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July 25, 2018

Awards Available: 4

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  • Today’s students shape the world of tomorrow. Through challenge and adversity, students achieve their goals every day in an effort to improve their community and ultimately the future of our nation. That’s why the Student Research Foundation is offering high school students and their families up to $15,000 in college scholarship funds! We’d love to help you reach your college dreams. The application will take you 2-3 minutes to complete. You will also be required to include a short essay. The essay topic is for you to describe a personal achievement story and how you overcame challenges to reach your goal. You can include any impact on your local community your achievement helped benefit. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.
  • Contact
  • Bryan Francis
  • Student Research Foundation Scholarship
  • P.O. Box 311
  • New York, NY 10001
  • 516-345-0035

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Michael V  on 7/16/2018 2:20:30 PM

This scholarship presented an incredible opportunity to reflect on how we, as the youth of this era, are able to impact our community in a positive manner, which is truly incredible. It also provides immensely helpful financial aid for those who have economic struggles. I am truly grateful and honored to have had the opportunity for applying for this fantastic scholarship.

Cooper B  on 7/16/2018 1:34:48 PM

Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

Joseph G  on 7/14/2018 11:38:37 PM

I applied for this scholarship to get money for college. Thank you for giving me a chance to win this amazing scholarship.

Larissa d  on 7/10/2018 11:20:36 AM

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, I will be looking forward to seeing the outcome. Good luck to the other applicants!

Miyuki I  on 7/7/2018 2:19:22 AM

This scholarship is great. I don't feel like I would be upset not winning this scholarship since I was able to express myself. This was like a personal therapy for me!

Khabibullokh M  on 7/6/2018 9:38:31 PM

I am grateful for this opportunity and will certainly be looking forward to seeing the results.

Emilio J  on 6/27/2018 6:08:53 PM

Thank you for having this opportunity for me to fill out this scholarship to explain some of the achievement that I have done!

MaTeeSa Y  on 6/25/2018 5:20:36 PM

Thank you for the opportunity.

Samuel B  on 6/19/2018 10:08:51 PM

I applied, thank you for sharing this opportunity with me!

Scottie S  on 6/19/2018 11:10:25 AM

Thank you for the opportunity!! :))

eh blu m  on 6/19/2018 12:36:23 AM

I'm grateful for this opportunity .

sydney a  on 6/16/2018 1:06:32 PM

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply! This would help me further my education.

Jaida B  on 5/30/2018 9:07:46 PM

I'm hoping I made a difference with this essay because in all honestly it felt good it get it all out

Jacob P  on 5/30/2018 1:29:50 PM

How lucky I am to find this scholarship! Wow thank you for giving me this opportunity. -JAKE

Eric L  on 5/21/2018 7:57:56 PM

Up until now, two things have been the dominant themes in my life—computer and community service. Since a very young age, I have become fascinated by computers. Learning to use a laptop at age six, I soon became the “computer expert” in my household. Throughout middle school, I took my fair share of computer classes. Although time-consuming, building computers taught me many problem-solving skills from my numerous failed attempts. Despite the many setbacks, I have never given up on any project and always figured out a way to complete it. Over time, I developed a strong interest in engineering—building things from scratch, planning, designing, assembling, making mistakes, revising, testing, and completing the project. This past summer, I started an internship at the North Carolina State University in the laboratory of the renowned professor, Dr. Fuh- Gwo Yuan, in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department. Tasked with creating and improving scientific diagrams for the presentations by Dr. Yuan and his team, I personally learned from Dr. Yuan the diverse functions of the scientific diagrams. Moreover, I was able to apply the aerospace concepts Dr. Yuan taught me in the astronomy class that I subsequently took in my high school. As a result of this internship, I gained a bird’s eye view of engineering research as well as exposure to different ways in which real-world problems are solved. Encouraged by this valuable experience, I then decided to further explore technology by building a computer on my own. Rather than rushing right into the building process, which could have been disastrous considering the complexity of the computer, I first spent two months patiently reading relevant books and drew diagrams to better understand the inner workings of the machine. During the building process, I encountered various problems with the components, some being faulty and overheating. After further research on the Internet, I discovered a specific type of therma

Sierra S  on 5/16/2018 9:22:26 PM

I applied for this scholarship. It was easy to tell my story with the guidelines given! Apply and have the chance of winning!

Johnny R  on 5/16/2018 2:18:13 PM

My name is Johnny and I am the perfect imperfection. All I ask is for you to believe in me.

Dawn L  on 5/8/2018 11:12:40 PM

I love this topic because you can personalize this essay with your own passions. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to be able to pursue their dream.

Alex V  on 4/16/2018 7:53:07 PM

These are the types of scholarships I really enjoy because they allow you to express yourself in a personal way. They allow you to tell a story that only you can tell and to do it in your own style. Scholarships with strict guidelines have their advantages such as knowing exactly what to write, but I personally feel more likely to do better on a scholarship when I'm writing about myself because I feel like I'm making a connection. A huge thanks and much appreciation goes out to the people offering this scholarship!

Mariyah N  on 4/15/2018 10:18:16 AM

I really believe this is a great scholarship opportunity for all high school students. I intend on applying, I'm not sure I'll win but this offers a great chance. Thank you so much!

Elizabeth M  on 4/5/2018 3:25:42 PM

I applied for this scholarship.

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