Brisas P.

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Computers can become an addiction to young and old alike. They are relatively easy to use so students are always on the computer. It is far more comfortable and less threating to communicate with a computer than to interact with a human being. Plus, it’s easy to find a website on just about any topic and who doesn’t communicate on social networks. It is so flexible and relatively easy to use that people would rather spend hours in front of their computers than to socialize with others. And the results are catastrophic:Illiteracy is growing at rapid speeds, the divorce rate is at its highest rate and depression seems to surround our society. It is as if the computers are taking over our worlds and our minds.


A lot of people have lost touch with their real life because of their obsession with cyberspace. They are so caught up with new electronics coming out and so busy playing video games that they forget about the more important things in life. It would be foolish to deny the importance and benefits that computers and technology have in our lives;however, abusing these tools can cause more harm than good. For example, many people prefer to type because the computer does spellcheck, making it easy to neglect the importance of spelling. Others spend hours on Facebook, video games and watching movies online. They are so immersed in this new world that they abandon all their real responsibilities. And students aren’t alone; professionals lose their jobs for using company time to visit non-work related websites and certain politicians have been caught surfing inappropriate sites too!

The solution is simple, prospective college student need to scheduletheir priorities. This will help them to set limits and allow them to spend an adequate amount of time using these resources and get the most out of technology. It will also free up some time to spend with family, friends and to explore the world and their surroundings. This well-balanced life would be beneficial to professionals as well as world leaders.

Technology offers a wealth of knowledge, it has updated resources and one can access multiple forms of communication with just a click of a button; however, when abused it can have serious detrimental effects of people. To avoid this one must set boundaries to ensure proper use, set an agenda and determining priorities. I believe this will helpsolve the negative effects of such useful tools.


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