Niche College Scholarship

Be the Change the Veterinary Profession Needs!

September 30, 2024
Awards Available: 6

Scholarship Description

Are you inspired to create a compassionate world for all species? Have you faced retaliation for trying to push for positive change? Do you have a vision for what human beings’ relationship with other species should look like? Tell us your story and enter a chance to win a scholarship award of up to $5000!

Applicants should be current veterinary student or veterinary student who has been accepted to an accredited DVM program. Applicants should also have prior volunteer or work experience with an animal rights/ animal protection/ animal welfare organization.

To enter, applicants must write a 500-750 word essay or submit a 2-5 minute video on one of the following prompts:

What inspired you to become a veterinarian and how do you envision helping change the profession to one that is kinder to all beings regardless of species?

Have you ever confronted a situation where you had to choose between your ethics and progressing in your coursework? If so, how did you navigate that? If you haven’t experienced such a dilemma, how do you expect to handle it?

Describe an instance where you were faced with the challenge of doing the right thing for others and your own personal gain. How did you navigate that?

What role should having compassion for all species, and considering the best interest of others, play in addressing climate change, public health, and food security?

What are the challenges of being a vegan veterinary student or vegan veterinarian?

Have you experienced directed DARVO tactics when voicing concerns about how we use and treat animals in institutional veterinary medicine?

Examples of when veterinary practices, veterinary organizations, and associations, animal advocacy organizations, or veterinary schools perpetuate Institutional Betrayal when volunteers, employees, veterinarians, or students raise concerns about harming animals or other forms of misconduct. Scholarship Search