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  • A Federal Pell Grant, unlike a loan, does not have to be repaid. Federal Pell Grants usually are awarded only to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or a professional degree. (In some cases, however, a student enrolled in a postbaccalaureate teacher certification program might receive a Federal Pell Grant.) You are not eligible to receive a Federal Pell Grant if you are incarcerated in a federal or state penal institution or are subject to an involuntary civil commitment upon completion of a period of incarceration for a forcible or nonforcible sexual offense. Amounts can change yearly. The amount you get, though, will depend on: your financial need, your cost of attendance, your status as a full-time or part-time student and your plans to attend school for a full academic year or less. You can receive the Federal Pell Grant for no more than 12 semesters or the equivalent (roughly six years). You'll receive a notice if you're getting close to your limit. If you have any questions, contact your financial aid office. Your school can apply Federal Pell Grant funds to your school costs, pay you directly, or combine these methods. For more information, please visit the Federal Student Aid website.
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  • Federal Student Aid
  • P.O. Box 84
  • Washington, DC 20044-0084
  • 800-433-3243

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Robert C  on 7/14/2019 2:42:15 PM

Hi, my name is Bobby, I’m transferring from a CC to UMass Amherst, My Dad lost his job over the past 3 years, after 29 years at the same company, I attended a 2 year CC previously because it was a great way to save money. We will need to pay a 4 year school now. My Dad did finally find a job at 59 years old but we are still catching up with the bills.

Karlexia W  on 7/10/2019 1:25:50 PM

I’m an incoming Freshman at ULM I come from a single parent home where my mother doesn’t have a job where live because she is to over qualified because of here degree she trying her best to put me in school but with the savings it’s not even possible.

Cecilia J  on 7/7/2019 11:57:49 PM

I'm single mom struggling financially to raise two daughters. I have a very decent job with a very decent salary but still struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. My salary on paper is very nice, but after all the taxes, union dues, benefits costs and mandatory deductions my employer mandates, I barely bring home enough. Pell grants look at a person gross income, not net income. My daughter applied and we were shocked at the low amount she was granted. Although we are extremeley grateful she qualified for something, we're still trying to figure out how we're going to pay for college. Hopefully there are people out there getting very nice amounts.

Jeremiah W  on 7/6/2019 6:58:21 AM

Hi my name is Jeremiah, I will be attending Concordia University in Michigan this fall where I will major in Computer Science and Minor in Marching band. I will be the first male in my family to attend college so, I'm super excited. My Mom has done a great job trying to make away for me to attend Concordia but she has ran out of options. I'm asking for your support please so, that I will be able to attend college this fall. I don't have an interesting story to share with you all I have is love for my mom and watching her struggle to find away for me to attend college is so hard to watch. Please help us?

Marisa M  on 6/28/2019 10:47:21 AM

After my mom was diagnosed with ovarian and stomach cancer for 7 years she recently passed away, it was really hard on everybody around me including my younger sister. A lot of my family memebers seemed to start giving up any effort and I saw how discouraged my younger sibling seemed. This broke my heart but gave me means to be a role model for her, to persevere when things don’t seem to get better. God has given me the strength to keep looking for opportunities and hopefully this is one I can take advantage of. I’m currently enrolling at GCU but I’m in need of 40k and hopefully I get to my goal. Have a blessed day to everyone.

Faith H  on 6/10/2019 1:24:41 AM

When I was growing up my family was and still is all about love. My father showed me that love by working hard, I grew up with very little and to this day I don't have much, but there is one thing I have and it's a passion for my family. My mother and father have never had much so they told me to work hard, study, and learn so one day I can have the life they never hade. For my college is not just about my future, you see, it's about my parents future. I want to be able to take of them and give them security so my 53 year old father no longer has to work dead end warehouse jobs, living pay check to pay check. Do I want to take care of myself? Of course, but they are the most important people in my life, and I want to be able to take care of them.

Brooke H  on 6/7/2019 2:46:46 PM

Hi my name is Brooke! I will be attending University of Nebraska Kearney, currently I am a communications disorder major, but I think I want to change it to political science, so I can become a lawyer. My goal if I become a lawyer is to help women and family of sexual violence. This is a personal experience I faced. This grant would help so much for the future and for my goal to help other people!

