Steve M.

$1,000 Law Scholarship Award Winner

I have had an interest in studying Law since I was a teenager. To me, law is one of the most fascinating fields of both study and practice because to be a good attorney, it seems to me at least; you have to have an understanding of so many fields of education and knowledge. You have to not only understand the law as it is written, but you need to also understand people, science, philosophy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, psychology, etc. After serving ten years in the military and having a larger-than-average family (5 children) I had all but given up on the idea of ever attending law school. I decided to study for a double major in Economics and Finance when I finally returned to college a year and a half ago. When I met with my department advisors I discovered both had law degrees and were still licensed to practice. They both encouraged me to follow my dream and seek a degree in law. In fact, both suggested I consider Juris Doctorate program because I was a logical thinker and good student. What sealed the deal for me was meeting several attorneys who had gone to law school later in life. They convinced me that it shouldn’t be a consideration that I happen to be a little older, and the life experience I had would actually be of some benefit to me. I decided to start taking at least one law or pre-law class a semester even if it meant pushing back my graduation date for a semester or two. I’m really glad I did because these are always my favorite classes (and I do well in them). I am applying to the honors program since my GPA is within the guidelines, and I work hard to keep it up so I will be accepted into law school. Last year I was nominated and accepted a position as a Student Court Justice and have sat on the bench for almost a year now. I enjoy it and am greatly honored to have been chosen for such an important role.

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