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2021 State News News Articles
NY Students Have a Shot at This Scholarship June 3, 2021
2015 State News News Articles
“Sexting” Education Curriculum Implemented in LA Schools July 14, 2015
College Student Tased, Left to Die in Jail June 25, 2015
UNC-Chapel Hill to Rename Building Named for KKK Leader May 29, 2015
2013 State News News Articles
Connecticut College Study Finds Oreos Are Just As Addictive as Cocaine, Morphine October 16, 2013
Arizona Sues to Block In-State Tuition Breaks for Undocumented Students June 28, 2013
2011 State News News Articles
Berkeley Announces Aid Increase for Middle-Class Students December 15, 2011
Fake Nursing Schools Ripped Off Students, N.Y. Prosecutors Say July 22, 2011
DREAM Act Supporters to Obama: Quit Campaigning If You Won’t Deliver May 20, 2011
Illinois State Senate Passes DREAM Act May 5, 2011
2010 State News News Articles
Congress Approves Aid for States Struggling with Budget Cuts August 11, 2010
17 States Pledge to Improve College Graduation Rates March 3, 2010
Can't Find a Job? Get Your Money Back February 12, 2010
Food Banks Open Doors to College Students February 9, 2010
University of California Plans to Use Wait List for Incoming Freshmen February 1, 2010
2009 State News News Articles
States Explore Changes to Community College Systems December 29, 2009
Pittsburgh Student Tax Proposal Abandoned December 22, 2009
Audit Reveals Problems with Colorado Scholarship Program September 30, 2009
$1 Million in Scholarships Awarded to Top Urban School District September 18, 2009
New Book Takes on Graduation Rates at State Colleges September 10, 2009
Despite Downturn, Two Towns Announce Substantial Scholarships September 8, 2009
New Scholarship for Alabama Transfer Students August 27, 2009
Illinois Lawmakers Rewarding Donations with Scholarships August 26, 2009
Coping with College Aid Cuts August 19, 2009
States Cut Grants as Students Borrow More Money for College August 12, 2009
Illinois Cuts College Grants for 130,000 Students July 31, 2009
Doubt Lingers Over New GI Benefits As August 1 Start Date Approaches July 14, 2009
Three Universities Subpoenaed in Admissions Investigation June 19, 2009
Several States Contemplate Cuts to Scholarships and Grants June 16, 2009
More States Making Cuts to Student Loan Forgiveness Programs June 2, 2009
Scholarships Are Still Available for Students Short on Aid May 1, 2009
Colleges in Three States Tackle Affordability March 4, 2009
Students Protest College Costs February 20, 2009
House Passes Economic Stimulus Bill February 13, 2009
Report Shows Long-Term Effects of State Cuts to Higher Ed February 11, 2009
Both House and Senate Include Higher Ed in Stimulus Bills January 27, 2009
State Higher Ed Spending Growth Slows Significantly January 9, 2009