They’re Moved In... Now What?

Again, each family will be different when it comes to the longevity of their stay. You don’t necessarily need to wait until you’re on the way to campus to discuss visit time with your child- you can bring it up when they get their room assignment or when you’re shopping for supplies. While you’re on the subject, you can also plan for future campus visits so there are no surprised or confusion in the future.


Unfortunately, if you thought deciding when to say goodbye was hard, deciding how to actually say goodbye isn’t much easier. Does the occasion warrant a hug or a handshake? To cry or not to cry?

No child wants their floormates to remember having weeping parents, so try to control it to the best of your ability. If you can’t – we know this can be a very emotional time for some parents – be sure to have tissues at your disposal. Hugs and handshakes are perfectly acceptable, as are a few final words of wisdom before you depart. It’s natural to feel sad or unsure about this new living arrangement but remember that this is an incredible opportunity for your child to learn, grow and cultivate a new adolescent identity.


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