Know Your Deadlines

College application time can be stressful when many materials are needed for different submission dates. Bear in mind that the process is not over once your child is admitted. Many financial aid applications need to be renewed each of enrollment. Avoid unnecessary tension by clearly noting submission deadlines and when certain things should be scheduled. Here is a monthly schedule for parents:




  • SAT or ACT exams (dates will vary)
  • Ask teachers and counselors for letters of recommendation- many students will want them, particularly from the more popular teachers so start asking ahead of time
  • Schedule campus tours


  • Early Admission/Early Decision deadlines vary by school; more on the difference between the two here.
  • SAT exams (dates will vary)


  • SAT or ACT exams (dates will vary)
  • Suggest your child completes and submits his or her applications before winter break


  • FAFSA submission begins on January 1st- the deadline varies by state; we recommend starting immediately
  • Regular admission deadlines also vary by school and there is a fee associated with each application




  • Attend events for accepted students and families to help finalize your child's college choice
  • Mail the enrollment forms and deposit checks for your child’s school of choice before the end of the month. May 1st is the deadline at many schools; double-check with your child.


  • AP exams typically run the first two weeks in May


  • Make sure your child is signed up for orientation. Dates vary by institution; for larger colleges, multiple dates available are often available to accommodate all students.
  • Finalize housing assignments and submit appropriate forms and deposits if your child will be living on campus


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