2010 Winners

$1,000 Scholarships.com Computer Science Scholarship Award Winner

Katie M.
Wilmington, NC

"How was I going to pay for college? That was the ultimate question I asked myself after I was admitted. There is so much 'free money' out there waiting, but it was hard to find scholarships that I would be able to relate to and apply for. Scholarships.com made it much easier for my quest to finding the perfect match. All I did was make a profile that was true to myself and they did all the rest to pinpoint me to scholarships that were right for me. Who knows? They may even surprise you with a scholarship when you think your search is over!"


- Katie


$1,000 Scholarships.com Design Scholarship Award Winner

Carlos V.
Dixon, CA

"Thank you Scholarships.com for helping me afford my education. The website was very easy to use and I am definitely going to recommend this website to my friends who are also going to college. I’m really glad I found this website and I appreciate you for helping not only me but all of these people on Scholarships.com. Thanks again!"

- Carlos


$1,000 Scholarships.com Culinary Arts Scholarship Award Winner

Peter M.
Ukiah, CA

"I just graduated from high school and when it came down to paying bills, Scholarships.com had my back. I now am able to pay for some school, books, and rent. Because of the extra money, I don't have to worry as much about the costs of going to school and now actually focus on school. I also don't have to work as much and that means more study and school time! Thank you Scholarships.com!!!"

- Peter


$1,000 Scholarships.com Business Scholarship Award Winner

Emily S.
Elko, MN

"My senior year of high school my college adviser had suggested I go to Scholarships.com for financial assistance. This was some of the best advice I had ever received. Scholarships.com has aided me in finding many possible scholarships. Having the option to remove or add scholarships as favorites to my list helps me to stay organized and focused on the scholarships that would be best for me. Also, it is very helpful when Scholarships.com emails me updates when there are new scholarships available."

- Emily


$1,000 Scholarships.com Art Scholarship Award Winner

Samantha S.
Milford, OH

"My experience at Scholarships.com was simple but enjoyable. Ever since the 8th grade I knew I wanted to persue my dreams of becoming a photographer, Scholarships.com helped me with that! Although I didn't enter for a lot of scholarships, it was very helpful for me to help make my dream a reality. Thank you Scholarships.com you are awesome!"

- Samantha


$1,000 Scholarships.com Law Scholarship Award Winner

Steve M.
Lakewood, CO

Steve is attending Metropolitan State College of Denver pursuing a double major in Economics and Finance. Although he went to Lakes High School, Steve never graduated because he took a GED and joined the military (US Navy) prior to graduation. Steve had a great 10-year career.

"I like to tell people I'm in my mid-life education crisis since I am an older student, but I just love learning. I'd probably stay in school forever if I could afford it. I only wish I had done it before, because a lot of my dreams and aspirations, like studying law, got put on hold for far too long. I am glad I decided to follow my dreams and go back to school. I was inspired by many people who did the same thing and it helped me realize it's never too late (or too early for that matter). I enjoy attending Metropolitan State College of Denver. The people here have been a great help in guiding me toward my goals. I am currently working on a double major in Economics and Finance, and am considering adding a minor in Accounting. The staff here is as committed as I've ever seen to giving every student a top-quality education. I have gotten so much help from my advisors, professors, and the staff here at Metro that I feel privileged to be able to volunteer my time and energy to give something back and help enrich the lives of other students. I am honored to be serving as a justice on the Student Court, and I am also the current President of the Financial Management Association here at Metro. I was recently notified I was selected for the Provost's Honor Roll. Without financial aid I wouldn't have been able to pursue my dreams and achieve any of this. Scholarships.com is a great resource in navigating the world of financial aid. I was simply ecstatic to be selected for a scholarship and highly recommend this service to all my fellow students. We all need help sometimes, and scholarships.com really makes a difference!"

- Steve

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$1,000 Scholarships.com History Scholarship Award Winner

Shaynah J.
New Brunswich, NJ

Shaynah will be attending Columbia University and her intended major will be history, anthropology, or archaeology. However, she will be entering college with an open mind, so that she can take full advantage of everything and every experience that Columbia has to offer.

In addition to being a history fanatic, Shaynah loves playing and watching sports. She is a varsity golf player for her high school and is very obsessed with all levels of football. In the future, Shaynah plans on becoming a curator of a world renowned museum and also plans on participating (and maybe sponsoring) significant archaeological digs in the Middle and Near East.

"Scholarships.com has definitely assisted me in a significant way. When it came to applying for scholarships, Scholarships.com made my searches easier by just displaying rewards that matched my interests and intended majors. Unlike other sites, Scholarships.com took away the hassle of searching through hundreds of scholarships and that in itself made Scholarships.com my primary tool for searching for scholastic and monetary rewards."

- Shaynah

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$1,000 Scholarships.com Health Scholarship Award Winner

Lauren S.
New Brunswich, NJ

Lauren is a senior microbiology and biochemistry major at Miami University. While at Miami, she has worked in a biochemistry laboratory studying bacterial enzymes that inactivate antibiotics, and, through her research, she has been selected as a Arnold and Mabel Beckman Scholar and a Dean’s Scholar.

Lauren’s passion for global health began in mid-2008 after reading “Mountains Beyond Mountains” by Tracy Kidder. She attended Miami University’s Leadershape Institute that summer and developed a vision of eliminated health inequalities worldwide. Since then, she has traveled to Honduras and Haiti and has been selected as a finalist for a Fulbright scholarship to study global health in Sweden. She hopes to obtain her Ph.D in an infectious disease-related field and to one day work for an international health agency, such as the CDC or WHO.

"I sincerely thank Scholarships.com for this wonderful award, as it will greatly help in funding my study at Miami. I have used Scholarships.com for quite some time, just to browse and see what opportunities are out there. I have found it to be an excellent service, always easy to navigate and always providing a full and complete list of personalized choices! Thank you so much for this great website!"

- Lauren

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