the first person in my family to attend college and hopefully graduate as well. I am applying to get some financial relief for my mother and for myself as well.

Jennifer P  on 9/14/2020 9:10:21 AM

Hello, my name is Jennifer Pena and I would be very blessed if I could go to Sam Houston University. I would be the first person in my family that would go to college but we still don't know if I will be able to go because we have a lot of problems at home trying to get the money. I live with my mother and she doesn't have a full time job. I think I would be a great match for this scholarship. I plan to become a FBI Agent so I would have to study under Criminal Justice.

Jennifer P  on 9/11/2020 9:19:42 PM

Hello, my name is Jennifer Pena and I would be very blessed if I could go to Sam Houston University. I would be the first person in my family that would go to college but we still don't know if I will be able to go because we have a lot of problems at home trying to get the money. I live with my mother and she doesn't have a full time job. I think I would be a great match for this scholarship. I plan to become a FBI Agent so I would have to study under Criminal Justice.

Jennifer P  on 9/11/2020 1:36:08 PM

Hello, my name is Jennifer Pena and I would be very blessed if I could go to Sam Houston University. I would be the first person in my family that would go to college but we still don't know if I will be able to go because we have a lot of problems at home trying to get the money. I live with my mother and she doesn't have a full time job. I think I would be a great match for this scholarship. I plan to become a FBI Agent so I would have to study under Criminal Justice.

Ciara C  on 8/31/2020 11:14:43 AM

Hello, I am Ciara C. As a senior, I currently attend Needville High School. I would like to attend Kilgore Junior College for my first two college years and to earn the honor to dance with the legendary Kilgore Rangerettes. Next, I plan to attend Texas State College and become a Physical Therapist.

Carrington T  on 8/17/2020 3:52:54 PM

Hello, My name is Carrington from the Texas Gulf Coast. I will be a sophomore at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX. I finished my freshman year with a 4.0 GPA as a Biology major. I plan on obtaining a degree in Nursing and eventually becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I am applying to help alleviate some financial expenses from my Mother and reach my educational goals.

Samantha E  on 8/15/2020 4:25:41 PM

Hi, my name is Samantha. I’m from Texas and I hope to go to college. This scholarship will help me a lot, and my family. I want to help people, that’s why I aspire to become a Psychologist. I want to open doors for my future, and become someone that will change peoples lives.

Ben T  on 8/12/2020 12:37:11 AM

Hello, I am Ben. I am currently attending Mayde Creek Highschool and apply to Texas A&M to major in mechanical engineering. I plan to be an engineer specialized in robotics and structures. I am applying to achieve my dream of going to college for engineering.

Bradlee R  on 7/14/2020 8:20:41 PM

Hello my name is Bradlee Ross I am a 2020 graduating senior. I am currently accepted into Prairie view A&M as an nursing major. I applied for this college scholarship because I would really help me attend school. My parents already have 3 other children in college. As of now I am work trying to save up to pay for college

Isabella H  on 4/10/2020 2:48:01 AM

Hello, I am Isabella, I am a current high school senior at LEE and applied to 2-3 colleges but have a low chance of being accepted because I scored kind of low on my SATs but I did apply to a few colleges that might accept the scores. I have an older sibling who took a gap year and is now struggling to save money for college and I am the second oldest and don't want to make the same mistake. I have a single mom who's currently struggling because of everything going on (Corona Virus) and two younger siblings, I want them to be able to look up to me with the advantage of going to college, but I am doing this last minute. Sad to say everything is due in a week but I really am looking forward to going to college, if I can.

Mari C  on 1/31/2020 8:55:06 AM

Hello, I am Mari. I am currently attending Jersey Village High school and applied to University of Houston - Main Campus after college I plan to work as an art teacher or be in the field of Art. I am applying , to in hopes help out to pay for college and achieve my dream of actually going to college.

Devon H  on 12/18/2019 1:36:15 AM

Hello, I’m Devon. It’s nice to meet you. I’m from Kansas but I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore. I have successfully graduated from My local Highschool in Grand Prairie Texas. Currently I am taking classes at Mountain View community college to eventually acquire my associates of science. I plan to transfer to another credible 4 year Unicersity, but I’m currently on the decision of choosing which. I’m a full time student and a part time worker. My mother who workers very hard to support our family, works about everyday at her hospital as a RN. I’m applying to hopefully help myself pay for college and achieve my goal on getting my degree.

Kambrea J  on 11/7/2019 12:50:47 PM

Hello, my name is Kambrea and I've applied at several different colleges and universities in Texas so I will be able to accomplish my career as a clinical laboratory scientist. I would be the only in my family to have a diploma located in the medical field. I am just trying to go ahead , get my basics done , and finish the four years it takes for me achieve my goal.

