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June 30, 2021

Awards Available: 3

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  • Americanism Educational Leaders, which supports this scholarship, strives to provide students with opportunities to discover, understand, and appreciate some aspect of the American experience. This year's essay contest prompt is "We are a nation rich in diversity of all types. Please discuss how this diversity contributes to American life." Applicant must be a U.S. citizen who is a current undergraduate student in an accredited four-year U.S. college or university. Incoming first-year students and college students who graduated the year of the competition are eligible to apply. Essay should be between 1,500-2,000 words, including any footnotes or bibliographic citations. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
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  • Scholarship Committee
  • 24255 Pacific Coast Highway
  • Malibu, CA 90263-4786

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Theryn B.  on 2/8/2021 2:04:12 PM

Being Trans-Masculine means I can create art from said perspective, giving the LGBTQ+ Community something to look to in terms of representation, depending on how I put my work out into the world. I have considered things like animation to help send a message to younger audiences that they have every right and choice to love who they want and shouldn't be afraid to be themselves. I'm so excited to apply!

Parys B.  on 1/23/2021 8:21:24 PM

As an African American female, I would want nothing more than the opportunity to dive into the countless avenues my culture has affected this nation.

Jordan T.  on 1/15/2021 3:17:53 PM

Academically, I have high ambitions, not only in the colleges I'm applying for as a transfer student, but the amount of effort I'm willing to allocate towards reaching my goal. I am a black/caucasian male and since I have been living my whole life as one who doesn't conform completely to either of my two races, it gave me the ability to view diversity with a birds-eye-view and immerse myself in multiple cultures. This, I suppose, is the reason for my applying for this scholarship.

Christopher D.  on 12/23/2020 8:57:27 PM

Being half-Filipino I've experienced two sides of diverse culture and tradition. I was always fascinated with the stories my father would tell of his younger years within Filipino culture (especially food).This essay prompt is right up my ally!

Victoria G.  on 12/3/2020 10:52:53 AM

I am honored to do this scholarship to express how diversity can shape an american life.

Anh T.  on 12/3/2020 10:29:27 AM

This scholarship topic seems so interesting, I can't wait to dive into it!

Jordyn G.  on 11/6/2020 9:14:38 AM

I’m excited to apply

Anna S  on 10/30/2020 10:55:09 PM

Being adopted from China and living through the American expeience and how I have had a view of it from my small town!

Nathan D  on 10/13/2020 8:44:19 AM

This is a great topic worthy of discussion. I am excited to share my thoughts and experiences.

Tindra J.  on 8/19/2020 9:45:23 PM

I am thrilled to write this essay about the american experience, considering I became an american citizen when I was young.

Chavi E.  on 8/19/2020 6:13:40 AM

I think this is a very important topic and interesting. I hope I can apply. Thank you

Isabella Murguia  on 8/13/2020 7:31:06 PM

Looks like it will be fun and interesting to write! Excited to get started.

Anthony H  on 8/3/2020 12:07:04 AM

This essay prompt could not be more relevant with how the world is right now. I look forward to applying and diving into the topic of cultural diversity. Best of luck to the other applicants!

klara .B  on 6/26/2020 9:13:44 AM

i cannot wait to discuss this essay . I would be very gratful to be apart of the scholarship program ,most importantly win the program and save up for college.

Anthony H  on 6/22/2020 12:57:52 PM

This essay prompt could not be more relevant with how the world is right now. I look forward to applying and diving into the topic of cultural diversity. Best of luck to the other applicants!

Caroline S  on 6/10/2020 9:14:11 AM

Looking forward to providing my insight to the prompt at hand. I appreciate the broadness of the quote we are instructed to elaborate on, and believe it is a crucial topic to discuss in todays climate.

Denisa L  on 6/9/2020 8:25:40 AM

Such a timely and necessary conversation for students to have; I'm excited to share my ideas on this.

Kennedy J.  on 6/1/2020 7:40:40 PM

Diversity is an extremely important topic to talk about. I am excited to apply for this great scholarship opportunity. Good luck everybody!

Matt C  on 5/5/2020 1:17:18 PM

Thank you for giving others and me the opportunity to participate in such a discussion. I look forward to applying and writing the essay!

roy beard  on 5/1/2020 4:12:37 PM

i look forward to delivering a power message through my expression of the prompt.

Kiaria J.  on 3/21/2020 2:17:41 PM

I can not wait to discuss such topic. I think that this scholarship is an excellent opportunity for students to externalize their appreciation for diversity and more.

Samantha G  on 6/21/2018 1:12:52 PM

I appreciate that the essay does not have to agree with the prompt, and is instead judged on quality, facts, and whether you present a good argument or not. This is pretty unique compared to other essay based scholarships. Thank you! I will be applying soon.

Aenea L  on 6/14/2018 7:51:58 PM

This sounds very interesting, and I'll be applying as soon as I can!

Daniel O  on 5/22/2018 5:12:38 PM

I will apply for this scholarship later today, Hopefully i will I will get it. Good luck to everyone!!

Brooke D  on 6/11/2015 11:25:27 AM

I applied to this scholarship! I hope to hear something back soon! Thank you


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