Moving Tips and Tricks

  • Bring a Hand Truck or Dolly

    For elevator buildings and first-floor dwellings- hand trucks and dollies are excellent for transporting items of every size. Some schools will have these on move-in days but there will not be enough to go around, so consider purchasing or renting one. Simply stack your items on, tilt, pull, and let the wheels do the rest.
  • Consider Wardrobe Boxes

    Shoving your child’s clothes into bags may seem quick but isn’t that effective– try a tall wardrobe box equipped with a rod to hang clothing from. Instead of lugging bags of sure-to-be-wrinkled pants and tees, all clothing arrives just as it was packed in this box: neatly.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes/Clothing

    If move-in day falls on a Sunday, feel free to avoid wearing you Sunday best: By the end of the day, you’ll be equal parts sweaty, dirty and achy so you may as well stick to comfortable clothing. Jeans are your best bet on the bottom and a t-shirt on top, but try to avoid wearing anything with excess material or that could be easily ruined. For footwear, sneakers are ideal because they provide the greatest traction and protect your feet in case anything falls on them. Flip flops may be the best summer choice, but it’s much easier to slip on the stairs or injure your toes while wearing them.
  • Utilize Under-Bed Organizers and Other Storage Solutions

    Typically, the only storage space in college is a small closet and dresser, but you can help your child increase that space with some creativity. Retailers sell tons of storage options for small spaces and many of these items can have dual uses, depending where you set them. One, two, or three-drawer plastic dressers can store clothing while serving as a television stand and four milk crates can be both a bookcase and a coffee table. Other options like vacuum bags, collapsible hanger systems, and off-the-ground storage like removable hooks and shelves also maximize useable floor space and overall square footage so your child will be able to sleep, study, and entertain without feeling like any sudden movement could disturb their belongings.
  • Cleaning Supplies - Use Them Liberally

    Crews come in during the summer and thoroughly clean all university buildings but with so many rooms to clean, some spots may be missed. Hundreds of students have probably lived in your child’s room up to this point so bringing a variety of cleaning products and performing a light scrub before is recommended. Tasks such as cleaning windows, floors, and small corner spaces.


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Last Reviewed: February 2021