Genevieve H  on 5/17/2019 12:49:04 PM

It is really hard to find a job these days without some form of graduate education, and Virginia Commonwealth University is the institution that fits different careers that I am considering. Some students have a specific career in mind when applying for colleges, but many have little idea of the specific career they would like to pursue when graduated. Right now, I consider either a career in psychology or dentistry. To help me to make up my mind, I decide to double major in dental and psychology so that both options remain open. I hope that by deepening the two topics, I will understand what really interests me and where I can see myself in the future.

Chase C  on 5/17/2019 5:40:06 AM

Hi my name is Chase and I currently enrolled at University of Maine double majoring in Fiance and Business Management with a minor in Political Science. College expense is raising and I have been working in the summers as well as working while in school and it is difficult to cover all expenses. This grant would help me tremendously to continue my education. Please consider me in awarding grants it would help so much. Thank you

kasey c  on 5/16/2019 8:37:37 AM

Hi my name is Kasey , and I am going to major in Health Services Administration. I plan on going to Old Dominion University. Attending here will cost thousands of dollars and even a small portion of this scholarship would help me tremendously. Im going to be working while in college in order to help with the expenses.

Gabriel M  on 5/13/2019 2:51:24 PM

I have been accepted in Politecnica University of Puerto Rico for mechanical engineering. I need this scholarship to be able to pay for my Bachelor degree. I hope you can select me and help me financially to make my dream come true.

nicholas d  on 5/12/2019 8:46:34 AM

I am going to computer programming its something that I just started doing and i'm in love with. I was accept into Bloomfield college and the price is higher then I expected. Its the only college that would accept me.

Makenzie M  on 5/8/2019 7:55:52 PM

I am going for my Bachelor's in Social work. My plan is to help as many people/families/etc as I possible can. I live on my own and financially taking care of myself. I'm going in full-time and working full-time as well, 12 hour days 3 to 4 days a week depending on the week. I'm super excited to further my education and do something I love, helping people. I know this job will have its up and downs but as long as I can help at least one person a day if with doing the simple things, I know I'm doing something right. I wish everyone luck and good wishes for all you are going for and achieving!

Nicholas V  on 5/7/2019 12:40:27 PM

I have been accepted to ODU, for Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Marine Engineering. I could really use the federal grants. Thank you,

Kerri M  on 5/5/2019 3:42:11 PM

I've been accepted into Boise Bible College (physiology/consoling) department and need to get financial help in paying for my schooling.

Kymber L  on 5/5/2019 1:37:19 PM

I'm eager to pursue a degree in Nursing, and later work towards my degree as a Nurse Practitioner. I want to be able to provide medical services to those who live in rural areas and may not have access to good medical care. I don't know why college is so expensive. I believe I will owe more in college debt than I will make for the first several years of my career. If I'm chosen for this grant, I will be sure to maintain excellent grades. In addition, post graduation and starting my career, I plan to give back to other students who want to pursue a college education, to spare them the burden of loans and excessive debt. Thank you-KCLee

Zachary M  on 5/5/2019 6:02:12 AM

why do so many people comment on these things

Theresa D  on 12/7/2018 4:23:08 PM

After too many years of waiting for the perfect timing to be able to get into college, I am finally able to start this dream at 45. I am enrolled at Cedar Valley in Lancaster, TX to become a vet technician. I have always wanted to be in this field due to my love of animals big and small. I volunteered at Spokane Humane Society and worked in their clinic for about 2 years learning about surgeries as well as all other aspects of working in this field. I was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia in 2009 so had to stop working full time. I felt pretty defeated and thought that my dream was no longer able to be accomplished. I was recently reminded that I do have this opportunity even at my age...so I applied and got accepted!

Alek D  on 12/4/2018 4:56:14 PM

My name is Alek Douangchak-Settharat. I am currently enrolled in Georgia State University as a college freshman and wish to pursue a career in finance. This career choice was not chosen by me but rather my family who are all in military or civil service, so I will be the only child in maybe 27 years to pursue a job that does not involve military or civil service. I graduated at Duluth High School in 2018 with a 3.2 GPA and I am currently enrolled in the HOPE scholarship but I wish for a bit more money that way my parents do not have to worry so much about me and at least relax a bit. Although I do wish to enlist and serve the United States as they have provided me and my family with many opportunities, if my family wishes me to pursue finance as a financial banker than I have to respect their wishes. My only wish is to make my parents and my elders proud and to show them that I am responsible with my choices.

