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College-Based Grants

Most students seeking college financial aid are aware of what “grant” means. However, not everyone is aware of the many sources grant funding has available. In addition to state and federal grants, college-based grants provide an important source of college funding for students with financial need. Students seeking money for college are encouraged to seek college-based grants as one of their options when searching for college financial aid.

Sources of Grant Funding

College-based grants are just one of many kinds of college scholarships and grants available. Typically, grants are need-based in some way, though that doesn’t mean that they are exclusively offered to poverty-level students. While federal grant programs, such as Pell and FSEOG, are typically reserved for students with the lowest expected family contributions as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, other grants do not have as strict financial standards. A number of state grant programs, and some federal grants, focus on a student’s college major or intended career more so than the student’s family income, and campus-based grant programs have other criteria, as well.

College-Based Grant Criteria

College-based grants are often awarded as a supplement to federal grants and state grants, as a means of making college more affordable for a particular student or population. For example, student-athletes are likely to receive college-based grant awards in addition to other athletic scholarships. Public and private colleges may also offer campus-based grants for minorities, women, or out-of-state students. Students with siblings already at their prospective college may find college-based grant aid available as well. Many private colleges use grants to discount tuition for students they are recruiting, or to offset the cost of tuition for financially-needy students whose federal student financial aid does not cover their full cost of attendance.

Finding College-Based Grants

The best way to find college-based grants on your campus is to contact your college’s financial aid office. They can provide information on the available grant programs and the application process. Some college-based grants may be awarded automatically to all students who complete the FAFSA by the college deadline, while others will require a separate application. You may also want to check with your department, as there may be college-based grants for students with your major.

There are a number of college-based grant opportunities listed in our scholarship database. Conducting a free college scholarship search can alert and prompt you to campus-based grants at your desired colleges/universities, as well as help you find other college grants and scholarships. Below are a few of the college-based grants for your convenience.

Last Edited: August 2015

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