Jennifer R  on 10/19/2019 10:17:41 AM

Hi i am Jennifer, i am from Irving TX i am recently enrolled in north lake college doing my basics to be a dental hygienist. I am the first generation in my family that is attending college so I am planning to transfer to Texas Woman's University and live on campus. At the moment I have been working to help my single mother with house bills as well as helping her with my 3 younger sisters meaning there isn't left money for us to put into my education. It is very important to me to get my associates of science along with my dental hygienist degree to make my mother proud of me.

juan g  on 9/5/2019 4:10:56 PM


Alyson W  on 9/3/2019 10:00:25 PM

This is Alyson from Ft. Worth, TX attending WTAMU. I have always had a passion for forensic psychology. Growing up with my parents watching crime shows and later reading books. I am applying for this scholarship to help pay for my college. My parents have taken care of my brother and I but now they also care for my grandma and my uncles which one has special needs. Both my parents went to college on line and recieved an associate's. My mom was 20 hours shy, she did all this while raising us, coaching our soccer teams and leading my girl scout troop. She always volunteered her time weather it be at the school, fields or selling cookies. All she has ever wanted was for me to attend school and have a career, never worry about anything. I am applying to help me achieve my dreams and to help ease the financial burden from my parents.

Sebastian A  on 8/12/2019 7:23:42 PM

Hello, my name is Sebastian and I am the first out of my family to go to college. I was a dual- credit student in high school and I come from a single-parent home. My mother basically raised me and my other 2 siblings while my father was working two jobs trying to support his family. My parents got separated when I was younger and I live with my mother. The reason I am applying for this scholarship is that my of college tuition, my mother financial salary is not enough she works in the cafeteria at a high school. My dream is to prove everyone wrong and show that all those nights my father and mother sacrificed was worth every penny.

Jahlynn F  on 7/25/2019 7:30:47 PM

Hello, my name is Jahlynn and my reasoning for applying for this scholarship is due to tuition costs. I come from a low income based family, am living on my own. I would like to give myself a better chance at making it and develop a skill through a chosen trade school close by to my current place of living!

Zackary B  on 7/3/2019 5:51:52 PM

Hello, I'm Zackary and I would be the first out of all my family to go to college. Both my parents grew up in poverty and couldn't afford college despite their academic achievement and had to work either through the military or job-to-job. My family has never had it easy, and even now I'm struggling to pay for my schooling. It's a dream for me to make it into college and make my parents and recently deceased grandmother proud.

Courtney Miller  on 3/22/2019 6:07:23 PM

When I go off to college I will be the first to go off to college out of all my siblings because, they did not go. My parents are deceased so it is hard for me to apply for colleges and then not know how I will be able to afford to go. I really want to attend college I try so hard and I would really love the experience.

Gentry Q  on 12/13/2018 12:16:51 PM

I'm the first person in my family to go to a university and the only member to want to get a doctorate. I want to get a Doctorate in psychology and minor in social work so I can provide counseling to kids in the system.

kayla c  on 11/15/2018 2:05:53 PM

If I graduate from college I will be the first person to graduate from college in my family. I would like to be an example to my young siblings.

Gregory M  on 11/2/2018 6:29:19 PM

This scholarship will help me greatly pay for my tuition if I win it. Which will in return help me start to save money for gradate school to become a PT.

perla s  on 10/31/2018 10:23:04 AM

I think as my perspective towards this scholarship would benefit my parents and myself to not be in financial debt.

Eli M  on 10/21/2018 6:52:57 PM

My name is Eli Martinez. I am born and raised in Texas. I love my Great State of Texas. Its history, our people and the many cultures that make us Texans' legendary. It would be a incredible opportunity to receive this Texas Grant Scholarship. The TG Scholarship would help pave my way to fulfilling many expenses on my journey to attend and graduate from college like my older brother. God Bless Texas! Thank you.

Mckildred R  on 10/17/2018 4:37:27 PM

This scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and also help me to provide a better living for my kids, as I continue to pursuing my education this scholarship will help me move up into a better position with my job.

Daisy C  on 9/26/2018 10:53:33 PM

This scholarship, would be setting a path towards my education once I graduate from High School. I am a proud Texan, and I would be very grateful to be given the chance to help out my parents and keep us out of debt with this scholarship.

Madison H  on 5/25/2018 1:26:25 PM

I would be extremely overjoyed to receive this scholarship. Being the oldest of four children, I would love to be able to help my parents in some way and not have to stress about the hardships of college.

William K  on 3/28/2018 10:06:52 PM

I think this scholarship could really benefit my educational path to college. As a proud Texan, I would love to receive this scholarship to help my parents not have to go into debt to help me go to college.

Ka'Darrius R  on 9/24/2015 9:29:19 PM

I would love to win this scholarship so my parent will not have to be in a financial hardship

srour a  on 9/2/2015 3:00:33 PM

my name is Srour Alhilli I did not apply for this scholarship because I did not know about it and today when I was login to the website scholarship.com and I find it and I am trying to see if I will be lucky to won this because that will help me with a lots of things for example to rent books etc....

Marshal R  on 7/16/2015 8:59:36 PM

Thank You