Cynthia H  on 11/7/2018 10:39:19 PM

Hello. My name is Cynthia Hubbard. Well, to start my life I was born in Macon, Georgia along with my twin brother. I lived there until I was six when my mom divorced my father. I then moved to California where I met my biological father, and there my mother married him. I moved around a lit as a child as my mom and dad had there problems, so I can't really say I ever really had a home. I went to nine different elementary schools and moved 11 times in those six years. And I went to two different middle schools. I even moved back to Georgia for half a year. Then when I was eleven my mother divorced my second father. This whole time the only one I had was my twin brother with me through it all. I finally moved to Nevada where I spent all four years of high school. Now i am perusing my dream to become a teacher. No matter where I went, not one teacher knew just how to handle my ADHD. One school even tried to put my into the special ed class even though I excelled all of her students. All because I had ADHD. I wish that one day I will be able to start an ADHD aware program as a teacher, and hopefully am able to spread the word about what it really means to grow up with ADHD. I want teachers to understand we cannot help it, we just need a little push at times. I want the world to know the truth and how to help children growing up with ADHD. So, a little money to help me through college, so that I may one day make that a dream a reality would be astonishing.

jordan p  on 11/7/2018 1:46:57 PM

I want to become a Computer Scientist and study Software Engineering. School has always been really hard for me ever since I was young, I've always doubted myself and was quick to give up because I was scared. Fiances as well have been hard. I'm trying to save money for college before I transfer and then I'll have to apply for a loan and work as many hours part-time while also attending school. So I'm trying to apply for as many Scholarships and grants as I can so I won't have to be in debt. But after graduating high school in 2015 and I'm currently in the Community College district. I have been working really hard on not giving up and not let my fear or give excuses, distract me from pursuing what I really want to do for my career. I hope to transfer to a State or University by 2019. My dream School is MIT and Georgia Tech.

Wilnerson V  on 11/6/2018 10:21:03 AM

Hello, my name is Wilnerson Vincent. I am the first in my family to ever go to college. I go to salem state university and this fall was supposed to be my second year in college, but I was not able to attend because I did not have the money to pay. My mom tries her best to help but unfortunately she can't as shes disabled and her and my father are separated, so I'm not getting any help from him. I really want to go to college and graduate, not only to help my mom, but so that my younger sister and brother can follow my footstep. Anything would help. Thanks in advanced.

Khoi N  on 11/5/2018 6:09:39 PM

Hi, my name is Khoi Nguyen. I need this grant, because I do not want my parents to have a burden of paying for my tuition. I want to take care of them, so that they can live with ease.

Emani G  on 11/1/2018 12:31:04 PM

Hi my name is Emani Gaines , i have lived in Orlando ,FL my entire life , different obstacles through my life with my mom taking on being the legal guardian of my cousins money become tight and i had to push off the years of starting college , I really want to have a degree i feel like it’s a key part of life, I’m just looking for extra help

John T  on 10/25/2018 8:20:39 PM

I am 46 and interested in going back to school. Is there anything out there in Pell grants for me also Hispanic maybe some Native American in me. Also I do not know my gpa

Christina P  on 10/23/2018 5:42:49 PM

Hello, my name is Christina Paden and I am from Newburgh, Ny but I moved to California in September. I applied for this scholarship because it can help move me to my future goals of Social Work. My major will be to help young and emerging adults through difficult times in their loves. These times can include family hardships, eating disorders, or general help where they feel no-one is listening. I know that this scholarship can help finance me to better my learning skills and help me help those future young and emerging adults shape their lives. My dreams are simple: I want to be the push in the door they need, that I never got when I was growing up. My dreams are their dreams.

Alek D  on 10/23/2018 5:15:09 PM

My name is Alek Douangchak-Settharat, and I am currently enrolled as a 1st year in Georgia State University. My major is finance although at first I wished to pursue the study of psychology but my mother convinced me otherwise. Really this is all about her as she has worked long hours and encouraged me to go to college. I have good grades and I am still currently eligible for the HOPE scholarship but I know this Grant will help alleviate some of the burden my parents are having to pay for the rest of college.

