PA State Grange Foundation Scholarship

The Grange Foundation Scholarship was established by delegate action in 1996. Candidates must be Fourth Degree Grange members in good standing for at least one year prior to applying. They must seek higher education in any field at any institution of higher learning and be in need of financial assistance.

Eligible applicants shall be entering their junior or senior year in college and may not receive the scholarship more than twice. The scholarship is a grant of $500, with no repayment required. More than one grant may be awarded per year, depending on the income available from the fund. The Selection Committee consists of the State Grange Overseer (Vice-President), one member of the State Grange Executive Committee and three appointed Grange members, at least one of whom is an educator. The Foundation Scholarship Fund is administered by the PA State Grange Esecutive Committee.

Deadline for applications is May 1st of each year. Applications are available at the State Grange office or via our website.

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