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Pathway to Success Scholarship

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February 14, 2024
Awards Available: 1

Scholarship Description

The Atkins Educational Foundation commits to providing financial and personal support for first-generation female college students. We believe educating a woman not only allows her to improve her future but to change the trajectory of her family for generations to come. We achieve this goal by closing the gap between the aid she has received and the true cost of attending college. Our purpose is to provide resources and guidance throughout the student’s university experience from acceptance through graduation.

To be eligible for the Pathway to Success Scholarship, applicants must: be a first-generation female student entering freshman year (first-generation is defined as a student whose parents, grandparents and siblings did not attend college); be a Florida resident applying to a 4-year, public in-state university; and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (FAFSA) and a Florida Financial Aid Application (FFAA). Applicants must have applied to two other external scholarships. Dollar amounts will vary. Scholarship Search