Katelyn R  on 10/22/2018 5:31:12 PM

Hello there. My name is Katelyn Rodgers, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. I have been in school for about eight months, maintaining a 3.94 GPA. It is my absolute dream to make a difference in the mental health field. As someone who has struggled with mental health conditions, I can honestly say it is with all my heart desires to take my experiences, and to earn the required credentials behind the mental health field, to do what it is I feel I have been placed on this earth to accomplish The only dilemma that occurs, is the financial stability. If I were to receive a scholarship, It would help contribute to the financial portion of it, and to just chase my dreams without financial concerns.

Katelyn R  on 10/22/2018 5:29:43 PM

Hello there. My name is Katelyn Rodgers, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. I have been in school for about eight months, maintaining a 3.94 GPA. It is my absolute dream to make a difference in the mental health field. As someone who has struggled with mental health conditions, I can honestly say it is with all my heart desires to take my experiences, and to earn the required credentials behind the mental health field, to do what it is I feel I have been placed on this earth to accomplish The only dilemma that occurs, is the financial stability. If I were to receive a scholarship, It would help contribute to the financial portion of it, and to just chase my dreams without financial concerns.

Erica L  on 10/19/2018 3:36:03 PM

Please grant me a portion of this scholarship so I can show my children and husband that you're never too old to complete college. It's been a long struggle caring for a mentally ill mother, an absent father, no other blood family, and pulling myself up by my bootstraps. A little help would truly be appreciated and will go a long way. Thank you!

Sarea T  on 10/16/2018 7:00:35 PM

In order to further my knowledge and education I am applying for your scholarship. I am currently enrolled in Kieser University for my bachelors program to eventually become a physicians assistant. I had become most interested in the medical field when my mother had found out she had a brain tumor. She had a successful surgery to remove it but then began to experience many complications including confusion, infections, and trouble weening from controlled pain medications. I feel it is my duty to help all those in need no matter the circumstance. I have always loved school and gaining more knowledge through classes and experiences. School is one important step to change the community and to gain knowledge needed to succeed. In order to do so I need help with funding. Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope you hear from someone soon. Sarea Toothaker

Kailee J  on 10/4/2018 9:53:48 PM

Congratulations, you are now reading the ramblings of an indiviual just trying to to better themselves through knowledge acceptance. My name is Kailee Jackson, born and raised in the heart of the driest part of Texas where there isn't any water based area for miles. I may have grown up in the dust bowl but I have had big dreams of living along the ocean and studying it's creatures. I graduated high school at eighteen in 2017, attended a junior college that following August, and graduated from South Plains College exactly one year later, in 2018. I long to be a Marine Biologist and help with the conservation of our water based life forms because they are vastly important to our environment and future on this planet. To add, I have been capable of paying for my education since I was a sophomore in high school; paid for approximately eighty percent of my eleven thousand dollar, twelve month learning excursion, and am just now, at the higth of my promising transfer, needing true assistance in furthing my education.

Mark G  on 9/8/2018 10:37:04 PM

Hello, my name is Mark Ghaly. Recently, a very major death in the family occurred and my whole family was devastated, emotionally and financially. My brother has a student debt and my only working parent, my dad, is not able to support his three children, even when working 2 jobs a day. He struggles to feed us even though he tries his best and therefore, I want to major in biology to have a good job later on and do what my father couldn't. For this, I'm in need of major aid. Hopefully, this grant can come through.

Katelyn R  on 9/7/2018 7:24:15 PM

Hello there. My name is Katelyn Rodgers. Born and raised in Stockton, California. It has always been a dream for me to make a drastic change within the mental health community. Having being someone who has suffered from severe manic depression, and various other issues has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of mental illness. Although I have my hopes and dreams and all I wish to accomplish, the financial portion of those dreams is definitely a struggle. I want nothing more than to break the stigma of mental health, and become the change I wish to see. While having the credentials behind my plans, there is nothing that can prevent me for reaching for these goals.

christian w  on 9/3/2018 9:15:21 PM

I would love to be the first in my family to go straight to college from high. My Grandfather spent 20 years in the military and went to college. I have worked hard in school and I love to go out and get a degree so I can help others like he did.

