Nebraska High School Senior Scholarship

March 1, 2025
Awards Available: Varies

Scholarship Description

At Oxbow Animal Health, we are ardent about nurturing a passion for companion animals at every educational stage. The Oxbow Nebraska High School Senior Scholarship is specifically crafted for graduating high school seniors in Nebraska, propelling them towards a rewarding education and career in the companion animal industry.

Why Consider Oxbow's Nebraska High School Senior Scholarship?

• Industry Opportunities: Explore diverse career paths in animal health, nutrition, marketing, publishing, and pet food manufacturing within the burgeoning pet industry.

• Global Expansion: Witness the rapid growth of the companion animal industry worldwide, unlocking numerous career prospects.

To Qualify:

1. Online Application: Complete the application available on Oxbow's official website.

2. Résumé Submission: Furnish a comprehensive résumé detailing your activities and job history.

3. Letters of Reference: Include two letters of reference endorsing your capabilities and potential.

4. High School Status Proof: Provide proof of high school senior status, pending graduation from a Nebraska high school (e.g., transcript).

5. Enrollment Proof: Submit proof of full-time enrollment in a college or university for the 2023 Fall Semester (e.g., acceptance letter).

6. Essay Submission: Craft a compelling 300-500 word essay elucidating why you aspire to pursue a career in the pet industry or the field of animal health.

Application Deadline: Ensure your application is postmarked by March 1st.

Invest in your passion for companion animals with the Oxbow Nebraska High School Senior Scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be announced in May on our website, and funds will be disbursed directly to the school in September. Seize this opportunity to transform your love for pets into a fulfilling career! Scholarship Search