Russel Sage College eSports Scholarship

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Scholarship Description

This scholarship is for varsity collegiate eSports program offering scholarships ($15,000-$21,500) to Overwatch, Rocket League, and League of Legend players. Players participate in 1-2 games. Scholarship is $2,000 for eSports and $13,000-$19,500 merit scholarship (based on HS GPA). We are housed in the school athletic department and as such have all the same resources as the varsity sports teams.

We are building a state of the art arena in Troy, NY (PC pods, smartboards for VOD reviews, viewing area for watch parties, locker rooms), provide all PCs and peripherals to players, uniforms, practice jerseys, branded gear and bags, etc. There are competitive tryouts for the Varsity team, all players are eligible for the eSports scholarship, regardless of rank or skill level. There is no limit to how many players may claim the scholarship or roster size limits. Email contact or visit website to apply or request more information. Scholarship Search