Mariah F  on 8/15/2018 3:02:24 PM

Good day. My name is Mariah Fernandez and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I have lived in Chicago all of my life and in recent years Chicago has become a some what of a battlefield. Gone are the days of playing outside, riding bikes and just playing the normal kids games outside because of the High Crime, violence and killing. Its my go to become a teacher and to work to make Chicago safe again for all. I want to be a part of the change that is coming and be a part of educating the young girls and boys to become men and women with a purpose. Chicago children will not be forgotten there is so much good in the city of Chicago and I want to be a part of bringing out the very best in the children.

Egypt R  on 8/13/2018 6:48:17 PM

Hello my name is Egypt Rouser. My whole life I have lived in Jackson, Ms. While there i was in school but while in school I had to overcome a lot of obstacles. Before I was even born my mother had suffered from mental illness. Being a child of course this was something that I could not understand. Although my mother had a caretaker who was her sister she mainly did not do her job. This left me to have to take care of my mother while I still had to deal with my studies not to forget that our only source of income was government assistance. As a child this was stressful for me because most of this money went towards bills and what was left could barely buy us what we needed for the house. As a child I learned to deal with it but still it did take its toll on me. Years later my brother stepped in to ensure that I made it to the next level of my life. While I did make it still I do not have the financial stability to help me pay for my tuition in college. My lack of knowledge about grants and loans caused me to miss the opportunity to accept federal loans that were offered to me. Now I am here trying to make up for it. The deadline to pay my tuition is almost here. If i do not manage to get it paid off my brother claims he will move me back to Mississippi. Which breaks my heart because I know I will not be able to get the same experience and education there that I would get here.

Justin H  on 8/7/2018 4:20:26 PM

Hi, my name is Justin Hill and i just looking for extra money to go to school. I want to be a graphic designer. I know various of programs already and the school i want to go to is Full Sail University. I feel as though that this is the college i need to be present in. Extra money will help out a lot so if you read up until this point i appreciate you.

Garret G  on 8/4/2018 3:55:46 PM

I am entering my second year of school this fall. My parents do not have the money needed to help me continue next year, let alone the next semester. I could really use the grant to help pay for my dorm and books. The financial aid office is not able to get me qualified for any additional funding with student loans. I am studying to become a wildlife officer and there are not any scholarships, that I can find, for that field. Any help at all would go along way to helping me secure a future as a wildlife officer. Thank you!!!

Kirsten H  on 8/2/2018 2:43:32 PM

Good afternoon, I am interested in this grant for I am technically the new first-generation college student. I say this because my older sister would have been the first but sadly she had to quit going to college due to her having an unexpected baby that happened to be born 10 weeks early. With the baby being born early the medical bills have taken a toll on my family and I. Putting us in a struggle to get the money for my college. This grant would be very helpful in furthering my education. If you could please inform me on how to apply for this grant that would be much appreciated

Shakur M  on 7/26/2018 2:44:34 PM

Hi, my name is Shakur McGarrity. I've been told all my life I have a learning disability. My school thought it was not good for me to go to a university. I can't lie it was a struggle for me to make it out of high school and I did. I graduated from high school and I also got accepted to Bluffton University. I play football and I am excited about going there. But it looks like with everything I have been through. I may not be able to go because my mom can't afford it. I need 12,700 for the year. I am praying i cant get a loan nor she can. I just want to prove to my self and everyone else that even with some short coming you can still be great at what you love with hard work and dedication.

Jacob P  on 7/22/2018 10:43:59 PM

Evening. This Fall semester is new since i barely went to college for a few classes. Currently my financial state is in a curve ball with rent with my mother and working hard to get money for paying for my college tuition. I do appreciate any sort of opportunity you can give.

Kristen N  on 7/19/2018 6:03:34 PM

I am trying to better myself and go to college.

brandin s  on 7/18/2018 8:43:26 AM

Hi my name is Brandin Shields. I am writing this post because I really need help in returning college degree. My job now Is barely cutting it! I live mainly pay check to pay check due to high cost on rent. I don't get any help from my parents and pay a total of 800+ on rent plus unities. I want to go back to school and I'm scared of having to pay back a loan just to fulfill my dreams with going to school for cyber security. My current gpa in school is a 3.4. I am willing to do anything to not have to pay back a loan and help my family out.Please fulfill my dreams. Thanks Brandin

Danielle S  on 7/17/2018 6:41:00 PM

I am looking forward to hopefully receiving the Federal Pell Grant. This scholarship will help me so much going about to school. I am a stay-at-home-mom with a newborn baby and would love to go back to Chicago State University this Fall Semester as a Sophomore. I am already in dept with loans and bad enough my financial status is poor. I work part-time.

Jaquelynn S  on 7/16/2018 7:45:38 AM

Good Morning. This upcoming fall semester will be my second year attending The University Of Pittsburgh at Titusville as a first-generation college student. Having a 3.9 GPA my first year has encouraged the university to help me with financial aid; however, this year will be even more difficult for my family's financial aid situation. I am applying in the hopes that I receive this grant to benefit my second year of college and my family's financial situation. I appreciate this opportunity to apply.

Jason K  on 7/1/2018 1:52:56 PM

Good Evening, I am interested in this grant for I am a first generation student and need all the help I can get. Being the first in my family to attend college the cost impacted us and every year struggle to get the money together to pay for all the necessities that come with college in addition to the general tuition costs. If you could please let me know how I can apply for this grant it would be much appreciated!

Raychel D  on 6/19/2018 11:09:28 PM

I am interested in applying because I need all the help I can get currently I cannot afford to continue school and this grant would help a lot. Please advise

Daniela T  on 6/11/2018 12:50:41 PM

Good Afternoon, I am coming onto my second year of college at Texas Tech University. I have finished my first year with a 3.82 GPA and strive to make my way to graduate school for clinical psychology, however, I am in need of financial help so I do not end in a hole of dept. My family is struggling to pay for my education as the scholarships I had this previous year were one time. This grant could be extremely beneficial in furthering my education. If you could inform me on how to apply for this grant I would be grateful.

Garrit S  on 4/25/2018 2:21:05 PM

How do I apply for this grant

Isabel  on 2/18/2018 2:12:17 PM

Can my daughter apply? She has moved back into our home because she can't afford to pay rent and we can't afford the dorms. she works part time, we try to help her like paying her car and car insurance, but we are getting in debit by using credit cards. How can she qualify while still living at home. She is a junior/senior in college.

April M  on 12/17/2017 2:03:04 PM

To Anonymous Poster: Yes, a federal pell grant is renewable every year. As long as your financial situation does not change, you can expect the same grant money.

Lindsey E  on 7/21/2016 5:47:53 PM

Is it possible to get a federal Pell grant every academic year? My daughter and I qualified for the max amount this year...if our financial situation does not change can we expect the same next year?

Hana M  on 5/31/2016 11:40:20 PM

I have worked hard to get where I am now. I am a student that maintains a 3.3 GPA. I complete on the track team at my university. I need help paying for education. I am going to school to get a criminal justice degree. The money I could receive would go to tuition.

ashtin h  on 5/14/2016 4:03:27 PM

i have a 3.3 gpa and i need money to pay for my books and i don't have the money to pay for my books and i was searching on the internet and i came across this site and i really need money for my schooling because the school that go to miles college is very expensive. i have the grades and the gpa so i should receive the grant

Dustin B  on 2/6/2016 2:11:16 PM

the fafsa asks for information from my parents but I don't live with them what does it matter how much my parents make a year if I no longer live with them?

Justice M  on 1/28/2016 12:48:42 PM

My parents recently got a divorce and now I'm needing help financially for school and rent. The rent is hard on my mom right now going through all of this. I'm a freshman in college and I also work everyday of the week.

Maribel N  on 10/2/2015 7:12:03 PM

Im a single mother of two kids , im also the first in my family to attend college. Im wanting to further my education and show my kids that no matter what circumstances you are in always be better then yesterday.

ivan h  on 9/7/2015 2:32:05 PM

first child to go to college need financial help to push thru my college career. need the smallest help to be able to pursue my career

Kayla S  on 8/16/2015 2:05:19 PM

single mom of two children under 3. Going back to school no matter what it takes to create a better future for my girls.

Margarita s  on 8/16/2015 12:41:49 PM

This would make me so happy to receive. I recently graduated high school, & I have a 2 year old. I'd love to beat statistics and have an amazing career for me and my daughter!

Madison M  on 8/15/2015 10:07:31 PM

Worried I will not get into College of Nursing because I have no cosigner.

Amina A  on 7/29/2015 7:02:33 AM

I am going to apply. Hopefully I win.

Keyonte M  on 7/26/2015 1:40:55 PM

Very needed to help my parents out. We do not have the money to come out of pocket to pay for college,

Thelma Dianne M  on 6/27/2015 6:53:48 PM

Money is the very tight and needing help to finish.

Robert L  on 4/15/2015 6:44:50 PM

I have not applied for this scholarship yet. I am going to apply not to use it towards my gaming degree at JJC. I would love to get this schoarship as it will of course help me pay for college, since I am paying for all of my tuition alone. Hope I win!

george h  on 4/9/2015 11:16:16 AM

Getting the Pell Grant would be ideal, fro me. I have high-honors standing with a 3.86 gpa. I do have Crohns' disease and am curently not employed.

Brandon M  on 4/8/2015 12:22:18 PM

I know I cannot get many of these because I'm considered dependent even though my parents do not help me and I have to do it all by myself. Between work and trying to pay all my bills and student loans I don't know if I will make it the entire four years.

Walker W  on 3/17/2015 2:55:30 PM

This grant is the reason I can attend community college in my area, but I still have to work part-time to support just myself.

Kendall S  on 7/31/2013 11:04:59 PM

I have not applied for this Pell Grant yet, I feel like if I apply for some reason or another I will not receive the grant. Money is tight for my family and I and I am dedicated to pursuing my career and furthering my knowledge by attending UH, in the fall. Money is the only thing holding me back. I have a great educational background and I have applied for many scholarships but have not received a single one. I am going to apply and hopefully there is still some hope. To all you college students out there don't give up and keep on pushing for success because once success knocks at your door, you will know exactly who's knocking.

Breanna G  on 12/2/2011 9:15:34 PM

A very useful grant, im definitely going to apply for it

Chelsea P  on 11/20/2011 8:23:36 PM

Thank you, Federal Pell Grant. Without it, I wouldn't be able to afford college, and I'd be a much unhappier person. For those of you who are applying: Fill out your FAFSA (fafsa.ed.gov) and if you are a full-time student demonstrating significant financial need they will consider you.

Blaine B  on 9/27/2011 7:52:33 AM

I"m going to apply to this because it seems like an easy one to get. I need all the help i can get to get into college because my family is poor. Also people, if you have not applied for fasfa i suggest you do. Its a BIG help!

Pearce D  on 5/20/2011 12:48:00 AM

My dad has been out of work ( a college grad) and he is now working as a janitor making very little. The Pell helped me through my junior year of college. With increases for the upcoming year I'm really praying for it again this year P.S.D

Valeria V  on 1/31/2011 8:32:17 PM

Pell grants are the best!!! Thanks for this past year's tuition!!

Jenifer R  on 12/1/2010 7:11:10 PM

i applied to this scholarship because i want to go to university of new orleans and with out it i wouldnt be able to go

Samantha M  on 10/21/2010 2:37:45 AM

I didn't have to apply they just offered it to me and i recieved the maximum grant

arianna t  on 5/29/2010 11:08:39 AM

Helpful but as said before this is not a scholarship. Your school will determine if you will recieve it.

Dillan P  on 7/30/2009 9:16:41 PM

Pell Grant is NOT a scholarship. You have to apply through FAFSA, which will determine if you are eligible. If you are eligible, the college you have been admitted to will supply you with the funding. If those of you below did not fill out a FAFSA form, contact your college financial aid office right away to discuss what you need to do and what options you have. Deadlines for FAFSA applications may have already passed for the upcoming school year. Good luck to everyone...I hope you all receive what you need.....God bless you all and don't give up...your future is worth every bit of time it takes to keep trying.

Jordan F  on 7/16/2009 4:08:36 PM

I have signed a letter of intent to play football at Louisburg College. I am very excited. Our home burned down and we are in the middle of rebuilding and our contractor took alot of money and did not complete the work. My parents are now in all types of litigation with all of that. I need scholarship money to be able to attend. I have some acedemic money but that is all. I will work hard and have a great work ethic on and off the football field. jbf

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